Abstinence did it help?


Hey guys I’m new here one and a half months out. Still in pain. The pain is worse when I cum and worse after sex. Just curious have you guys experimented with not having sex? And if so did you find that it helped you heal faster/better?


For me abstinence helps keep my pain at a low level. I think I need to ejac once a week or so, which is manageable. Multiple times in one day has the worst effect on my pain, so I have kept it to once per week lately.


Thanks for the response man how long has it been since your vasectomy? I’m hoping this will pass


@Ezekiel I have the same problem. My pain is worse just before I cum and then after sex. I decided to cut down on sex and learn how to manage the pain through masturbating. That might help for you


Actually the pain is worse after masturbation than after sex. Don’t know why. This is really frustrating because me and my wife used to have a lot of sex pre vasectomy. It wasn’t uncommon for me to ejaculate 3 or 4 times a day


I had my vasectomy just over a year ago, just had the reversal surgery last week to get rid of the congestion pain. It was a serious struggle for me to control the urge to masturbate or have sex and bring it down to once a week post-vasectomy. It did make my days more comfortable on that schedule, but that would not be my choice. So far I think the congestion pain I had is gone, but hard to say as I’m still healing from the surgery, icing a lot right now…