4 months after vasectomy - Still hopeful


Are you saying that one is front of the other?


The left one is swollen and sits on top of rightie and in front. It is still full of fluid, about 2.5X normal size.


Damn! That is rough so sorry man. What is your pain like with that on scale 1 to 10 thru the day?


If i do nothing but sit on my ass, and i take my CBD vap throughout the day, I am at manageable 2-3 pain level. I thought I was starting to get better so i did a couple of test runs of a mile or so, and I was back to 7-8 pain. Before surgery i was running about 75 miles a month. For the first month and a half i was solid, off the chart 10 pain nonstop.


Update on my last two months (months 5 and 6 since vas):

Testicular “pain” is pretty much gone. I get some aches here and there, but what I would call pain is now mostly just a full feeling and general hot discomfort that doesn’t change much.

The pain is now mostly in my thighs. Pretty much from groin to knee on both sides. Feels like a muscle strain or tear. It’s pretty much constant.

The little ball of scar tissue or granuloma or whatever that I used to have at both vas sites is gone now, which I guess is encouraging.

At six months, I’m not sure how much change or improvement to expect now. Probably none.

Still planning on reversal at the one year mark.


Did you do an open ended?

Don’t do a reversal in cold weather though.


No, closed. The vas urologist told me I had granulomas, but the little balls could have been scar tissue.


Thanks for the tip. I’m in AZ though, so it never gets truly cold.

Update on my last couple weeks: Thigh pain continues. Been doing a lot of rolling, massaging, release stuff on my entire upper leg. Seems to help, but maybe just because it distracts me and gets blood flowing.

To this point I haven’t tried any medications besides ibuprofen (a lot), and because the urologist (the one who performed the vas) hasn’t prescribed/suggested anything. Wondering if I should see a different doctor and take a spin through the antidepressents/anticonvulsants etc. Do I look for a pain doctor? Specifically a pelvic pain doctor? Anyone know anyone in AZ?


I think a consult and treatment with Pain Management makes some sense. I’ve gotten relief from Neurontin each of my 3 bouts with PVPS.

I’d also check with regular/normal PT as well as pelvic PT which is a very unique/niche discipline. Hard to tell from your description if pelvic PT would help or not.


Hi guys,

I get a kind of a depressed feeling. All these very familiair testimonies I read here. I can really say that my ex wife was as selfish as I what I read here. It’s one of the reasons this medieeval surgery continous. Man don’t cry and don’t complain and when there wives push them to have a vaso we go like a lamb. Hmm not much left of us hunters in this female society…
For that tart saying we should’t complain about little discomfort…just selfish and stupid. But that is how in general people think about this. It’s on to us to change the public opinion!


Quick update from me:

I’m right at 8 months out from vas, and I’ve had a pretty encouraging month. I’ve had a gradual (really gradual) reduction in all symptoms starting about a month ago.

At about 7 months I had a weekend where I really felt good, took a step back for a week or so, then another good few days. Now my bad days are really manageable (like 1-2 out of 10 on the scale).

This might be TMI, but had a noticeable change (for the better) in ejaculation feeling/volume around this same time (to the point that I got a little nervous that I might have spontaneously re-attached, haha). So it seems like all the symptoms are inter-related.

I’m also fully convinced that there is a muscular/pelvic floor component to my issues. In the last couple weeks, I’ve been aggressively foam rolling my adductors, hip flexors, IT band, etc. Pretty much every muscle and tendon from belly button to knee. And I mean aggressively. I am sweating after ten minutes of making it hurt. Anyway, it helps, especially with a desk job.

Staying positive, as my trend is looking up.

Still committed to reversal at one year if things get worse, but I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel now assuming the trend continues.


Why? I’m looking to schedule mine for December or January - I’m generally not as active in the winter.


Tempe, I want to say congrats… but don’t think that’s right.

You’re still in pain, just manageable. That’s still not great, but I think certainly worthy of much optimism on your part. I think you are trending up, so that is GREAT!

Sounds like even if there isn’t any more meaningful improvement from here, you probably will pass on the reversal unless things get worse? I think that probably makes sense… if your 1-2 pain is completely gone from your groin, and more still that inner thigh/leg issue. I’m sitting here typing with that exact pain right now, though more than a 1-2, so I get it still very much sucks. But if I could get that down to intermittent and very low and feel very confident that’s where I’d stay… yeah, might have to call that a win!

Did you ever get your blood levels tested out of curiosity - testosterone?


Yeah, manageable is better than not manageable I guess. Ha.

If my pain stays like this, I’m likely to go through with the reversal at one year. If it continues the slow improvement of the last couple months, then I think it’s possible I won’t.

I didn’t have blood work done, but I plan to. Wish I had done it before the vas so I’d have something to compare it to.


I just feel it’s a bad idea. The cold tenses you up. I know it was my enemy, cleaning off the car etc. Walking. Just what I experienced. It made it worse for me


Are you symptom free now Woody?


Yes mate.

Back to 100% now thankfully


Good to hear a positive outcome Woody. All the best…


I am a woman and I can’t believe a woman dared to say something lile that!!! For some granted they were unaware of the consequences of having theor man vasectomizef. But dismissing the pain of what they go thru is cruel! It all looks to me like a revenge game.
I read the stories of the men here and I have tears in my eyes.

Men are human beings too. And compassion for another human being in pain is a must!