Anyone had a second SC Denervation?


New here, backstory so far;

2013, vasectomy - healed to a certain point, but still painful

2015, exploratory surgery to see what is wrong, found small granuloma, Dr. re-did vasectomy. still in pain after

2016, reversal, 1/2 better, decide on SCD

Jun2017, Spermatic cord denervation, no improvement - plus ended up causing large hydrocele…fml

Just saw doc today, I suggested epididimis removal, he wants to retry denervation, he says the sperm sample I gave after reversal shows that everything is working OK and that removing the epididimis has a 50/50 shot of improving symptoms.

(He will also remove the hydroceles during this surgery)


(update) Just got home from SC Denervation 2

Sorry to hear that what are your pain syptoms? Abdominal, testicular, one side/both sides?


Find another pvps specialist.

Epi removal has helped pretty much no one, plus you’re damaging an already pissed off testicle.

I don’t see how another scd would do anything. Have you considered an inguinal orchidectomy? There’s no going back, but it has high success rates.


I suggested that and he advised against it. He did say that sometimes he misses a nerve or two and he is almost 100% successful with the second.


Testicular and both sides


Hey @revbone450.

I feel like I’ve seen you handle before.

What kind of pain do you still have? Is it testicular? Was there any fallout from your SCD?

A lot of times when we get surgery the pain changes in nature. Some things get better but we pick up some other stuff.

How are your T levels?

When you get to a point that your removing parts of the testicle you are in the territory of orhi.


Yeah, I copied and pasted the first part from a previous post, like I said above the doctor advised against removing the epi. and he wants another shot at the nerves.

The pain actually got a hair worse after the SCN, shrug.

Having T, E and Thyroid levels checked on Friday. (tomorrow)


This is an interesting post. I was just talking about this very subject a week ago, or so.

@revbone450, What version of de-nervation did you have already? I’m guessing some version of traditional de-nervation of the spermatic cord (AKA cord stripping)?

Obviously you had a version that preserved your vas’s as you had a reversal first, de-nervation second, and claim to be fertile still.

Which version are you considering having a second time? Another version of cord stripping? Or perhaps neurolysis?

This is somewhat new territory for me (multiple de-nervation surgery’s). I’m not sure how popular this even is.

Why would you consider a second de-nervation surgery if the first one made you a bit worse?


@revbone450, I’m also wondering if you are only open on one side far as your reversal goes.

I remember you started another thread regarding a trial with papaya seed powder. You never updated your thread even once. I’m guessing it didnt help. Did you give papaya seed powder a fair shot at helping you?


Not sure the type, I am just going along with what the doc said.

Also, the Papaya seed powder didn’t do anything for me.


My Epi swelling went waaaay down after the reversal, so I am assuming it worked on both sides. Also the Semenalysys shows that I have a really really high sperm count, doubt that was from only one of my boys.


Do you recall what your numbers were exactly? How about the motility numbers?

If you don’t know either answer, your answers sound like assumptions. A “really high sperm count” doesn’t mean a whole lot here.


Yea, it’s very likely a traditional de-nervation (cord stripping) procedure you had.

After I reread your posts, your story reminds me of another guy that had a failed de-nervation procedure, and the top tier surgeon said he couldn’t find the end of his ilionigual nerve. I don’t recall him saying it made him any worse.

This was actually the guy I spoke of in another de-nervation thread. He was considering having neurolysis several years after the fact.


Hey What’s neurolysis?


@Ezekiel, There’s a fairly recent thread titled “ask questions before de-nervation”, it’s a fairly informative thread. I posted a link toward the final posts that will give you a decent idea what it is.

The link is fairly old, it’s been around a while. It goes way back into the pioneering days of neurolysis. I doubt the procedure has changed much minus the bio wrap part, but idk 100%.

To the best if my knowledge the bio wrap (axoguard) is no longer used, and it’s not used in any of these pioneers robotic reversals either.


@Ezekiel, I think that thread I was referring to is actually titled “please ask questions before de-nervation”.


Thanks a bunch I’ll read up on it