Almost a year, looking for answers


Hey Gents,

So I got the No-Scalpel snip. Everything seems to have healed fine on the up side. No blood in any other fluids ever. Some swelling… should have stayed off my feet longer, but still. I’m able to work, and my work is intensely physical. So there’s that.

I do have pain though. Lots of it… but I did pain management for migraines when I was a teenager, so I cope well. It sucks tho. I think of my pain in terms of episodes because it starts with a pinch/poke like a knitting needle is being jammed where the cord meets the body 99% of the time it’s on the right. This then radiates out into a dull, ‘just got kicked in the nuts’ feeling. That barfy pain from cords to kidneys, sometimes it goes all the way out to my left side - but rarely. Lasts from a few hours to 2 days.

Generally I get one of these episodes by laying on my side with my knees touching or trying to cross my legs/feet. I’m a skinny guy, so this was always comfortable with the proper adjustment. - I miss it actually. I’m now the chronic manspreader. Also, anything that bounces like running, jogging or bumping my way down a flight of steps.

I was at the Urologist, who seemed dumbfounded (in that bad actor kind of way)… Ultrasound revealed nothing out of place, which was encouraging. Because I had wondered if one day I’d try to do some work related lift or pull and blow out my o-rings, seems like that’s unlikely now. He entertained nerve damage… although “completely unrelated and coincidental” to my vasectomy. If someone dodged responsibility like that in my line of work… he’d be unemployed in minutes!

I’m thinking a viable path might be to avoid seeking surgical options and get some really good underwear (found options in the forum). I’m looking for support, ideas and input about my aching nut cords.

Thanks guys.


Urologist: Chronic pain resulting from vasectomy is quite rare. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw it in my practice.

Patient: Have you had patients come in with chronic pain?

Urologist: Yes. It’s not uncommon for men who are over 40 to have chronic pain down there.

Patient: Do you ask them if they had a vasectomy?

Urologist: I don’t see it as relevant, frankly. Vasectomy is a very safe procedure. Chronic pain resulting from vasectomy is quite rare.

Patient: ???


I agree with your sentiment there Ethan. It’s very easy to manipulate the statistical assumptions when the doctors refuse to collect or correlate any possibly negative data because it’s irrelevant.

Doctors and Pharma companies are notorious for this. As a group they are so well trained at being full of their own educations that they fail to see simple logical errors in the application of the scientific method.

They will sell assumptions as if they are conclusions based on evidence.

I considered myself pretty well informed on some medical stuff but I wish I had put my research in on the Vasectomy before. I probably would have avoided it.


I really struggle to find something to compare this situation with, but it really is in a class by itself in terms of getting blindsided. At least in the information age. It is a bit like how you might feel if you had been taking mercury for years on doctor’s orders, without it ever entering your mind to question it, and then discovered to your utter astonishment that it had no therapeutic value and was in fact poison.

Even this analogy really doesn’t capture frustrating this experience is, because you have to imagine that the mercury works fine for 90% of the people but is poison for 10%. And you have to imagine that if you don’t drink the mercury, your wife might get sick. It’s truly a thorny, bewildering situation to find yourself in, and it is an abdication of responsibility for doctors to fail to accurately characterize this issue – particularly after their professional society publications specifically recommend that they bring it up in pre-op counselling.

And bringing it up to check the box, but glossing over it, or downplaying it, or in general giving body language that tells the patient “But don’t worry about that, it’s not a big deal” is also unacceptable. The tone needs to be “Pay attention to this. People do not realize this, but you can end up in pain the rest of your life from this procedure. If you are sure you want to take that risk, please sign your name here:”

I ___________________ have been advised that 1 out of 10 men who undergo vasectomy will develop chronic pain that reduces their quality of life.


Mercury huh? I’m picking up trace amounts of what you’re putting down here. Although, arguing with doctors and pharma companies is dodgy at best - people get down right religious in their attachment to the established ‘right answers’.

The thing is, my dad had a vasectomy so I naturally assumed I’d probably have one too eventually. He seemed no worse for wear… so I thought, yeah me too… I was dead wrong.

Reading more stuff here I’m seeing that there is enough stories where if the ultrasounds don’t show anything out of place then therapy (both mental and physical) can help a man power through and get back to a really livable outcome. I can use that! I can handle pain with purpose - if the pain can lead to less or no pain later… well then bring the pain. You know?


Sorry for the rant, you hit one of my hot buttons.

My Dad had one too, and that was part of why I assumed it was all good.

Anyway… I don’t have a ton of advice for you except spend some time reading old posts in this website. It takes a little time and reading for the picture to come into sharp focus. Sometimes people get better. Sometimes they don’t. Treatment is trial and error. It’s worth trying conservative measures before you try surgery. Reversal is the only surgical treatment I would personally consider.


