6 weeks out and uncomfortable


I am aware that my problems are nowhere near as severe as most on this site, and if my question upsets anyone, that’s not my intention and I apologize in advance.
A synopsis of my situation: I am 34 years old and have 2 children. Around age 10, I had a bilateral inguinal hernia repaired. In my late teens/early twenties, I struggled with chronic ache in my scrotum and was diagnosed with varicoseles on my left side. I underwent 3 different procedures with 3 different urologists in the Los Angeles area (Dr Werthman was the 2nd Dr I saw and the surgery did not resolve the varicoseles/pain) to attempt removal of the varicoceles and eliminate pain. Finally, on the 3rd attempt, Dr Weinstein in Santa Barbara used the help of a radiologist and put tiny coils into the varicose veins which shrank them and I was very happy with the resulting reduction of pain. The next 12 or so years were great and I personally felt that Weinstein was my hero.
Fast forward to now at age 34. My wife was done with having more kids (I was fine with that) and she had been on birth control for over 15 years and wanted off. I was pressured into feeling it was my duty to have a vasectomy and I owed it to her (I know this was flawed thinking) and scheduled a vas with a Dr I had never seen based on one recommendation from a friend. I canceled my original vas appointment (was going to be scalpel and closed) the night before, as the fear of chronic pain returning was high and I felt I hadn’t researched enough. I was also worried that if I had pain I would resent my wife and I am dedicated to my marriage and family. My wife was disappointed but accepted my decision. I continued researching and decided to schedule a consult with my hero, Dr Weinstein. He suggested open ended and used no scalpel technique. This difference in technique, along with my trust for the Dr and continued prodding by my wife, led me to go through with the procedure on 7/10/17.
The most painful part of procedure was the injection. Healing of incision site, bruising, tenderness, were all unremarkable. I stayed off my feet for 3-4 days, iced, and Advil. I took almost 2 weeks off work (I’m a firefighter). I followed all pamphlet instructions. There is no pain with erection or ejaculation, and I can’t pinpoint the area of my discomfort, but things just don’t feel the same down there. I have constant nagging discomfort that switches sides throughout the day. My pain has not been debilitating, but it has definitely affected my daily life.
I went back to Dr Weinstein at 3 weeks, he examined me and said there were no red flags or warning signs of expected chronic pain, to be patient, and that in 3-4 more weeks I should be normal. That was almost 3 weeks ago and it has been basically the same. I scheduled an appointment with Dr Werthman for a 2nd opinion, based on the posts on here saying he specializes in PVP and reversal, but I have my doubts, as he has failed me in the past. I know PVPS is defined at pain over 3 months, but I’m just very nervous and freaked out since everyone I know has been back to normal by this point. I had even seen this website prior to committing to my 2nd appointment, but was assured that 1-2% chance was so minor, I had nothing to worry about…shame on me.
I have been reading a lot of threads on here and decided to chime in. Hoping that some people on here will take the time to read this post and give me their 2 cents. Sorry for such a long post and thanks for reading. I really feel for everyone on here who is suffering, wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
PS, everyone says to STOP reading about PVPS online because I’m just scaring myself, but I cannot seem to help it, as I’m just trying to figure out more about what the hell is going on.


If it’s of any consolation, it took me a month to heal from my original vasectomy, so some pain at 6 weeks seems well within the bounds of normalcy. I was then pretty much normal for 7 months and then the chronic pain started around 8-9 months post-vasectomy.

Don’t press the panic button yet.


@raising4girls thanks for your reply. I am doing my best to keep positive and not panic yet. I will definitely be seeing my original Dr at least one more time and probably get a second opinion still. Appreciate the reassurance. Hope things are manageable for you. Even not being in the “chronic” category (or even close), I can already empathize with the loneliness of suffering in an area that nobody likes discussing. I wish you the best.


As PVPS situations go, mine has been very manageable. Pain-free after vasectomy for 8 months, then 13 months of pain with reversal in between, then 2 years pain-free, then 6-7 month relapse, then 7 years pain-free, now 16 months relapse.

Currently not taking any pain meds and pain ranges 2-6/10, so I’m definitely not doing my normal things, but I’m functional for work and some forms of exercise.


Sounds like it could be worse, but definitely could be better. Much of the past 6 weeks has been struggling with the “if only I could have foreseen this, I would have cancelled again and been done with it” thought, but I know that’s not productive. I won’t be satisfied until I’m back to how I felt before, with my usual exercise and no thought of it throughout the day. I hope that you get back to the same place soon.


Just wanted to post an update.

Pain level has ranged from 0-2/10 for the past couple weeks. I’m at 4 months post vas today. I haven’t had pain before, during, or after sex. My discomfort has been what I can describe as a hot, dull aching in my scrotum on and off throughout the day.

I had a pre existing varicocele that had been surgically repaired several years prior to my vas and was no longer painful. I’m starting to think that my pain is a re aggravation of my old varicocele rather than congestion, but who knows. I’ve still been able to do most activities, including exercise. Still, this has been a less than desirable result for me.

Things I’ve tried so far:
Ice (seems to help temporarily)

Hot tub (feels good)

Papaya seed powder (doesn’t seem to do much, good or bad)

Medrol dose pack (didn’t seem to do much, good or bad).

Celebrex (I have only taken 3x, but it has never helped any symptoms so I don’t plan on continuing)

Yarrow tea (only had a couple times so can’t say one way or another).

Just did my first acupuncture treatment today and plan on going at least 4 more times to evaluate if it helped. I got a bottle of Chinese Herb capsules called “resolve (lower)” from the acupuncture office that is supposed to help with blood flow and dissolving of scar tissue. I’ll post after trying for a month or two.


Sounds like you are heading in the right direction. Thanks for coming on here and sharing your story btw. It’s nice when guys have an arc towards getting better that others can follow to give them hope.

I think since you are trending better then it’s likely by 6 months you may be better still. A bad vasectomy can sometimes heal slowly like a vas reversal. It’s frustrating, non-linear progress. 0-2 is a good place to be on the pain scale.


Thanks for sharing! I can relate to you. I had mines done during thanksgiving 17’ and still feel discomfort. Although I can see many have it worse, it’s hard not to panic and think and I may be heading in the same direction. Please continue to share any new and effective approaches that relief your pain. :+1:emphasized text


@Bachakil I will keep you posted with any new developments. Thanks for the comment, hope you are managing ok.


@Discouraged Thanks for your post and thanks to the person that set up this site. I’m at my 5 week vasectomy anniversary and the negative thought of, “oh my gosh, what have I done to myself?” is creeping up more and more as pain persists. I’ll post something more detailed later but my pain type of hot/burning/pinching sounds similar to yours. I’m encouraged that you were discouraged at week 6 but three months later you were back to exercise and a 0-2/10 for pain. I just finished 10 days of Cipro (powerful antibiotic also used to treat anthrax) with no impact, I have a follow-up appointment today, and my order of Papaya seed powder is on its way. I’m not going to take this sitting down (figuratively or literately because really, sitting hurts). Thanks again for taking the time, it’s very helpful.



Welcome here btw.


So I noted relief if i have Daily ejaculations… is that happening to anyone? It would seem to me that it may be congestion and that the papaya powder may be beneficial if indeed that is the case… any thoughts?


The guy in the thread below had a similar story far as ejaculating seemed to be beneficial. Seems there’s another guy, or two on here that come to mind that report a similar response.

The same thoughts another member, and I gave to the guy below apply to just about anyone that claims ejaculating seems to help. You could always build onto the thoughts in that thread. They were just some ideas.


Thanks! I’ll read into it.