5 weeks post vas pain. Advice appreciated


Glad to hear your husbands doing better. How was your informed consent? Did you sign anything that talked about chronic pain? Most guys here just wish they had been given better information up front. It’s hard not to be bitter when you feel like you were sold a bill of goods. The AUA and CUA guidelines on informed consent for vasectomy are actually not bad. They have the odds of chronic discomfort at 1 in 50 and 1 in 20 respectively. That’s a far cry from 1 in 1000 or, as in my case, 1 in 3000. Those numbers, which many, many men here report being given, are pure fantasy.


@MikeO honestly I can’t remember the informed consent. Its been so long and I don’t think we have a copy. If we do its shoved in his truck somewhere. I really think the risks should be explained better and all men should know that a lot of men have pain for much longer than they let on. I can’t lie, I’m also worried for down the road. My husband doesn’t come on this site but I have mentioned that it “seems” the majority of men who have long term pain for years tend to be better off in the beginning with the pain starting later. Its damn terrifying honestly all the complications that can happen with this procedure that they make seem very simple and easy.


@Troubledwife we definitely think the same way.


If you want to do something about this issue you need to find that document and see what exactly you were sold. I threw mine out and was never able to get a copy. When I requested all my paperwork it was left out. My provider I think was afraid I was getting ready to sue. At the time I requested the paperwork I just wanted all the useful information I could get to help my reversal surgeon which was naive on my part. Reversal surgeons don’t care about that. They open you up, assess what they see and act.


Hi there I’m sorry for the pain I have had mine over a year now and seeking help.
As for the worry there are some great things that will help both of u .
First of all I would suggest simply take it slow play don’t rush .
Second is a good old fav of mine don’t plan a day but make sure there time to recover .
Get him relaxed yea hard but true body gets less pain the more relaxed you are think of toys maybe shake it up a little throw in something new it’s not just the to be blunt sex but increase for play .
I’m no expert but there is a lot of help out there I found mine in being relaxed and it works


So a bit of an update. Things have been pretty good for the most part. Some ups and downs but nothing that couldn’t be rectified with a hot bath or two. Today is 11 weeks and for the first time we tried “not being so careful” because things have been going well. About 10 minutes after, he now has what feels like a severe muscle cramp on the left side right above his shaft. Back to the baths again tonight but honestly this shit is getting ridiculous. The pain isn’t even in his balls. Neither of us know what the hell is going on or if its ever going to end at this point. Another wierd side effect is, his testicles are constantly up high. They hardly ever relax and hang normal and we think this has alot to do with his discomfort. At the follow up appointment the doctor had no advice and said that its wierd. Very helpful. The only time he feels his best and they relax somewhat is during and after a bath. I think this all has to do with ligaments or muscles but have no idea what to do about it or why its happening. I’m assuming things are still not fully healed inside and any irritation is seen as injury and maybe reflex is trying to pull them up out harms way. Other than that I am out of ideas and really wish we could live normally again. I hope everyone else is doing better.


My wife and I did the same thing last night. Everything was all good and I had been feeling pretty good as well. Now today I have the same pain in my groin area. Right above the testicle on the right side which is also higher after the op. There is no testicle pain as well. 9 weeks will be in Tuesday. It has to be something to do with something being to tight or a cremastor muscle problem or something. All they have tried with me is an antibiotic and they said if that doesn’t work they will send me to pain management. Back to feeling discouraged again after things have been going pretty well and I’ve been able to do most normal activities aside from running and jumping. It’s more of an annoying ache than a pain as well.


Today we had to clear 3 trees worth of wood out of the yard so he lifted a lot more than he has. It pulled again in the same spot. Soaking in the bath as we speak. The other day he took motrin and it subsided for the most part. From what he explains its like a charlie horse there. Muscular, not nerve related. Have you tried the hot baths for it?


I deliver concrete for work. And yea mine feels the same I dont feel like it’s nerve pain because it doesn’t feel like a pinch or a shock. It feels like a muscle strain. And my cord feels enlarged. It also goes from the left to the right side. I have not been able to try a hot bath but I plan to. The whole thing is just frustrating that we even have to deal with it I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever made a bigger mistake. I have tried to just deal with it and forget about it but then when I try to do fun things with my children or even simple things like lifting a grill I’m constantly reminded that I can’t, Well shouldn’t


How many weeks did it take for your husband to recover. Mine is 3 weeks ago. It hurts on the right side. I have been put on anti biotic and mobic (anti infalamatory). My uro says it is inflamation and no apparent issue. He says just gitve it time and continue the medication.

It hurts sometimes for couple of hours and goes away. Returns next day. It is not swollen or red. Just feels tender.

I am just hoping it goes away. I have not tried hot baths. I am using ice packs.