Another Underwear Thread - I'm having relief and wanted to share


I changed my underwear lineup this past weekend and I believe it’s giving me some much needed relief.

I used to wear something like this:

over this.

I switched to wearing Mack Weldon compression briefs (see below) over the briefs just above

I have mentioned to guys here that I don’t have testicular pain, more cord/groin pain where the spermatic cord meets the base of the penis and scrotum. I think keeping weight off the cord as well as holding things in place may be helping but it’s hard to say. I just wanted to share this with the group. I know we’ve had a lot of underwear threads on here but I think solutions like this should be shared because these conservative first line measures are where we want to end up.


Sometimes boxers are better for me, sometimes briefs, sometimes briefs + compression shorts. PVPS is fickle in most every way.


I need and wear only briefs by the brand ‘Winter Silks’, they are expensive as hell and don’t wash well, so pull’m up carefully or they will eventually tear. Can’t put monetary value on rare feeling of having both support and sheer softness.


Two weeks and my pain levels have been a fraction of what they were. I was kind of hurting Friday night at the end of the week but I had a good weekend and it has not bothered me that much. It’s like waking up from a coma when this happens and you start to think more about your career and marriage and life in general again.

Chronic pain is a cruel thief of time. You have to press on and I have but the reprieve has allowed me to focus on my career goals and the future. Time to plan now. Before I lived in the moment and it was not a good moment.