Alcohol affect on pain


without a doubt in my case having a heavy session causing much more stomache and nerve pain the following days. shame as drinking heavy can sometimes turn off a lot of pain signals (at the time).


I know… same for me… probably good though otherwise i would be an alcoholic, have a few drinks and feel semi-human again!


I was actually going to post something about this a while ago. At the end of the day, I’m usually craving a couple of beers, not for the beer but for the pain relief they offer. Quite frankly, alcohol works better as a pain reliever than most painkillers (for me anyways) although it’s a bad, bad habit/road to go down.


Hate to admit it but alcohol did work for me a bit as pain relief…nothing else did and I wasn’t about to take something that I could get really addicted to (not to downplay alcohol but its not oxy etc)


No doubt, it helps. This past Saturday night, my wife and I went to a winery with our 23 y/o daughter and her friends for her birthday. I had a glass of wine and 2 pints of a strong, craft beer. That’s a lot more alcohol than I usually drink. I noticed the pain fading away. When we got up to leave, I commented to my wife that my pain was entirely gone. Walking to the car wasn’t a chore. I knew it was temporary, but I enjoyed it.

While I’m pretty convinced I have left-side GF nerve damage, what I noticed when we got home was the drop in tension on the left side. The muscles and tissues along the cord, etc. were loose and pliable. I don’t believe I tense up the left cord consciously, but definitely believe part of the challenge is to find a way to get the muscles to relax.


Alchol works great for me it stops all pain completely. I was a moderate drinker before V. But i stopped all alchol after V trying to be healthy. I have had a few binges and next day you pay the price dearly painwise. So now i stay off it. But hey if i got to take Gaba/Lyrica or Amitriptyline i might as well just switch to grog because they all fuck you up i might as well do something i like.