9 months of pain: do I go for the epididymectomy or do I ask for a reversal?


I got a classic vasectomy in June and an open ended convertion in November. Left there was fluid, right no fluid. But I still have pain mostly on the right side I think. The urologist that did both operations now whants to do an epidimymectomy on the right side. I spoke to 5 urologists of which one had pvps himself. And yes they are a bunch of negationists… Anyone who can help me rule out which would be the best next step? Yesterday I used tigerbalsem on my scrotum and since the burning sensation masked the pain it felt as a relief… Since 2 weeks I have a radiated stumach ache and I have taken aside from painkillers, ciprofloxacine, dalacin c, lyrica, silodyx, daflon in those 9 months. Pain is worse after sex. It doesnt hurt when touched.

Thanks in advance!


9 months sounds a little aggressive to me for surgery. Have you tried testosterone therapy? NSAID? Alpha blocker? Amitriptyline? Pelvic floor physical therapy? Have you looked at denervation?


No testeron. Nsaids yes ao. Naproxen, ibuprofen, diclofenac. Beta blocker: silodyx. Nothing of those other items.


Any noticeable difference in pain when you were re-sected in November?


Pressure left went down drastically. Can live without painkillers since then.


Well, hard to say if your relief was related to pressure. Without more input that suggests otherwise, my guess would be your relief was more of a nerve thing.

Having the metal clips, scarring, granuloma, crap, etc, etc removed may have been what helped. I’m personally not a believer in converting to open ended. Some say it works, but I believe, in many cases, it just leads to more problems down the road, such as leaking sperm.

I’ve never read a story where epididymectomy made a man all better. Do a search on the massive internet for men made better by that procedure. I bet you find far more horror stories than compete resolution stories. I can’t remember a complete resolution story off the top of my head.

Personally, I would give reversal a try any day vs the other idea. It’s unfortunate you didn’t do that first IMO.

Other ideas I would “consider”, give it several more years to resolve itself, or perhaps Dr P de-nervation.


We have one guy where open ended conversion completely fixed him. He had that done with Fenig here in Maryland.

I think there may be one or two guys that have wandered onto this site that have had their epi removed that are “ok” but I know of more than one that it caused problems for.


I’m starting on CBD this week and will ask for Cialis or Viagra whatever
that has the most chance of helping the epididmytis that the surgeon
suggests is causing the lack of fluid on the right and the pain there. The
ciproflaxacyne and silodyx just fucked up my stomach and gave a huge
mindfuck when there was no ejaculation anymore. I have a constant pain on
the right and the last couple of days the pain left seems to have returned
as a constant thing. They should all be shot!


Yea, the drugs they are prescribing people these days are really something else. There’s no way in hell would I take that stuff.

If you don’t have fluid on one side, that’s not nesessary a problem. Vasectomy does some pretty screwed up stuff to your testicles. Many reasons possible far as to why no fluid. The sex/erectile dysfunction drugs you mentioned won’t help bring back fluid imo.

Good luck w the CBD oil, it might help. Stay away from crazy, legal, pharma drugs like you mentioned already. Tell the person who prescribed that crap to you to take it themselves.

Watch out for inexperienced pvps urologists far as their advice, and letting them proceed any further surgically. Don’t be in a hurry with this. You’d be better off asking many questions here, and/or reading through previous posts from other people before you let anyone do anything you can’t take back. You have to live with the outcome, not them.


Also, I’m a bit confused far as this fluid you speak of. Most guys with congestive pvps would be glad there was a lack of fluid, or pressure build up.

Does your epididymis feel full? Do you get pressure pains on the top of your testicle? Rear of your testicle? Perhaps you have a blockage in your vas, or you weren’t re-sected beyond the scarring if that’s the case.

If you are indeed congested, there are a couple of non surgical options.


I really dont know where it hurts and pressure doesnt inflict pain. I got to a good doctor in Antwerp today. Next I’m getting a blood and ejaculation sample to the lab + get an MRI.


Lack of fluid flow is really odd since you just got the V. The guy probably didn’t resect enough to get you back to where you have viable vas and good flow or you have a block somewhere downstream due to pressure or a blow out.

I would go for a reversal on the right before I removed the epi. I would call Dr. Sheldon Marks and ask him about it. It’s likely some sort of blockage. Epi removal is a major operation. Half your nut is basically gone after that and it makes a lot of scar tissue. I can’t imagine your nuts ever hang right or close to right again after that as well. I would say no to that operation. You would be better off doing a denervation before epi removal. For a targeted denervation I would go with Dr. P. For a standard one I’m not sure who to choose but I would pick a guy that does them a lot.


Broad generalization on surgical approaches. First step is to use the various diagnostics, all crude at best, to determine if pain is congestive, due to leaking, or neuropathic. If congestive or due to leaking, restoring the original state via reversal seems like the best option. If nerve pain, denervation seems like best surgical option.

I can’t think of any situation where epididymectomy is a good first surgical approach.


Update: CBD didn’t help for the pain BUT I sleep really well since I started taking the CBD.

I got to another male uroligst who doesn’t believe in PVP and after taking ciprofloxacin which resulted in flatulation and reflux and silodyx which just gave me a huge mindfuck I decided to look for yet another urologist. I’ve met a young female doctor in Antwerp who took things more serious. I’m getting an MRI and already had a sperm and blood sample sent to the lab. She called me today and it looks like I’m resistant to the cipro and have an e-coli urinary tract infection. Next week I start threatment.


What is the urologists name?

If he doesn’t believe in it then he is a quack and needs to be educated or lose his medical license.

Please let us know his name.


Dr. Marc Sorber. He stated that an MRI is useless gave me antibiotics without suspecting an infection and he stated that only 0.3% (6 out of 2000) have serious issues after a vasectomy. Oh and he wanted me to take the epididimectomy since you really don’t need the epididimis. When I called to cancel the second appointment he wasnt interested in why or if the antibiotics or silodyx had helped…


And then the name of the good doctor: Dr. Evelyne Beckers is the first out of 5 urologists who really took things serieus and she also thinks 3% chance to get serious issues is more accurate. I hope the UTI is the cause but either way I have fait that she can and is willing to help!


He has one thing right in that MRIs are generally worthless.

What kind of stupid statistic “6 out of 2000”?

Where did he get that number? Why not 3 out of 1000? lol.

That smells like a fake statistic to me.


His own experience… But in the end I didnt had a problem either since I didn’t return…


I am assuming he was not your original urologist.

He has had at least 6 guys develop pain that he has acknowledged or will admit to. My urologist that performed mine does not know about me because I dumped him like a hot rock. I would go into him saying I am having pain above and behind my testicles and pain sitting and he just gave me Cipro and sent me on my way mumbling arout a boggy prostate.