9 weeks and now feeling 100%


I wanted to report that over the past four weeks have felt slight improvements each week and am now feeling 100% better.

I am back to exercising 6 days a week (rowing and weights). I am back to having sex regularly. And I am experiencing NO discomfort. I feel exactly as I did pre-surgery.

I never ended up taking the papaya seed powder even though I did purchase it.

Here is my message: Stay calm and give it time. As long as you are feeling micro improvements week to week, do not feel that you will not make a full recovery. Because chances are you will!!! I was very depressed for several weeks thinking that I was doomed. Don’t let your head go there as it will not help the situation.

Remember my urologist told me I was going to be in discomfort for the rest of my life at the 3 week point…well guess what…doctors don’t shit! They may know how to perform the surgery but know nothing about individual recovery.

Stay positive guys and believe you will make a FULL recovery because chances are…YOU WILL!

Please feel free to ask any questions as I will be more than happy to share my experience.


Thank you for sharing this. So your recovery was around 5/6 weeks?

Did you ever get the particular issue properly diagnosed: Congestion/Granuloma/Nerve/etc?

Was there any pattern or behaviour that you feel aided recovery? Did you rest or stay active despite the resultant inflammation? Did you take regular baths? Did you take any herbal meds or drugs?


That’s pretty amazing @bobgio90. Seems you were really freaking out a few weeks ago. Glad to hear it.


@bobgio90, good to hear. Nice to see guys getting to 100% giving good feedback and hope to guys on the board. Thanks for sharing.


Did you exercise and have regular sex/ masturbate during this 9 week period. What other activities/ things did you do/avoid during this period? Did you pace yourself - i.e. no sex/ exercise for 2-3 weeks and then slowly introduced them?


It’s super heartening to know you’re feeling 100%, good on you mate and it certainly gives me hope


Hi Paul,
I was told I had epididymitis. My operation was Feb 13th 2018 and I have been at 100% for about 1-2 weeks.

I never took any baths but I did not engage in physical exercise for over 5 weeks. I did masturbate after about 2.5 weeks and again at about 3.5 weeks. I started having sex at about 5-6 weeks after. I normally exercise 5-6 days a week but stopped all of it for 5 weeks. I never took any medication except for Tylenol for the first two weeks on occasion. I think time was the greatest healing factor.

In the end…even though I feel I am 100%…if I could go back…I would not elect to have this surgery nor would I recommend it to anyone.


Please see me response to Paul.


This is good to hear. I’m at 6 weeks today and still sore in the cord through the pelvic area but its manageable. I think that coughing and sneezing is making it flare up a bit too with this cold I have.


I’m at six weeks tomorrow and have second post op Urology visit tomorrow. Plan on asking them if this is still considered ‘normal’ when is it not ‘normal’: 8 weeks? 10 weeks? And what will they do for me then: ultrasound, reversal, steroids for Granuloma?

Plan on stopping all physical activity after Bob’s feedback whilst I figure out whether this is long term. Damn - I hate dieting :frowning:


I should have mentioned that the first few times I ejaculated (2-3 weeks post surgery), I was more sore the day after. Besides that, each I felt micro improvements… I never regressed…and felt a tiny bit better each day. I usually felt best in the morning and throughout the day it started to aggregate me. For the first month, it was a constant dull ache like someone flicked me in the nuts. Take what the urologist says with a grain of salt because according to mine I was never supposed to heal and I am now 100% better.

All the best!


Thanks guys for the comments… I am 2+ weeks post op and reading of your improvements helps a lot, I have the constant dull pain as someone is pressing my balls esp the right one and there is this lumpy/ hardened area which always concerns me but I guess I got let nature do it’s job and go through the process. I am avoiding exercise and taking 2 Tylenol tabs (1 morn, 1 night), short showers… I am on the road for 2 weeks so not having the kids around to take my mind off is tough so big thanks guys to u all for hour comments and sharing experiences… even though self inflicted :-), it helps to hear


Had my 6 week post ‘Genital Mutilation’ appointment today and the ‘advice’ was fairly predictable.

#1 I have a smallish Granuloma type thing on the right (non painful) side.
#2 The build up of sperm at the bottom of my vas division on my left (painful) side from my ‘semi-closed’
procedure is causing some mild swelling of the epi and ‘back-pressure’.
#3 I have some significant scar tissue at the sight of the vas snip on the painful left side which is causing
nerve issues.

I am told that #1 and #2 are not the main sources of my pain/discomfort (it certainly wasn’t agony when the Doc pinched the top of my epi and there is no significant swelling of the epi as I have read from some forum posts).

I was advised not to take Papaya seeds to deal with issue #2 as this would only delay my body’s ability learn to deal with the build-up.

#3 The nerve pain I am feeling from the scar tissue at the snip site ‘could’ last for 18 months but should improve over time. I am told that I just need to ‘get on with it’ and ‘pretend it isn’t there’.

Whilst this forum has made by sceptical of such advise, I think I am going to heed it for now. I’m going to stop reading forums and talking about my pain at home. In 2 weeks time, I will re-assess and consider whether I want to go back and ask for an ultra-sound. In the meantime, I am going to look into ways to reduce scar tissue such as juicing, fasting, etc.


I would imagine that once you start on the papaya seeds and strike a balance, you’re on them for good. I’m taking them hoping that they will reduce damage and increase my chances for reversal one day.


His comments to me were in the context of my Epi being ‘only’ slightly swollen and not the primary source of my pain.


Hope you get it figured out. I know it’s crazy how doctors go from 100% certainty everything will be fine to head scratching like you just brought some unknown disease back from the Amazon.


Good to know. For me the pain goes from low to medium and back to low on the right side and I feel a bit of tightness in my lower abdomen area… since I am less than 3 weeks in to the surgery I am putting it down to my body adjusting to the new reality. I wish I could do something about the pain as it is annoying and forces me to keep feeling out there and then finding the hardened lumpy area which is hopefully granuloma and will go away in time…
@Bry/Paul/Bob - how long did you take pain killers? I started one week after surgery and taking 2 everyday, thinking of taking down to 50%. Any tips, recommendations, experiences


I took the prescribed ones for the first few days or so, but they made me sick so I switched to acetaminophen and ibuprofen after that and tapered down over the next 4 months to where I only take it occasionally. I don’t like taking pills so I tend to wait until I’m hurting pretty bad.


Mine took about 12 weeks.


I went to my first post surgery Urologist visit, he did an ultra sound and his prognosis for the lumpy stuff and the pain was post surgery (my surgery was 4 weeks ago) blood clot and mild infection - which is leading to my condition of pain from 2-5 during the day. He said it certainly wasn’t Sperm Granuloma as that only comes much much later in the process… I have been prescribed antibiotics and pain killers for 10 days and I will come back to report progress or lack thereof.
Anyone here benefited from Antibiotics?