4 months after vasectomy - Still hopeful


My Urologist sent my Vas from the original surgery to a pathologist. The Pathology report said left side Vas… right side Vein. I am not a surgeon, but I think I could spot the difference between a muscle and a vein. I was under control with the cannabis and caution… until my follow up with the surgeon last Thursday. He poked and prodded and I spent the last five days at 10+ pain. It feels like I am back at square one.


Yes, he missed your vas and harvested a vein but at least he did it quickly. WTF!?!?


HOLY SHIT! Dude you need to consult a lawyer asap. Do not go back to the guy. Was it a mayor vein? Pretty sure you have a case more than any one else here would have.

Also hopefully they didn’t give you a green light you could end up with a kid. Did you let them do another vasectomy on the right side, or to try to fix the vein issue?


Yeah, seriously, you even have evidence, a lab report saying vein. This is a case that you may actually win. If you are in the UK I would find the lawyer that represented that scotchman that was not fully anesthitized when he got his vasectomy, ended up in horrible pain and eventually getting an orciectomy and having psychological problems. That guy won a lot of money from the NHS.


Thank you guys for the support. I am in California and pain and suffering limits are $250k, which sounds like a lot of money but in a civil courtroom that is not worth the efforts of a decent litigator. The surgeon made an error because he tried to go through one incision for both Vas and he was hurrying. When he cut the vein, I nearly vomited and I asked him to stop. My new Urologist, Dr. Potts, told me that was because the vein was not anesthetized. The original urologist brought me back into the office immediately after he received the lab report (I didn’t know why other than i was suffering) and he did the right side (second surgery). I was in such a fog I really couldn’t really give a consent and he kind of threw me down and performed the surgery.

After reading the stories here, I feel very fortunate with my prognosis. Dr. Potts tells me that that the medical community now has a mountain of evidence that 10-15% of Vasectomies end in permanent pain and 1-3% are severe, life crushing pain. I have lost nearly three months of my life but my pain, which is localized in the left testicle, will heal over the course of a year. Many of our brothers have it far worse than me. I really feel like I need to dedicate my life to spreading the word on the risk of this surgery. I am a college professor and I am of a mind to mention it in a lecture every semester for the rest of my career.


That’s one of the biggest problems with medical malpractice and “tort reform” today. Caps on damages do nothing to make healthcare better or safer for the patient. Instead they punish the victim and apply an arbitrary number to pain and suffering.

What people don’t realize is that medical malpractice cases are almost always on a contingency basis and the percentage, regulated or not, makes most cases not worth it for an attorney to pursue from a business perspective and for the patient they will get little, sometimes less than half of that, for pain and suffering.

Physician groups and their insurance companies have lobbied and received protections totally out of whack with the public interest and passed it off as lowering the cost of healthcare, which it hasn’t done.

All damage caps have done is reduce victim access to the courts by making the case unprofitable for a plaintiff attorney and given the defendants team a set bar they can raise the cost of litigation to that will make the case too costly for a plaintiff to pay for, basically eroding the winnings by increasing legal fees and costs if they choose a pay as you go case.

Meanwhile, you are far more likely to be killed by a doctors mistake than in a mass shooting yet they go unpunished and no one bats an eye.

The real solution isn’t caps on pain and suffering. How is $250,000 for the lifetime of pain and suffering for a 90 year old plaintiff considered equitable relief to that of a 10 year old plaintiff who is limited to the same $250,000? The answer is it is not. The 90 year old is getting say $50,000 for each year of pain they will endure whereas the 10 year old, given equal lifespans, would get roughly $2940 per year of pain and suffering. That’s not equitable relief, that’s age discrimination and I would love to see those types of caps ruled unconstitutional at a state or federal level. They do not provide equal protection under the law for all victims.

Pain and suffering is something that is lived day by day and hour by hour, not by some random dollar amount that sounds good at a cap. Instead of a cap put a system in place that used the victims life expectancy. Pay $500 per day for pain and suffering caused by negligence and $1000 per day for intentional acts. If you cause 50 years of pain and suffering you pay for 50 years of pain and suffering.

Better yet do away with all caps. Set plaintiff attorney fees at a reasonable rate. Level the playing field from a funding perspective. Make doctors pay out of pocket for their defense. If they win they can file a claim for the cost of defense with their insurance company. If they lose the insurance company pays the plaintiff and drops the doctor, who would then be on the hook for the cost of their failed defense.

Implement a two strikes policy for doctors. Lose two malpractice cases and lose your license to practice medicine in the US. That alone would have more impact than damage caps both in terms of the cost of healthcare and patient safety. A handful of doctors are driving up insurance costs for the rest but there is no “functional” system to remove them from practice.

Practicing medicine is a privilege and not a right. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be weeding out bad doctors and taking away that privilege. Medicine is not a field where mistakes, carelessness, and fraud should be allowed or tolerated.


