Anyone had a Vasectomy Reversal?


Congrats Bob. Good news for you guys!


Bob - I had my reversal for pain nearly 10 years ago. Best thing I ever did. Mine was done by Dr. Thomas at the Cleveland Clinic, now retired, but I believe a trainer and mentor to many of the urologists like Dr. P. who have advanced the cause and technology. Recovery took about 4-5 months.

I’ve been pain free for most of the past 10 years. I had a “hot spot” in the left epi, believed to be a cyst or granuloma left over from the pre-reversal state, that if I aggravate it some bad symptoms come back. Dealing with some right now, but after 2 weeks on anti-inflamatories, things are better. This is only my 2nd episode since the reversal, so all in all, I could not have asked for a better outcome.

If the docs conclude you’ve got congestive pain or pain due to leaky vas tips, reversal can be a great option.


Glad I found this site… I have been experiencing PVPS since i had my original vasectomy. I went to Dr Stein,now in NetFlix promoting Vasectomies as the VASECTOMIST.
During my consultation he told me that the number of complications was very low and unlikely. After 3 months of extreme pain and countless calls, I asked Dr Stein if he could perform a reversal, but he insisted doing a Vasectomy revision, I asked him to please just reverse what had been done, but he insisted this would fix the issue. Due to the pain levels I agreed to the revision hus cutting me open again and re-cutting my VAS ( I was only having pain on my left side) Needless to say nothing took away the pain! I went into depression, my work has been affected and my testosterone levels tanked. Finally he passed the buck and referred me to the PUR clinic and I started to see Dr. Parekattil. Five months later I had a nerve block and 6 months after i had a Spermatic cord denevertation. I was on my way to get my nerves frozen and I asked Dr P if he thought a reversal would solve most of my pain and he said it would be a good idea to try. I am 3 weeks post op and I am still in pain. I am extremely sore the pain on my left testicle is still there, but i am hopeful that this will fix the issue.


I’m sorry…BUT I want to say thank you for coming here. Cause honestly, that fucker Dr Stein and Jonathan Stack, they are ruining men all so they can control the population!!!

While I hate that you’re in pain, I am glad someone who went to him is here to speak out. Yeah, I know. Bad and good. So sorry about that.

I will say I have been told to try getting it recut and trying that. But i was worried things might get worse. Same with a nerve block not taking effect or a reversal or whatever else. So again, sorry you’re in pain but you’ve at least found a place where you can talk to others and see about different options and different doctors.

I just got a spermatic cord block on monday and i am in more pain now. so I feel your pain on trying something and getting an opposite result. And yeah, we ALL know that passing the buck feeling from our Uros.

Again, sorry you’re here.


Best wishes. I had a reversal for pain and it took 5-6 months for the pain to go away. Easy for me to say, but be patient. You’ve had a lot of trauma down there.

All the reversal did was put your body into a state for the healing to potentially start. It’s not a fix in and of itself, just a restoration so the healing can begin.

Sorry you’re here.


I have to pass by his no Scapel billboard all the time and to make things worse there is a NetFlix movie on this Dr, Doug Stein called the Vasectomist . I have spent so much time and money, not to mention the mental toll it has taken on me. I only wish I would have found a site like this or a Urologist that would have given me some sound advice instead of the bogus numbers, I got from Dr. Stein of 1 in 2000 that there may be a slight complication that can be easily treated with anti-inflammatory meds.

With the Vasectomy, the Vasctomy revision, the cord block, the spematic cord surgery and now a reversal, I’ve been in surgery 5 times. I wish there was something I could do to prevent other men from going through this suffering. My insurance denied the claim for the reversal leaving me with no recourse.

I hope the block works for you… I will tell you that the recovery for the Spermatic Cord surgery is long, I still have a tender lump on my pelvis and my surgery was in the first week of December of 2015.

I know i am only three weeks out of the Reversal and should be hopeful, but man after all the crap I’ve gone through and still being in pain sucks!! I want my life back, I want to work out, I want to be able to have sex and not worry about pain, I want to take a long drive and not have to stop because it hurts to seat over long periods of time.


From your Lips to Gods ears. I hope the reversal is the start of that healing process and that 5 or 6 months I can look back at the whole thing and feel like you do. I am taking Vitamin C, and a Multivitamin(Read somewhere it helps to keep scarring low) I have tried to be sexually active as the Dr suggested but libido is so low with this pain, my first ejaculation felt like lightning was passing through both my jewels,


I have a thread on here where I spoke to Jon Stack. He is complete fucker. He doesn’t care about anyone but his agenda. And that fact he has Stein doing that, and ruining peoples lives in countries where they don’t have follow up care. Where they don’t have competent doctors. Proper meds. Machines for exams and diagnosis. They really are the new Dr Mengele!!!

The cord block put me in more pain than when I walked into he office. I am pissed I did it now. And my whole vasectomy, I didn’t want it and was pushed into it by my wife.

I am anti-surgery. And I am putting off until there is no option. The fact that pain meds don’t work for me, it makes it even worse. I have nothing to help alleviate the pain at all. In the end it is what it is. And the more you do surgery, the more the body is throw out of whack.

