6 year anniversary


[setting: The gathering of all men vasectomized today, November 8, 2018. Members of this “Man Up” club meeting are congratulating themselves. Crashing this party, Mr. Rain, a little drunk, asks to speak. He takes the microphone and walks onstage complete with his issued drink.]

Rain: “I see a lot of frozen peas out there!” [he begins, stoking the crowd’s energy]

Rain: "You took responsibility, you made the leap! Stick, zip, yank, and snip! Pressurize those epididymides! You obeyed your wives and survived to tell the tale! When I look at this room, I see carefree sex in everyone’s future! [The crowd goes wild with yelling, whistling, and general excitement.]

[Mr. Rain quietly waits for the crowd to calm down, and with dramatic pause, he peers deeply into the crowd and continues in a very serious tone.]

Rain: “But men are made by trial and adversity not by mere compliance. Admission to the real brotherhood of men is exclusive and reserved for those few who have been brought to their knees and fought for the right to stand.”

[Perplexed looks slowly spread across the gathering.]

Rain: “Only a few of you will be inducted. The choice has already been made for you.”

[The crowd’s mood is quickly changing. The meeting organizers try to decide if Mr. Rain should be allowed to continue.]

Rain: “A select few will remember this day as the moment their lives were forever changed, a turning point on the path to becoming a real man through pain and suffering.”

[The organizers head towards Mr. Rain to remove him.]

Rain: “One day, just like me, you may celebrate the 6th anniversary of the worst decision you ever made!”

[Treated like a drunken fool, Mr. Rain is dragged offstage while an organizer tries to reassure the confused crowd.]


Sounds like a start of some horror story @slowrain. I read your history some time ago and wondering if you’re still improving


Improvement stopped at 22 months post reversal. No new progress. Low/no sexual interest, moderate ED, low T, lost sexual feeling since day one post vas, lost feeling in left groin and upper leg post neurolysis, lost feeling in right thigh post reversal, pee and poop control not quite normal, no morning wood, nuts need constant support, the wrong chair or car seat can make life very uncomfortable, lots of walking isn’t a good idea, standing for long periods isn’t good, no more biking, hiking, or backpacking, etc., etc. I also have nerve pain where the vas ends were reconnected, and it gets worse as sperm slowly builds up in the pipes. I have to ejaculate every two or three days to prevent real pain. Somewhere during the surgeries I lost some of the internal muscle control to push out all of the ejaculate, so it can take more than once to clear the pipes - sounds like fun but it isn’t. And all of this is due to a surgery I didn’t want in the first place.


Man, what a battle. Sending massive man hugs.


Last year I celebrated World Vasectomy Day on 16th November similarly, by very politely posting the long term chronic pain risk references from a number of organisations below every published article allowing user comments that popped through on Google news.

Given the real hell I went through, this tiny bit of media jacking is somewhat cathartic and may let other men get a chance to see what the real referenced risk information is which I personally didn’t get supplied with up front.


@slowrain, I sent you a PM. Hang in there. It can get a lot better.


I v been on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy)for almost a year now, post reversal I improved a lot, way better then you. But I still had discomfort en pain. TRT solved a lot of the remaining issues. TRT inhibits the making of spermcels. I can imagine that this would improve your pressure issues. I use Tostran 2% gel.