So I think my testicular pain is gone now. They’re not painful to the touch, etc. What I have now is more painful, but less localized (in addition to the intermittent needle pains in the thighs). It’s just like a general ache in the whole groin area that gets worse with sitting, and as the day goes on. I’ve been exploring some pelvic floor relaxation stuff, etc. No real impact, but it’s certainly relaxing.

Coming up on 6 months since the biggest mistake of my life.


Sounds very similar to my pain. I bet it’s neuropathic pain…aggravation of the nerves in the spermatic cord. Have you been to a Pain Management specialist. Nerve pain meds or injections might help.


I just wanted to say thanks for the men who snipped. Ive read a few forums and understand some of you are experiencing some issues.

My husband just had procedure. We dont want kids and this was a permanent solution for both kf us.

All i can say for you guys is thanks.

Maybe you all can petition the laws for woman? Its a lot easier for you guys to get snipped than us. Did you no that a woman cant get a hysterectomy until a) they have had at least 3 kids (b) are over 45 which is close to menopausal age or © there is cancer or another life threatening reason?

I have been asking for a hysterectomy since i was 18. Im now 27 and still cant get it so hubby volunteered. Hubby is 45 and we still had to convince the dr because of my age.

Positive thought… just think all your twinges aches and complaints…you get to feel like what it is for a woman each month, then add all the issues and complications with pregnancy and then there is the birthing process. Your amount if pain for doing yhis small job is a service to us woman who can’t convince anyone to give us a hysterectomy.


Are you serious?

You realize there are people who’ve contemplated and actually committed suicide over this “snip”?

And that many of us, that it is more than just a “twinge” of aches and complaints? And that some of us are losing our families and marriages over this? That we are losing our health? That we have had no options to safely and completely remove our pain or other complications? That we are guinea pigs for doctors?

I’m sorry. But pregnancy is a choice. For me, this was not. And for your husband, it sounds like it was not as well. You know you could’ve taken birth control…Something that isn’t available for men. Or used condoms. Women have over a dozen options. Men, we have one. And it’s been hell for me especially since pain medications do not work for me. So those little twinges as you describe them, mine, mine is like being tasered in the groin over and over and over again, ALL DAY LONG!!!
I beg you, Please!!! Come over here and let me do that to you all day long for a day or a week or like me for over 2 years and you tell me how these little “twinges” are no big deal.

My wife has no clue how much pain i am in. And how badly i want to die. Cause I have to keep it form her. Cause she does not want to hear about it. She doesn’t care to know about it. She doesn’t talk to me about it. Doesn’t go with me to appointments. And for me, I had no choice in getting one or not getting one. She refused to use anything else. So it was pushed on me to get this done. And now, I can’t go for walks. I can’t exercise. I can’t play with my kids. Teach them to ride a bike. I can’t go to a play ground and play with them. It hurts to sit down. To stand up. To do the dishes. To sleep. I get an hour or two a night of sleep. That’s it.

I am losing my mind over this. And i have no support at home to help me with this.

So for you to say this is no big deal and men should step up and do this, like i said, PLEASE! Come over here. I want you to go thru what I am going thru daily and tell me it’s no big deal. What others are going thru. Cause i guarantee you, you would think its a big deal.


I’m sorry but most of the people on this board don’t end up here because of minor twinges and aches. Most are here because after their vasectomies they expected some transient pain bit instead ended up with chronic non-stop pain that makes daily living very difficult. There is nothing analogous about what men here experience with regards to the natural processes women have evolved over millions of years to experience during menstruation and childbirth -> Vasectomy is very unnatural, invasive, procedure that can destroy a mans ability to enjoy life and function when it goes bad.

I get the the thanks part, we decided to act so our wives would not have to endure more surgery or take the pill. We were sold the procedure the same way, a simple snip. Most of the guys here though lives have changed forever, for the worse, because of our vasectomies. You have no idea the hell I’ve been through just how hard it is to live with constant burning, stabbing pain in the scrotum when I am at work, in a car, watching a movie, lying in bed. You really don’t have a clue how bad it can get for a guy with nerve damage in that region.

Experiencing a few issues? You must not have read much of anything on this board to say that. Men here can’t have sex without pain, they can’t enjoy all the activities they once did because of pain. I still can’t ride a bike. I used to love bike riding. Some can’t play with their kids or exercise, or sit in a chair without discomfort. This isn’t for a few months after vasectomy, it’s for years and years and does not go away or get better.

No one here would advocate that a women get a tubal ligation after experiencing this.

Positive thought? What? How is that a positive thought? How is wanting anyone to suffer needlessly and experience pain so they can get a taste of what being a woman is like. That is so wrong. That kind of thinking is why many men end up getting pushed and guilted into this. It’s used to guilt men into doing something just because due to their anatomy they can’t have the kids themselves. I guarantee you I’d rather have had 27 months of pregnancy rather than 8 1/2 years of pain and discomfort in my genitals when I try to do things that should never hurt.

Also, why would you not consider a tubal ligation instead of a hysterectomy? That is like a man getting castrated instead of a vasectomy. That’s way overboard. Just pray your husband never has issues like some of the men on this board.

