5yrs down and still in pain. More now


December 12th marked 5 years of pain. Actually, I am in more pain now. I had a bit where it was really really low scale pain. Like .5 to 2 on a 1 to 10. I actually rode my bike for a bit. 220 miles total. So nothing much really. But it helped me figure out even the slightest bit of pressure on the left testicle caused pain. Bike shorts did it. Which makes sense why I couldn’t wear tights whities afterwards even tho they all said too.

Still doesn’t give me an answer as to what’s the problem. but I have an appt with the Clinic in January. Only takes 8 months to get in. UGH!!! But the last week, the left side is more swollen and very very sore. Right side is slightly swollen but still no pain.

Not sure why it’s all going on right now. As usual, no help from the wife.

Hope everyones doing well.


Sorry to hear. Are you seeing Pain Management or Urology? I didn’t realize you’ve been at this for 5 years.


I’ll be 5 years in February.


@Cartman Sorry to hear you’re still suffering. I’m curious as to what your game plan is with the Cleveland Clinic? I’ve read all of the posts on this forum, sadly, and remember reading yours. If I’m not mistaken, you don’t tolerate medications well and local anesthetic doesn’t work for you. Are you thinking of pursuing a surgical intervention? Good luck man.


Sorry I never got back to you. Just been busy with work, travel and the family. Toss in the whole getting in a car accident and screwing up my back, that killed my free time.

I stopped pain management cause Grimm ran out of things to try. So pointless to keep going. I’m seeing Sabenegh on the 8th. Trying to figure out what to do. Things are swollen and super sensitive. Need to figure something out. Not sure what. They wanted to do a reversal last time i was there.


Correct, meds don’t work for me. Neither does locals. So not much to do with pain management. Going in to see the chairman of the Urology Dept. He doesn’t do many surgeries given his job. But I want to talk to him about options. Last time we spoke it was well over a year and they were talking reversal. Since then i’ve figured out more issues/pain and narrowed the problem down. So hopefully we can figure something out. not looking forward to surgery. but the left side is pretty swollen and painful. So I need to do something.


No need to apologize. I know you’ve had a lot on your plate.

Reversal sounds logical to me. I know you had a lot of concerns, but from a surgical standpoint they’ve only got spermatic cord denervation, reversal, or neurectomy (denervation, but up higher by removing the GF and II). I know you said you had some concerns about reversal and your body’s ability not to close up. I hope you can figure this out.

I’m pretty sure all my problems are pudendal. Supposed to have pulsed RF treatment on 1/2 with Grimm but insurance hasn’t approved yet. Hope to hear soon.

Good luck with Sabanegh. I like him.


It goes quick. In the blink of an eye I am at 10. Seems like yesterday I got a reversal (5 years ago) and here I am still at 10 years.

Like you @raising4girls I think I have pudendal involvement as well. Where does a pudendal ablation even occur.

I want to do botox to see if that helps me and will be calling Dr. P I think next week.


My concerns are the tubes closing up and ending up in pain again, more scar tissue, more cuts(the more you get cut open the longer to recover and more chance of issues), and of course the after pain management since pain meds don’t work. Plus trying to fit it in with work, work travel and of course the non-supportive wife and a 6 yr old who thinks I am a punching bag.

Even when he’s told not too, he still likes to play fight with me and he ends up punching/hurting me.

Yeah, it goes fast. It’s crazy. And since I don’t talk about it around family anymore, they don’t realize how long it’s been.


Oh well. My appt. tomorrow was canceled. Rescheduled for October. So I waited 8 months to get to see Sabenegh and they canceled on me on Friday. And now it’s 10 months for the next appt. No wonder people go insane!


FWIW, I didn’t need any pain meds after my reversal 5 weeks ago. Just ice and laying around. I took more stuff after the vasectomy.


That absolutely sucks. They should bump everyone back instead of moving cancelled patients to the back of the line if the do the cancelling. I bet the doctors don’t even know this BS goes on, just some bureaucrat doing it. That said, Sabanegh is supposedly moving up into executive leadership at the CCF. Until they replace him, I’d steer clear of the CCF for reversals and fertility. Maybe check out someone in Columbus. Someone on this forum had his reversal at Ohio State. There’s always Dr. P.


I didnt know he was moving around there. But then again I waited 8 months for the one appt. Who knows where he’ll be in another 8 months. Possibly gone. If he leaves i’m not sure what i’ll do.


Dr Sabanegh isn’t retiring or switching to no-patients. He told me the other day he loves seeing patients and he isn’t going anywhere.


I heard he was being promoted, not retiring. I love the guy and think he’s terrific.

I take it you got in to see him sooner than anticipated. Any chances of moving forward with reversal?


He is on the board and does work for them at times.
Yeah, saw him this week. Spent a bit of time going over things. He wants me to just live with it since I have for 5 years. Told him I should’nt have to “live” with it. I shouldn’t be stuck like this. He wants me to think things over before doing surgery.


Ugh, just live with it? These docs telling guys to “just live with it” have a moral obligation to stop vasdctomies, then, from being done. Do no harm is their oath, and they see harm being done that they can’t solve.