9 months of pain: do I go for the epididymectomy or do I ask for a reversal?


The Irish (Dublin based) surgeon who performed my Vasectomy in Cork City, claimed that I was the only one - of the 3000 vasectomies he had performed - who was suffering from long term pain post vas. In other words, I was apparently a medical / anatomical anomaly. He also informed me after re-examining me that the way my testicles hung, in addition to my skin being thin (literally as opposed to figuratively) were contributory factors. Of course, he failed to notice anything untoward during the initial consultation / surgery.

He was the same doctor who prescribed me a month’s course of uncoated steroids in addition to Diffeine, without prescribing Nexium to assist my stomach. Prior to prescribing me steroids / Diffeine, he prescribed me one and a half times the maximum dosage of Vimovo which prompted my local pharmacist to approach me with her prescient concerns re. potential damage to my stomach. When my stomach inevitably flared up, he claimed I probably had a Hiatus Hernia and that my stomach issues had nothing to do with the meds he prescribed.

The last time I spoke with him was last summer, he suggested that I take steroids for 90 days - even though I had told him of my (ongoing) upper cardia stomach issues and that I was under the care of a Gastroenterologist.


I don’t understand why a doctor would recommend removing an organ in lieu of first trying to restore the natural state. If reversed, there are still many options available afterward. After epididymectomy? I’d say the only potential next step would be orichectomy.


“I don’t understand why a doctor would recommend removing an organ in lieu of first trying to restore the natural state.”

That’s because the ones that do this are clueless and don’t know what they are doing. I’ll never forget one guy from the old Yahoo forum and how he was adamant about how his epi removal messed him up and that no-one should ever consider that as a first line treatment for pain. I have to say I think removing the back side of your testicle just seems like the worst thing you could ever do. You can’t get a reversal if you do that. Your done.


Hey Irishguy, I’m an Irishman too and my descendants were from Sligo, my wife’s from Cork.

What is your doctors name. Please don’t be shy. He deserves a mention here. As long as you stick with facts about what he said and did he should have no problem with his name being mentioned on this board and being associated with is 1 in 3000 claim.


Dick pics are in! (MRI) I can’t make anything out of them but I have an appointment with a university professor doctor urologist on Wednesday. Together with the blood and sperm sample results I hope he can shine a new light on the problem. I also started on bactrim forte so let’s see if the UTI is yet another issue or the root of all evil.


I saw the results of the MRI and there is some inflation of the prostate and left epididimis. The professor took a urin sample and did an infiltration. Now 2 hours later no difference but let us see.


Why one earth would you remove something when you could get put back together? Reversal 100% I would not even consider removing the epi until well after I’d had a reversal


4 days in to the infiltration and no difference whatsoever. Pain stays, I (still) got fever and even after stopping to take painkillers for more than a month and antibiotics since 3 days I still have kidney/lower back pain and lots of acid reflux. Starting to give up after 11 months…

Nobody wants to do the reversal and I dont want the epididimectomy either.


New theory. When they did the open-ended conversion 5 months after the initial vasectomy the sutures (vicryl) were still present. And the pain dropped a little after the open ended conversion where they removed half of the sutures again. Couldn’t it be that I have a Vicryl allergy (since I still have a fever) rather than that it is true PVPS? It only really hurts if they press on the end of the vas that still has sutures. And I can’t feel my nuts anymore after the infiltration but the pain/irritation is still the same.


I had my epi taken out and I am still in terrible pain. I have owned a lawn care company for the last 23 years and it’s looking like I may have to sell out or close the doors. I just can’t take the pain anymore. Getting a vas was the worst mistake of my life.


So sorry to hear that. Where is your pain now?


Pain starts on the bottom of my right nut and runs up my right midsection where the doctor took out my vas def tube. It hurts in my lower stomach on the right side


Mike I’m really sorry to hear that. No man should have to go through what you’re going through. May I ask you if you were warned adequately of the risks before you got your vasectomy? For instance what stayistics of chronic pain were you given during the verbal portion of the consult? Also, do you have a copy of the informed consent paperwork you signed? I’m trying to get the guys that are early on in this to get on top of this so that they can start helping us build a case against the poor informed consent that goes with the selling of the vasectomy procedure. Also may I ask who your vasectomy provider was? I want to point out that I do not hold bad outcomes against providers. I do think when they have a patient that ends up with life-altering pain they need to accept that as the result of the procedure they performed and incorporate that into their informed consent procedures moving forward.


I don’t think I had a consult. If I did, it wasn’t much. I know the doctor didn’t mention side effects.


Indeed the worst decision in my life too. Currently trying to get a surgeon to remove both balls but suddenly they all have principles and start talking about life altering risks… The guy who fucked me up is retired since a week or 2, and will never even say sorry for terminating my pain free life for a few quick bucks…