We get that women go though a lot of stuff due to their anatomy but that does not mean men should be compelled to have someone cut on their genitals as payback. So wrong. So self absorbed.

BTW, my problems evolved over time. Things were never quite right after the procedure but my pain grew increasingly worse over a period of 5 years. By the end I was out of work, could barely get my kindergartner on the bus due to pain, could not take long car trips, watch a move, go to a restaurant. I had to work lying on my back. I did not complain or whine after my procedure. It was about a year later when I noticed I was having a harder time sitting and sleeping due to constant burning at my incision site. I had no idea it was my vasectomy. The pain only went away when I had it reversed.


I’m sorry, but this is over the top. I agree with others that you must not have read much here. Aches and twinges? Wow. PvP had such a negative impact on my life, my marriage, my everything, you haven’t a clue what you are talking about. Please do not thank us anymore. Vasectomy’s can destroy a man’s life, his marriage, his everything. Don’t think so? Go read some more. Do some research. The majority of men that had the procedure were never even warned. Apparently, we “assumed” the risks. Rediculas.

My mother had a hysterectomy in her late 30’s. Effed her up for most part. She did not have one of your 3 things you mentioned either. Several years later, she came to find out she never needed the hysterectomy in the first place.


My mother was never the same after her hysterectomy either. Her health dropped off a cliff in a number of ways and she died relatively young. It turns out the doctor that recommended she get and that performed it told my fathers lady friend (he started to hang out with this woman after my mother died) that she had cancer and needed one. My fathers friend got a second opinion and was told that the doctor that told her she had cancer and needed a hysterectomy was full of sh**. She ended up getting the doctor disbarred in the state of Maryland and he fled to New York where he still practices I believe.

There are no safe surgeries. Vasectomy is considered “safer” because it is less likely to kill you outright with complications. It is probably worse as far as how bad it can destroy a mans quality of life though. To me, I’d rather die out right than lose the ability to enjoy life, sex, my partner, living etc…

Doctors don’t sell these procedures out of the goodness of their own hearts. Vasectomy, as it is performed now, will not be around in another 30 years and it will be seen as primitive and barbaric.


I wouldn’t get too excited about Ms. V. Contemplating a hysterectomy at 18, it’s obvious she’s not normal. Selfish, naive, immature, troll…the list is long.


So you are mad cause the law wouldn’t let you get one and you came here to rant. You must not have read too many post on here.

I think we are all really lost to the reason for your post.

We have more than twinges a pain. We feel it all day everyday from wake to sleep. I did this for my wife because she was convinced to do it herself. I knew she would have complications if done. I convinced her not to. She ask me if I would. I said I’d think about she did not push me. It was a BIG sacrifice not a small job and she knows it and feels regretful everyday for what has happen to me. Knowing what we both know now we wouldn’t do her or me. But being an elective procedure doctors for what ever reason don’t disclose about what can happen despite the AUA (look it up) guidelines given to Docs who ignore, lie and exaggerate claims to make money.

Also all men knew what periods felt like before the V. It’s called being kicked in the balls. Sorry but it’s true being kicked really hard in the balls is right up there with any pms pains. It’s just not pc to say because it doesn’t last all week long. That being said giving birth is a choice. A woman’s anatomy is designed to give birth. It’s a risk a woman and partner knowingly take.

You are a joke lady. I hope your man doesn’t run into complications, but man if he does I will pray for his soul he will need it. Cause he has 20 out of 100 chance of getting mild to moderate pain. So to put it in terms you understand you will be living with a woman who has mild to moderate/some severe cramps 24/7 365. 6 out of 100 of needing more medical attention (which no real true fixes for it). As Mike said you are complete Narcissist.


Please mention it and educate all students woman and men that shouldn’t fuck with there bodies unless necessary. Are you feeling any better. Will a mayor vein heal? I thought since it was cauterized.

How are you doing of late though.


It was cauterized… and it will never heal. The other veins will need to compensate and this will take a year (I am at 3 months now). My left nut is still about double size, filled with fluid due to the poor circulation. I started to think I was doing much better, and immediately had a few bad days. Medical cannabis has been a lifesaver. Your advice is a good one… if i could teach young people one thing it would be to respect their bodies. Don’t get involved in stupid ass sports that lead to permanent injury… stay away from “ectomies,” stay out of the sun…

Thanks for checking in on me. This website has been helpful.


I had suicidal thoughts in my darkest days… I told my wife and she basically told me not to make a mess. Our brothers need to know that they alone will deal with consequences of this surgery.


LOL!!! Your wife said not to make a mess?! Thats something mine would say. Or make sure i don’t have to clean it up.

I still have the thoughts. It’s tough to get rid of them and stop them. But clearly, Verite knows better of things. Cause of course, these are just twinges and complaints.


This is what the highly qualified Urologist did to me. The thing hanging down is my right nut, the thing directly under my hand is the left nut that had it’s vein harvested. Three months after surgery.