6 procedures on testicles


I had 3 surgeries in 2008, two were epidimecties, and the third was a restructure of my left testicle.
My right one has been fine, but my left testicle hurt until it was unbearable starting last November. I found this forum and set appointments with Dr P.
I just had my third procedure with him on my left testicle 4 days ago and I am still in tremendous pain. My pain management dr doesn’t even want to write me any type of narcotic because he says a new law passed here in Florida, but it hasn’t. I know other people who somehow get pain meds and they don’t need them. They sell them. I’m in pain with 3 incisions and a swollen left testicle and can barely move and I can’t get any pain relief. Dr P only wrote a 3-4 day supply of pain meds when he told me I’d be hurting for up to two weeks, and that’s if these procedures work. I call him in 3 weeks and if I’m still in pain I’m going to just have him remove it. I’ve lost my job and everything over this. I can’t live with this much pain. It’s just constant.


I was in similar place with pain, had epididymectomy which proved ineffective. I had orchiectomy done last January, and although still healing, I am mentally in a much better place