Anxiety and pain


I’ve gone through a BIG struggle for about 6 mos after I had my procedure (severe pain in epi) until I landed on something that really worked and now feel like I’m “that guy” as a proponent of it. Chiropractics. I had an eval with a wellness doctor who basically introduced me to the theory that I had misalignment and likely nerve compression and that the procedure activated a new pain loop. I noticed significant relief after just one adjustment and have followed a routine for maintenance. There is work on my side to keep it successful (yoga, exercise) but all worth it to me and while life isn’t like it was pre-surgery, I will certainly accept this as opposed to that hell. I constantly advise people to try out that approach and just see if it might work for you before more surgery.


So as an update I’m still in decent pain. I’ve taken some time off from work and laid on the couch. If I’m laying down it’s like 0-1 in pain but when I sit in an uncomfortable chair or stand for long it jumps up in pain for sure. Does anyone else have that? It’s just so weird how low I can get the pain doing nothing but I can’t lay around the house all my life.

My urologist suggested hot baths but both days it has made me feel much much worse afterwards. Today it hurt like hell (even laying) for like 4 hours afterwards. I just can’t do them anymore. I think it’s to lower sperm production but hopefully the papaya seeds can help that. Anyone with good results with papaya seeds know approximately how long before there was a noticeable effect?

Lastly, I know it’s addictive so I’m limiting my dose to 0.5 of Ativan every other day. It really seems to reduce my pain. Anyone else have luck with Ativan? I wonder if it’s because my anxiety is threw the roof without it and therefore I’m clinching or constricting or whatever is going on around there. Then everything relaxes when I have it. Is there a safer, none addictive medication that could give a similar result?


Very similar to you, though I was reversed 12 years ago. I can get an keep my pain down to a very low level if sedentary. Activity, excess compression, and hot baths can spike me from 0-2 to 5-6 very quickly. I know others have suggested hot baths, but I think they create inflammation which constricts my damaged nerves.


@Help Ativan will help with anxiety and relax muscles but it is very difficult to come off. I have been weening off for months now and withdrawal symptoms make anxiety rise. It’s short acting with low half life so you have to remember to take it or withdrawls will hit


Did your reversal resolve anything?


Have you found any substitute to Ativan that helps but doesn’t have those side effects?


I think all benzo drugs have withdrawal possibilities. Some have longer half life’s which means it stays in body longer. I have not found a substitute. I would encourage you to research Ativan WD just so you are aware. Sounds like it helps which is good and probably needed at this point


It does help but I sure don’t want withdrawal issues down the road…I will keep in mind to only use when necessary. But I’m trying not to drink alcohol and this is the only thing making me think and feel normal right now.


I was 95-99% pain free post-reversal from late 2006 through mid 2016. So, yes, reversal was great for me. Unfortunately, following a bike ride in 2016, my pains returned and haven’t let up much the past 2 years. It was a great, long remission.


I was going to post a question about cycling post reversal, but this pretty much answers it @raising4girls


Well, cycling certainly didn’t help. Interestingly enough, my initial bout in late 2005 started after cycling as did this bout starting in 2016.

But, I cycled regular (1,000 - 2,000 miles per year) from 2007 through 2015 without incident, so go figure.

I’ve read a lot about men developing groin and testicular pain from cycling, and I DO think it’s related to my condition. Maybe just exacerbated a latent condition. Interestingly, if I cycle now, I don’t feel worse and sometimes feel better I think from the loosening up of the muscles.

I’m pretty convinced that I have some muscle tension and general inflammation going on exacerbating some neuropathic pain.


Just seen this @raising4girls, was interesting to watch.


Thanks again to everyone who has posted in here. After researching around this forum and abroad I’m going to start supplementing some things to see if it will help. For the past three weeks I’ve taken:
*4-8 capsules of tumeric with pepper
*3-6 fish oil capsules
*juicing vegetables including garlic

About a week ago I ordered papaya seed powder. It hasn’t come yet so I’ve bought a couple papaya and eating the seeds themselves. I’ve also started supplementing some vitamin b1, b12 and d3.

Nothing has helped yet and it seems to come and go but I think more related to movement. I’ve tried ejaculating less but it hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference whether I do or not (unlike what I thought was congestion the first month or two post vas). Also, I thought stretching would help but it bothered me a bit after trying.

I’m trying to keep my mental health under control. That part is also very challenging but I got outside a couple times today which helped for my anxiety side.

One thing I tried that certainly did not help was hot baths. Urologist said it was importantly to have the sitz bath but it hurt a bit after the first day and then I had an awful stinging feeling at vas site after the second day. That lasted for about 24 hours so I’m discontinuing the baths.

Will keep others updated if I find anything that seems to help.

I have a pressure/swollen feeling and my balls seem to sometimes go larger than usual and sometimes smaller. Does anyone else have congestion pain and is this what it feels like? I would have guessed it was but it’s weird that it’s not really related to ejaculation. Sorry for the details lol.


I had really good results with serrapatease, it suppose to be one of the more potent anti inflammatories. Have a read about it @Help


I will do that. Thank you. Aleve and ibprofin don’t seem to do much of anything.


I actually looked in to buying this earlier but didn’t. May I ask how much you generally take? Also, is it like nsaids where it’s hard on your stomach or can you take it for longer periods of time?


Also, any advice on whether it’s better to treat this like bed rest or is important to keep moving around? Pain is lower laying down but I’ve been laying for the better part of a month and I’m worried about messing up my back or anything else that will make it worse.


I take 1 250,000ui enteric coated just before sleep, with excercises, I went to see PA, and she gave me a training program to follow, mainly stretching pelvis area. I use to excercise for around an hour a day, but stopped temporarily as I had a reversal month ago.