Any thoughts on what may be going on?


I’m hoping someone on here might have some ideas about what’s going on. I had a vasectomy about 7 months ago. After the procedure everything healed up fine but I had a bit of tenderness for a couple months which I understand is normal. Around month 3 everything seemed pretty much back to normal. Then about month 5 things started to get a little sore off and on, nothing major, just like a dull ache but only on the right side. Now it’s gotten to the point where my right testicle hurts every day. It also seems a bit swollen sometimes. I’ve been reading a lot of posts on here but I haven’t found anyone who seems to be having the same issue, most everything I’ve read talks about constant pain, pain during sex, or pain after ejaculation. However mine is the exact opposite, I’m fine all day and it only starts to hurt at night and the pain goes away almost instantly after ejaculating. I don’t know if this is something to worry about or if anyone has had anything similar happen to them but I would love some input. Also I have talked to the doctor who did the surgery and he’s been less than helpful.

6 weeks out and uncomfortable

I believe I’ve read some threads on here where men state that ejaculation helps their pain, so you’re not the only one. What type of Vasectomy did you have?


This is my best guess as well. There are definitely a couple/few stories on here that “suggest” the same.

I’m not a believer in open ended vasectomys being safer on any level, including the pressure relief ideology, but I have no idea what kind of vasectomy @Twcross had either.

I am a believer that open ended vasectomys scar closed, and scar in general just the same as a closed ended.

The inflammatory response that comes with open ended vasectomy risks (leaking sperm) certainly contradicts the “open ended is safer” ideology at minimum.

Seems I’ve read stories of guy’s that had either open ended vasectomy, or closed ended vasectomy that reported pain relief via ejaculating.

The NHS typically does open ended vasectomy exclusively, and they site 10% (1 in 10) will have chronic pain (pvp/s).

This is a pretty odd story, but this kind of stuff is not unheard of. Generally, these kind of stories are just the opposite.


I suppose I just added some thoughts to the OP’s question in my previous post.

I have no concrete thoughts as to why ejaculating seems to help @Twcross pain, or others for that matter.

Perhaps you are one of the guys that doesn’t have a bad inflammatory response to your own sperm. I’ve always said the inflammatory response to a mans own sperm seems to vary man to man.

I know some urologists are totally against open ended vasectomy for this very reason, but you don’t have to have a open ended vasectomy to develop a sperm granuloma (leaking sperm). It’s definitely a risk associated with closed ended vasectomy as well.

Perhaps this has nothing to do with sperm at all, and is purely a nerve issue. I certainly wouldn’t attempt to put a spin on this theory, and why ejaculating would be helpful.


@Twcross, another possibility to consider is your pain resolution is related to blood flow.

This theory may seem out there, but I am the guy with 14 titanium coils inserted into my internal spermatic vein.

Without the coils I trended one way, with them I trended another. Blood flow can definitely play a part in pain, and pain resolution.

Theres actually several threads, and people on here that hit on blood flow as part of the problem, or part of the solution.