Any recommendations for Tennessee?


Hey everyone- I don’t want to bore you with a long drawn out story but I’m in serious need of help.

I had a vasectomy a year and a half ago. After about six weeks I started having serious pain combined with large amounts of bright red blood and chunks of tissue in my semen. I went back to my urologist who did the surgery and told him about it and he said that there was nothing wrong with me and it was all in my mind. I told him the pain may all be in my mind but the large amount of blood and chunks of tissue were definitely real! He said some people just have bloody semen and it’s not something to worry about getting treatment for. However, I’m nearly 40 years old and I never had any issues like this before I had a vasectomy.

Anyway, I went to a different urologist for a second opinion and she was very nice but not very helpful. Eventually I guess she just gave up on me after several visits and sent me to a pain clinic.

The pain clinic was not very helpful because they just wanted to f@ck me up on powerful drugs. I wasn’t in pain, but I was too high to tie my own shoes!!! So I gave up on them.

So now I’m just still in constant pain all the time. My left testicle feels like it is in a vice all the time. This is SEVERELY exasperated by doing physical activity / lifting or having sex. If I have sex I’m in severe pan for days afterward.

Is there anyone you can recommend in the Nashville area or also I am willing to travel to another city in Tennessee to see someone who specializes in these issues and hopefully get some treatment beyond just being doped up out of my mind. I literally was scared to drive because I might get a DUI from being so strung out on pills. At this point I’d even be ok with just having my left testicle removed.

Thanks for your help!!!


I recall my vas surgeon saying blood in semen could result from the vasectomy, but not blood in the urine. Find yourself a decent doctor. If you can’t find one in Nashville, look in Atlanta, St. Louis, or Charlotte. There are also locations you can fly to.


Sorry to hear your story. All too familiar.

A couple of your symptoms sound like you’re having congestive pain from my non-medical perspective.

I haven’t heard his named brought up recently, but back in the mid-2000s, one of the go-to urologists for reversals for pain in your area was Michael Witt in Atlanta. I don’t recall reading or hearing about any PVPS conversant urologists in Nashville.

I can related to your point about having your left testicle removed. There are less drastic options worth exploring, but it’s a very real option. I may be heading down that path myself. I had a vas in 2005 and had it reversed for pain 2006. I was pain-free for a good 10 years, but relapsed in 2016 with no end in sight. So, my point is that reversal MAY be a good option. It was for me.


Well I guess if I have to I’ll look outside my state, I just don’t know if insurance would pay anything I I go out of state or if I’d be paying everything out of pocket in that case. Looking back having a vasectomy was a very bad decision. If I had known that I would be in constant pain 1+ after surgery I wouldn’t have done this. But I literally feel like my testicle is going to explode all that time. I have had ZERO issues with the right side, so maybe for some people that is their experience but this has been very unpleasant for me.