For me, a reversal wouldn’t work as the wife doesn’t want any. Haven’t had sex in over a year. ED is messing things up due to the pain. And you have to keep the pipes cleaned out or they tubes seal up. So mine would seal up for sure. Then it’s like why not just go blow the cash at a casino instead of a surgery that will hurt me more.

Anyways, again, sorry you’re here. but I am glad you’re here.


I sent a message to my Senator… I will not stop until men are fully aware of the issues most on this site are suffering from. It took me 1 year and 2 months to find this site. I wonder how many men are suffering in the shadows and or not able to find care… I’ve spent close to 10k in procedures, medications, etc. I lay in bed and most days I don’t feel like leaving my home which of course has affected my work and my love life. I can’t imagine there is nothing that can be done to bring awareness in a broader level. I suggest we all contact our senators and local representatives to hold this Dr’s accountable for this procedure. The loss of 1 live is not worth the risk of a vasectomy… So many men have expressed the depression they’ve fell into. I wonder how many men have actually committed suicide because their lives had been ruined. If we can save 1 life or save someone from living with this pain would be worth all the emails and letters I am about to write.


There was a case where a guy went crazy and went into his Uros office and killed people and himself. If i remember right it was in Colorado. You can find the video online. Sadly they don’t report it as he was in pain after the vasectomy. Just he was insane. So yeah, it can be way over the top in terms of outcomes. 99% sit silently in pain. And I have said it before. I really believe many men don’t realize the pain they have is related to a vasectomy.

Since you are new, I will run it down for you.

If you think about men, they don’t normally discuss pain in general. And they really don’t want to discuss pain or issues with their junk. And then you get the guys who have a stressing job or ar athletic and they equate the pain they have to just over doing it. Whether the person is a construction worker, or delivery guy or even a pro athlete. Those all could lead to pain in the groin.

then add in all the doctors telling you how you are fine. it’s in your head. take some meds. you aren’t healed yet. it’s prostatitis. i’ve never had a single person in pain after a vasectomy. it’s a 1 in 1000 chance and then it’s so slim. and it usually goes away after a couple weeks.

I’ve had all of those said to me. I would bet everyone here has as well! So for a guy, you are told all that and throw in exercise and what not, you think it’s not related to a vasectomy. And that’s the bullshit!

I knew mine was. My job is stressful, but not stressing to my groin. I was fine and pain free before my vas. I had no medical issues. i was taking it easy and not doing anything to irritate that area and make any pain. I also wasn’t even having sex cause i was in pain and didn’t want to push things. So I did everything possible to not have PVPS. Except of course having a vasectomy. lol

I bought and a couple others. I have contacted a couple of talks shows. Something needs to change. But I don’t think it will. Not until someone famous comes out and says they have it. And then, i doubt anyone will. Cause it won’t help their career. and you know the doctor is gonna do anything and everything including money to shut that celebrity up and ruining their practice.

But I agree as well as everyone else here. Something needs to happen. Just so you know. World Vasectomy Day has a Facebook page. I’ve been kicked off it for posting my story. That led to J Stack contacting me. He said “he wanted to share/tell my story”. He stopped talking to me after it got too real for him to fight back. Which is the sign of a true hypocrite. He and Stein have an agenda of population control. And it’s wrong on so many levels.

Like i’ve said before. Welcome. But sorry you’re here.


Not to seem lazy but maybe you could upload your letter and we could use it. Maybe even run it by @victor see if we can make it a sticky post so anyone who comes to the site can see it may do that even if they don’t become a member here.


My bad. it was Reno.

Here is the link.

There was also a guy in New Orleans recently. But they are claiming he had a mental illness. But given the guy targeted a Urologist, one can extrapolate from there what it was.


Here is the BS they sell you.


They say about one in 2000 will develop Chronic PVPS?
that’s like 0002% Absolute lie!!


That’s a total lie.

Maybe you could use the FTC to go after the guy for false advertising. There are no studies supporting g that arbitrary 1 in 2000 number.

That’s what we need to go after. That sort of blatant arbitrary lie. He can’t advertise a service with an arbitrary number like that. He has nothing g to back that up.



I love how he says there are “no proven long term health risks”. He doesn’t mention effects tho!

Also, if I were you I would slam the fuck out of him on health grades and Facebook and shit. I did that for mine. I doubt they care and probably have them removed anyways.

But he’s absolutely lying in everything he says.


Is this still on his web site?




Wow pretty brazen considering that most of his info is so outdated.


I had a reversal Did nothing for my pain and thr recovery and post surgical pain was bad. I knew instantly it was the wrong solution
I had bilateral spermatic cord denervation 5 months later, then a series of nerve blocks, then Botox injection into the spermatic cord where the pain was the worst.
At that point I figured I was going to be in pain the rest of my life. I has a consultation on removing a testical. Then 4 weeks later it started improving drastically every day.
I am now 100%. Don’t know exactly what did it but I believe reversal is not a real solution. I would never recommend starting with a reversal to cure pvps.