8 months later, 2nd opinion


Im at 8 months post vasectomy now and still having pain on the left at the vasectomy site. I developed a huge hematoma 2 days after and it finally went away.

4 months post vasectomy I went back and urologist said i had a sperm granuloma. Took 800mg ibuprofen twice a day for 1 week, off a week, on a week, and then off a week again. Still no help.

I decided to get a 2nd opinion from an out of town urologist 1 1/2 hours away. He said it is a sperm granuloma but said that i have scar tissue encasing a nerve and thats whats causing my pain. He recommended going back in under anesthesia and removing scar tissue and going up higher and doing vasectomy leaving fresh healthy tissue.

Im thankful he has a solution just wish it wasnt another surgery. Anyone ever had this done? If so, was it effective?


Though the scar tissue diagnosis is probably accurate, he’s guessing. No one has got an easy repeatable way to diagnose this. Like I said, he could be right but he’s flipping your coin on an unpredictable treatment option.