6 Months post- still unexplainable pretty consistent discomfort


It’s maddening cause I can be pain free for days and even weeks at a time. Mostly have a dull heaviness on the left side, but it can be sharper and on right or both sides too. I’ve been relying on naproxen 2x a day that essentially does the trick, but it’s becoming a crutch.

I have an appointment with a new urologist my friend recommend in a couple weeks. My original doctor pretty much sucked. It was very clear that after my procedure he never wanted to see me again. I insisted on going back twice and was told I was fine and to just wear tighter underwear.

I’m really hoping that the new urologist can give me some insight into what is actually going on.

Has anyone experienced what I have thus far? (six months in)

Thx everyone!

Pain Starting after 2 years

Hi Chap,

At 6 months you have decent odds you may come right with time, it sounds like your pain is not cycling up up to very acute levels from what you are saying.

I would maybe look at the PVPS treating urologists listed on the site here, see if you can find one who is local to you and seek their guidance.

I would personally try to stick with conservative pain management measures and maybe look at alternative pain relief approaches if at all possible. However the urologists listed here would probably have a better understanding of the problems than one who has no specific specialism.


This is quite a decent guide to the treatment cascade, in my personal opinion I would definitely give it a year at least to see if the pain resolves with conservative pain management alone.

The overall article is also well worth reading.


Thanks for the link @atlanticcoast very good read. Easy to read and concise and to the point…


I’m in a similar boat. Discomfort started about six months after. It’s pretty low level so it’s not debilitating. Also not sure what I should do at this point, tried a course of antibiotics which didn’t really do much. Trying to see another Urologist for another opinion. Hoping it doesn’t get worse.


Thanks for your response Fred. I’m glad your pain isn’t that bad. Interesting that you had discomfort AFTER 6 months. How long has it been since your vas now? What antibiotics were you given?

I’m seeing my new urologist later his week for the second time. He mentioned injecting a steroid to relieve some pressure, but I’m not sure if that’s happening this week. (He’s hard to get a hold of). He also suggested I get a sonogram a few weeks ago. A few hours after the sonogram, all I got in return was a call from a clueless receptionist that said ‘it looks good’. I asked (took a shot in the dark) her if she could elaborate and of course she couldn’t.

Sorry Fred… went on a bit of a tangent… looking forward to hearing from you…


It’s been about seven months now. Sorry I didn’t write down what type of antibiotic it was and can’t recall the name.

Ordered some of this papaya seed that everyone’s talking about, but it will take a while to get here, nowhere near me seems to sell it.

At this point the discomfort is small, but always there. The psychological toll is what’s worse. Since I don’t want to aggravate things I have to be constantly careful when moving, playing with kids etc. My youngest is only one year old and I’d hate for him to never know “happy daddy”. I have also greatly reduced sexual activity, which kind of defeats the whole purpose doesn’t it?


Ok… we had our procedures exactly the same time… My first post was when I was at the six month mark… Now its been just over 7…
Yeah… was reading about papaya seed… I’m not against it at all, but I just wany to know what the f is actually wrong with me so I can be recommended a course of treatment…

My discomfort varies… worse when I sitting and usually as the day goes on… I have a standing desk at work so that helps… I literally go a few weeks with little discomfort to a few weeks with moderate… I’m currently in a moderate phase

Yes! The psychological toll is the worst… I have young kids too and my older (5 1/2) kind of understands, but my two year old doesn’t… as for my wife… she is sympathetic, but doesn’t understand fully and gets annoyed sometimes when I have to cool it down with the kids or in general. when I say I’m dealing with the discomfort… she thinks I rushed into getting this done and she’s prob right… at this point have to chock it up to hindsight is 20/20 and I keep telling her IT’S DONE… I’m uncomfortable now and I’m trying to get myself better…

Also really sucks to hear about your reduced sexual activity… luckily my discomfort hasn’t significantly impacted my sexual activity and desire though I can say for certainly its just not quite the same…little of the desire… little bit of staying aroused… I can’t imagine it’s going to get better either in the near future…


The reduced sexual activity is a choice, still hoping my body can adjust and recover then it can slowly ramp up again. I’m trying to be conservative and get other medical opinions. Though reading through this site sure makes it seem like we’re screwed doesn’t it? Figuratively of course. Like everyone here I’m very upset I even have to consider this stuff, it wasn’t supposed to be like this!

Like you, I don’t really know what to do at this point… Waiting to get better while knowing it may never happen. Hoping it doesn’t get worse.


I’m in pretty much exactly the same boat. Almost 6 months out and pain and pressure that cycles on and off for weeks at a time. Difficult to tell if I’m getting better because some types of pain have disappeared while newer types started. I take Aleve twice a day when I’m in s flare up, along with hot baths, and I just started papaya seed. Can’t do rigorous physical activity or it will aggravate it. But mild activity sometimes seems to help.


Hey SPR-

Sounds like me, you, and Fred are experiencing similar symptoms of a little talked about, yet real problem!

SPR- Yep… its the damn cycles that are maddening…The type discomfort (I guess I can describe it as a soreness feeling) has been pretty pretty consistent… which maybe is good thing… I too take on average two Aleve a day… sometimes an Advil dose instead and fortunately it pretty much does the trick, but that is just a band aid…really hoping to get some solid next steps when I see my new urologist on Friday…


At least we all now know of others experiencing the same thing. That helps. Also, it seems like many men heal within the first year, so hopefully that will be us.

I have been taking hot baths lately and I feel they may be helping more than anything. Hard to tell though, since my pain is so erratic to begin with.j


Hey there gents-

Just a little update. Got a steroid injection yesterday and at the moment I can’t tell if it’s just sore from the injection or it flat out just didn’t work. In other words, I basically feel the same as I did before the injection… I’m scheduled to go back in two weeks for another injection and then I’m not sure of the time frame from there… if no considerable relief (based on unknown time frame) the next step would for him to ‘excise’ the area… as I understand it he will go to the original vas site and clean up any scar tissue and/or bad snip (amongst any other thing he can clean/fIx) don’t know… I guess this course of treatment is worth trying… I suppose after all this a refersal might be in order…

Anyway… how are you guys this Saturday???


Thanks for sharing, jdubb. I thought about asking for a steroid but maybe I won’t bother now. I’m surprised your doctor is willing to go invasive at only 6 months out. You may want to get a second opinion. My doctor theorizes that the issue is hypersensitive nerves causing inflammation which causes more nerve irritation, etc. like a feedback loop. He thinks invasive steps may make it worse. He also said give it conservative management for another 9-12 months before considering anything invasive. He said the nerves may eventually settle down. I’m going to get a second opinion next month but that explanation did make sense to me. Just something to think about.


WRT to comment about it getting better over a year or so…I heard the same and at 15 months I had gradually improved. But slowly. I have to think back 2-3 months to notice a difference. But I went from consistent 4/5 level pain to mild discomfort. I haven’t had a day where I haven’t thought about my discomfort but I have had days noting how mild it is. But then I get bummed that I’m happy to have mild discomfort. Papaya powder and Alpha Lipoic Acid twice daily. Started 20 mg low dosage Amitryiptiline at month 11 and I think it has helped. After 3/4 weeks almost no side effects for me, but that varies greatly person to person. It does seem to relax my pelvic floor, which may be the benefit. I’d say I agree with others who say things get better after a year or so, but not all the way better. I’m not too optimistic I’ll improve further, but maybe a bit more. Hope this helps.