No worries brother, I’m on a forum that is dedicated to nut pain… I’m assuming everything here is pretty damn sensitive lol. So it’s all good.

I appreciate the ability to even talk it out with someone and not feel alone. I have one friend in my community who was pretty open about getting some surgical sac intervention done - but his isn’t post-V, just something to do with one of his nuts. It was liberating to be able to speak freely with him in person and come away with a feeling of inclusion.

Knowing I’m not the only one is half the battle. It’s too easy to feel hurt and alone, I consider it a big upgrade to just be hurting now. I appreciate your input even if you’re not sure about how much value it brings in terms of ‘advice’.


You’re definitely not alone and your situation sounds pretty standard based on what I have read in the last 8 months. You’ll find similar stories all over this website.

Here’s an article I found helpful.


Interesting article, good read - thanks!

Something with me that I find odd is that my pain is very limited and very very specific. I can’t tell whether that’s lucky or not.

I think it’s good because I’ve seen WAY worse stories in the last 3 hours… like they called in an airstrike and napalmed my balls stories… I applaud the guys sharing them and wouldn’t trade places.

The only catch is, without something definitely visible to work with - I can count on little to no support from the medical establishment. My Urologist basically washed his hands of it with the ultrasound.

I had a similar experience with some chest pain (I’m 36). The hospital thought it was a heart attack, and even in the pain with my hands and feet going numb… I’m thinking, ok - but that’s unlikely. They did every test there is on my chest cavity - nothing… therefore I’m crazy (but lucky to be a Canadian)… I go to a chiropractor who found a spot where my rib hits my spine that the slightest pressure makes me go cross eyed with pain. Eight weeks of meat tenderizing and my chest stopped hurting. Bone guy figures I compressed my rib cage doing something at work and ribs can hurt so bad that it puts you into shock - apparently he sees it a lot.

If I’m lucky, I’ll find some kind of similar therapy for my junk… preferably with someone more female and attractive than my uncannily strong male chiropractor… :wink:


I am the first man in my family to get one and hopefully the last. My oldest brother told his wife NO when she asked. This was years before i got mine. I swore I’d never get one but was guilted, threatened and shamed into it. I should have gone with my gut.


Yep. Every bit as safe as lead pipe.


Yep. Every bit as safe as lead pipe.

To be fair, it’s far safer than a lead pipe. In fact, among the things that can leave you in pain for the rest of your life, vasectomy might well be the safest.


Yeah, I know. :slight_smile: I just meant that lead pipe used to be considered safe and now isn’t. Someday vasectomy may be looked upon differently too. Maybe lobotomy would be a better example.

Anyway, I shouldn’t post after a couple beers. :blush:


Oh yeah, the lead pipe thing is a great analogy. I didn’t consider the drinking water angle. I just thought you were talking about hitting people in the head with a lead pipe…


Yeah, I would have said lead solder lol… cause you know… video games: lead pipes thwack. (which I didn’t picture happening to my head either…)

Actually I read a really encouraging article about a procedure where they go in through the tubes and put a drop of epoxy in the vas. It makes a full block that is reversible with a solvent. They’ve tried it for a few months in monkeys and last I checked they’re trying a 2 year.

On the page it sounds way less risky in so many ways. Then if you’re one of the many side effect sufferers, then they can just flush out the plug. It would be cool if they could do it with ultrasound, like kidney stones.

Sure beats a lead pipe to the sac for sterility!


I read about this too, I think its called vasalgel. What is not that encouraging is that it’s described as it’s likely to be more reversible. And there’s the obvious point of it not being of any use to us personally anyway.


Ha! I said the exact same thing to my Urologist last week. He was very honest about knowing little to nothing about PVPS and that he had to read up on it, but he did recognize it is a real thing.

I’m 15 months out from my vasectomy and have constant pain. I’ve tried PT and heavy ibuprofen/NSAID regiments, but they don’t do anything. I’m now on 25mg/day of Amitriptyline to see if that works. I think it’s helping some, but I’ve only been on it a week and I need to give it more time. It makes me pretty drousy. I’ve been cutting the pills in half (12.5mg). Even if it does work, it isn’t a viable long-term solution. I also don’t want to try other meds like gabapentin because I really don’t want to become dependent on meds.

Most likely I will have a reversal with Dr. Russel here in Ohio once I save enough money.


Same here @MikeO first and last male in the family to get a VAS. I will make sure that brother doesn’t get one. @canada001 not sure what parts of Canada your in but if your in southern Ontario might be worth while getting a referral to see Dr. Jarvi in Toronto maybe nerve cord blocks can help in assisting if it it indeed nerve related and next steps.


@myballshurt I have also been consulting with Dr Russell as well as other big names but so far seems Russell would be a good choice