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5 weeks post vas pain. Advice appreciated


So here goes. My husband had his vas 5 weeks ago. At this point we are both very upset to say the least and really don’t know if what he is experiencing is normal or ever going to stop. I’ve read loads of posts and I really haven’t seen anything that matches him, so some insight from you gentleman would be much appreciated. I’ll start from the beginning and try to make this short.

Day of surgery and 1st post op day he did everything he was supposed to. He had much more bruising than expected. Whole right side of testicle that also went on top of his shaft. No lumps or bumps tho and during the procedure (i was right there) the doc mentioned a skin bleed he was having trouble stopping.

2nd post op day he woke up feeling better and was on his feet much more than I wanted him to be. He wasn’t going crazy but was up and about for a good 12 hours and the swelling started and his pain increased. To be expected I’m sure and I was pissed he wouldn’t listen to me. He also wore boxer briefs instead of tighty whiteys, but did have gauze for support under them.

Post op days 3 and 4 he worked 1/2 days at desk then came home and iced. He even missed dart night on day 4 so I know it was pretty bad. The rest of the week the pain started to decrease and the swelling and bruising subsided. Day 7 I was able to get him to wear regular briefs but he said that made them ache more. Days 8 and 10 we decided to test the waters if you know what I mean, and he had no pain during or after. Just the regular tenderness he had been having. Day 11 he lifted something he probably shouldn’t have and felt it immediately. It took another couple of days for his pain to go back down to the 2-3 level.

Since then he has been genuinely uncomfortable with a dull ache up inside. He says it feels like its coming from up in between his testicles, compared the the aftershock of being kicked in the balls. Upon palpation there have never been any lumps, bumps or even spots that hurt. Like we can’t figure out exactly where its coming from. Some days it’ll go towards one side or the other, and some days it hurts up towards the base of his shaft and towards the groin. Still, its nothing that can be actually palpated to see where the pain is stemming from. No shooting, stabbing or punching. Just that damn ache.

He also started having periods of increased pain starting the day after sex that lasts for 2-3 days before subsiding again. Like before never any pain during the act whatsoever. In fact, if anything he is a little more sensitive (not in a bad way) and everything is working perfectly with no difference in fluid like other posters have had.

At 3.5 weeks he went back to the doc who couldn’t find anything abnormal and told him to put briefs on and gave him cipro which he finished but didn’t make a difference. After wearing the underwear for a day and having the doc probe him he had more pain than usual which lasted about 4 days before coming back to the normal leve of about 2 on the pain scale.

He says he wouldn’t classify it as real pain and that its “just uncomfortable” enough to know they are there all the time. His testicles always seem to be pulled up high all the time now as well which I think may be contributing to all this. They weren’t like that in the beginning. We are going to try hot baths as thats seemed to have worked for some of you. I’m hoping its not a congestion issue since most of the posts I’ve read say that pain comes on a bit later.

We are both terrified to have sex in case the pain gets worse again. No one else that either of us has spoken with had anything like this except for one guy that had a few issues for a month. I’m hoping beyond everything that maybe he had more trauma than normal and this will eventually pass but I am very very worried right now. We were both lead to believe this was an easy process with minimal healing time, and its been anything but. If you’ve hung around to read this book I wrote I appreciate it. Any thoughts/advice are welcome.


I forgot to say, he had no scalpel procedure. One incision over the right testicle. Cauterized and all ends folded and sutured.


I had the close to the same procedure about 3 weeks ago. The pain is similar since then has been so bad at times I’m on my knees. I’m sitting in the er now I just had a CT scan and an ultrasound I’m waiting on the results for. CT showed inflammation in the colon and spleen, the ultrasound tech could not say what she thought it was but hinted on Varicocele. I too went into this thinking oh three days no problem. It’s not been good on my mental state. I’m anxious and depressed and full of regret at this point and I’m only 3 weeks in.


Thats truly horrible. Please let me know what your outcome is. When we went for the initial consult my husband started to freak out a bit. I told him that if he was uncomfortable getting it done then we shouldn’t. We were both very nervous the day of and at this point I really wish we had listened to our gut feelings. I really hope they find out whats going on with you with the ultrasound. Please keep me updated!!!


Doc just came back and said everything looks normal… I guess the next step is grab him by the nuts and say does this feel normal?


This whole process is mentally exhausting. Trying to figure out what exactly is causing the pain is pointless. My husband hurts worse today and has done NOTHING to aggravate it. Frigging nothing. What are they going to do for you? And why the hell are your spleen and colon inflamed? Did he even mention that?


Told me to follow up with my surgeon… was just there yesterday and told I was fine a d told me to follow up with my family doc for the other issues. Did not mention anything about varicocele.


Thats absolutely ridiculous. From reading posts on this board it seems like getting a physician to take you seriously is out of the question. How can there be so much pain when everything is always normal according to them??


I had my operation 4 weeks ago yesterday and my symptoms sound very similar. It’s not debilitating pain, but I can’t move or walk too quickly or it feels like I got hit in the groin.

A few days ago I took my first hot bath since the surgery and it was GREAT! I really felt relief and hot baths will now be a daily thing for me. It’s also nice to have time set aside to just relax and read a book while I soak.

