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7 weeks post-reversal, some improvement


Quick re-cap of my situation: vasectomy Nov '16, reversal Dec '17 w/ Dr. Marks, now 7 weeks post-reversal.

Overall I guess I feel a little better than before the reversal, but I think I’m still healing from the reversal surgery, definitely still room for improvement. I can say the throbbing pressure pain in the balls has been gone since the reversal, but my balls are still tender, I think less than before, but basically I am avoiding all exercise, taking the elevator to reduce ball trauma from moving around. Sitting is definitely uncomfortable still, I think coming from the re-connections. Since the reversal abdominal pain on each side got a bit worse than before, that part I think is coming from the re-connections, still healing from the surgery. I think things are getting better slowly. My feeling is I have a lot of dead sperm and probably inflammation that I need to clear out before things can really settle down. For the first 2 weeks I was icing constantly 30 min on, 5 min off, now I do 30 min ice sessions ~4 times a day, whenever I can or when it feels bad.

I got my first SA back and there are sperm, but not a lot, and 0% motile. 0.2 million/mL, total 0.7 million. So the doc put me on Medrol (steroid) starting yesterday to reduce inflamation, which I have to say seems to be helping with the discomfort. Doc says I probably still have inflammation going on that pinches the vas so not many sperm get out. Seems to me that situation will make it harder to clear out the dead sperm and get back to “normal”, or however close to normal I can get.

Mentally, glad I got the reversal, no regrets. I feel like I took the action that is most likely to help, so I feel great about having gone through the initial recovery and now I have a decent shot at recovering to the point I can exercise again - that is my main goal. On the flip side, the low SA numbers are making me anxious that the tubes will close and I will be back to where I was before the reversal. At this point my biggest fear is scaring over, return of all the pains, and back to wondering what to do about it. I really don’t want to have to grapple with whether or not to have a re-do reversal. That is all just anxiety, hopefully with the meds and more time I will make more progress in the right direction. I will go in for another SA in a few weeks, if the numbers go up I will be ecstatic, if they go down I will be depressed. Unfortunately, still an emotional roller coaster.

I really want to post my pain-free success story on here one day, but realistically it is still relatively early post-reversal for me. Right now I’m taking it day-by-day.


Thanks for the update. You and I are on the same schedule (reversed by Marks November 29th). The younger Marks mentioned all the dead sperm/fluid needing to clear out to me as well. I had never heard or thought about that prior to reversal, but the vas is really tiny and apparently it takes a lot of ejaculations to fully clear out the old dead stuff.



You’ll be good. Marks is very good at what he does and 7 weeks is nothing. Not a long time at all. Take the Medrol and take your supplements as recommended by Marks. I’m assuming he told you to take Zinc? Take it. The Vitamin B complex is for nerve healing/growth and the Selenium is an antioxidant if I’m not mistaken. I think he told me to take vitamin E too.

DO NOT take NSAIDS/Celebrex while on the Medrol.

Here is another important point.

Keep ejaculating.

The Medrol will likely open you up. It takes a little while after you are reversed for things to start going full swing. For me it was at month 5. I was suddenly wide open and had huge SAs. My initial SAs were low and I was discouraged.

Good luck to you and let us know how things work out for you.



my 3rd SA was my lowest yet, but my 4th is back to where my 2nd one was (or close to it). He put me on Prednisone as well which I did for a month and I just started back on Celebrex. There are a few of us right now like @vasregret and @Tempe5 who are right there with you as far as recent recipients of this procedure. Everyone’s recovery seems to go differently, but we all know what you are going through. Hang in there. Keep icing. Rest.


Thanks for the advice and well wishes guys. Dr Marks recommended fish oil and vitamin D, but also gave me the full list of supplements recommended for fertility guys. I had stopped taking supplements since the reversal mainly because I wanted to be more sure anything I was feeling in my abdomen wasn’t an upset stomach or ulcer. I just started back with some of the supplements. A week on Medrol had a noticeable positive effect on the ball pain, so I’m keeping a positive outlook.