An added bonus to hot baths is that heat inhibits sperm production. If congestion is an issue, the hot baths can help with that. I wish I had a hot tub!

A guy I work with took a whole month to recover, but he says that he did FULLY recover and says that everything feels the same as before the surgery. I’m hoping that I end up in that category… hopefully your husband does as well. Right now, I have some good days and some bad days. We’re normally pretty active people and this has put quite a damper on our usual lifestyle.

During the surgery, I experienced FAR more pain that I had expected. Not just the shots to numb it, but the actual surgery on the left side was quite painful. The left side is also the side that still hurts. The other side is just fine. So, I’m thinking that there was more trauma on the left side and it’s just taking longer to heal. It sounds like your husband’s experience may have been similar.

Keep us posted on his progress. It sucks that people have to go through this all because the urologists won’t be honest. We had the exact same pre-op experience as well… I was super nervous about it… had that gut feeling that I shouldn’t do it… but decided to do it anyway. Even if I do end up fully recovering, I will mark this as the worst decision of my life.


^^^^^^ what he said.


This is really my diagnosis. Said keep taking anti inflammatory meds and follow up with the other doc… who I just saw yesterday. And I’ll add the only urologist in town refused to see me for a second opinion because “he trusts the work of the surgeon”.


It’ll be 3 years next month since I was cut and hot epsom salt soaks are the single most effective thing I have found. Unfortunately, both of your stories are shared amongst a lot of us in this forum. IC, IBS, groin pain, it happens a lot. One thing I noticed about the OP’s story is the single incision on the right. This leads me to believe that the doc went through the scrotal septum to access the left side. Personally I have noticed that there was a lot more surgical damage on the side he had to dig for than the more easily accessible side.

Ice, soak, ice, soak, be patient. Time is your friend. Google and this forum are not. Neither are doctors. Don’t worry too much until 6 months.


My husband questioned him at his 3 week follow up because initially we were told there would be 2 incisions. The doc said that if he can access the other side easily he will instead of making another incision. We are definitely going to try the baths amd see if they help relax things and ease the pain. Thank you.


They do this out of convenience. Imagine holding a syringe in your right hand (assuming you are right-handed). Sitting at the 6:00 position and facing the patient, it’s much easier to inject/work from right to left than from left to right. Its a total guess but I would assume your vasectomist was left-handed based on the side of the incision. My incision was on the left side and it was consequently the right side that suffered the damage. It’s much more difficult to pull the vas deferens through two layers of tissue than it is one.

THat’s not to say that I would be fine had he done two incisions. Most urology textbooks advocate a two incision approach. If a single incision is warranted, it’s preferred at the midline with equal access to both sides.

It may be complete coincidence, but it makes sense why people would have a higher risk of surgical damage some a single incision as opposed to a double incision. A single is also quicker because you only suture the outer incision.


@Choohooo The reasoning makes perfect sense. Im wondering if the pain he feels up between his testicles is where he went through the scrotal septum. My husband was wicked upset that he only had one incision and the doc did not inform him he was changing the procedure (at the initial consult he said there would be two). I would think an external incision would be less painful than causing more damage to an internal structure. Since it was a no scapel procedure, there were no sutures externally. The doc explained it to me, and showed me since I was standing at the head of the table and I almost threw up (and I am a RN in emergency). I just about had a full on panic attack at the thought of it being left open, but surprisingly by the next day it was closed nicely and stayed that way. I guess one thing he said was right atleast. Thanks for your input!


How are things going for your husband?


@JB32 things have improved since he has started soaking in a hot bath once a day. We really didn’t even make the connection at first, but over the weekend he was still at a 2 and we couldn’t take it any longer and had intercourse. I made him get in the bath right away. He was tender even after a hot soak, but throughout the day he improved a tremendous amount. Over the last few days he has kept it up daily and been much more comfortable even after intercourse which is a huge relief to the both of us. He still is uncomfortable while wearing jeans for work and feels a lot of pressure from it. Honestly I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for now - thats why I havent posted, but at this point, its the best he’s felt in a while. Have you improved at all??


If hot baths are helping then dry heat may help even more.
Has anyone else tried hot hands (up to 10 hour of heat) from amazon?
Worn every third day for 8 hours (one packet stashed on each side) these really helped manage and reduce my pain (congestive) in the months before my reversal.


I haven’t tried it, but the thought has certainly crossed my mind. Everything I’ve read says that heat really slows down sperm production.


@jerm138 it really can’t hurt to try. Yesterday for the first time he was quite active and was almost pain free even wearing his jeans with waders over top. He said he had one episode when he was putting waders on but after he readjusted he didn’t even notice them. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence and it just took this long for things to improve, but we are making sure to enjoy every day that he feels good. Ive also been giving him lots of massages including his hips and gluteals to try and keep his musculature as relaxed as possible. I think he had a lot of tension in muscles he wasn’t used to from walking differently because of the pain. Also the tenderness to touch has dissipated as well. We also have the heating pad permanently plugged in and ready to go. He uses that on and off as well. These are all really simple things to try that I doubt will make it worse. I think like @Choohooo said in another post that a lot of men down play the pain they have afterwards for whatever reason. Its sad because men go into this expecting a couple of days of pain and it ends up being much more. The doctors especially should make this known before the procedure.