4 months after vasectomy - Still hopeful


Mine do hurt to the touch but sometimes a s you said feel full.

I am starting to believe and I think a few others have mentioned this is that the veins they cut going thru the muscle have messed with circulation down there. When I am standing or on my knees, with supportive underwear they feel very light to the touch and way less sensitive.

Is this kinda what it feels like to you?


I honestly struggle to affect the pain in any way. I can’t make them hurt more or less to any significant degree. That’s what makes treating it so frustrating for me. If it always hurt after doing a certain thing, I could stop doing that thing. Just seems random at this point.

It probably feels the best first thing in the morning, laying in bed before I get up. Don’t know why that would be.


New symptom is needle like pains in a line from my groin to my knee. This is accompanied by pin prick sensations that pop up usually one at a time in my extremities.

Also, the pain reduction and “good week” I had a couple weeks back seems like a fluke.


Had that same too but more on the inner thigh on the right. Gaba helped. Probably been asked before but are you on anything?


Not on anything. Good to know about the gaba. Did you have to keep taking it to keep the nerve stuff away?


Ive cut back on mine to one pill a day, I think it depends on how you heal and react. After a week of taking it, it helped the nerve pain tremendously. That was at month 2 or 3 maybe I’m at 6 months approximately now. So it’s died down to maybe like a 1 on the pain scale. And a two three if I am active.

The reason I cut back was it started effecting the sensations my penis and my orgasm.

Ask about it though it may help some. And your pain may improve and eventually you can ween off it.


Going back to the vas urologist tomorrow. This will probably be the last time I talk to him. Not even sure why I’m going.

Does anyone know of a PVPS friendly doctor in the Phoenix, AZ area?

On the specialist page, the closest one was Dr. Marks, but he only does reversals, correct?


Similar to me but in month 19. At 6 months I was skiing. My pain evolves. 90% nerve like pain on scrotum, penis, ass. Does not hurt but to your grabs my attention. I do now have an ache feeling in testifies usually the worst at 3 am. Saw another urologist this week - they are truly useless. My confusing issue is my back issues returned in month 7 and many think the nerve pain is lumbar as my feet are tingling and numb and the left leg pain that led to a disectomy in 2010 returned as all the pelvic issues returned and then have evolved. It really is life altering and no medical person seems to have a clue. Lumbar MRI next week - praying it shows something clear as day!!!


I’m not sure what’s nerve pain or something else at this point. Most of my pain is centered around my left vas site. Just feels hot and swollen and achy. The right one does too, but not as bad. And the fragile, achy testicles every morning that come and go throughout the day. Really no change in 4 months.

Duke, sucks that yours came back. I think I will be so relieved and excited if mine goes away at 6 months, so I can’t imagine how disheartening it would be for it to come back.


Just walked out of vas urologist appointment (second visit after the vas). Going to basically document what he said for my own sake (and in case anyone else is interested).

First of all, he was extremely concerned and actually apologetic. Not dismissive at all, so that was nice. He remembered me from three months ago, and knew what my history was.

Examined me and said everything felt normal: No epididymis swelling, no granulomas that he could feel. Squeezed a bunch of things (none of them hurt much), asked if I felt a bunch of different things, etc. Seemed pretty sure it was not testicular/epididymal pain specifically. I told him my pain was mostly around the vas sites and especially the left.

I also mentioned my thigh pain and tingling and he was pretty adamant that if it was nerve pain, it wasn’t coming from the nerves in my scrotum. Thought it could be from tensing or muscle tightness (which is kind of what I thought too). Told me a story about a guy that had persistent groin pain that turned out to be a muscle tear in his groin. Also heavily implied that anxiety and fixating on it was making it worse. He didn’t go so far as to say it was all in my head, but I bet he was thinking it.

Told me what the plan was. We are doing an ultrasound next week, followed by an MRI if needed (not sure what this would show). If that doesn’t show anything, we’ll do a cord block, and if that doesn’t work we’ll talk surgical options.

Also, the urologist will be in the room for my ultrasound so he can direct the tech to his satisfaction. Thought that was interesting.

So I guess I don’t really have any new info, but I at least know there’s no abnormal findings.


MRI of what ? I would be curious what that would be of. I had blocks on geo-femoral and illuguenal nerves - did nothing. Considering pudenal nerve now. Should I try right spermatic cord?


Can an MRI see a significant enough tear? Is he looking for that?


Not sure what the MRI is about. He even made the comment that last time he asked for MRI, the other doctors said he was crazy. So maybe he’s crazy. Or just thorough?

Or maybe he’s just trying to sound thorough because he thinks it’s all in my head.


From what I have read on here an MRI isn’t really going to show anything in the scrotum unless its significant and detectable which most issues are not visible.

OK just googled it apparently an mri can show a tear or muscle tension. So he may be looking for that in your groin area.


Thanks - worth a try maybe. The tear in the pelvic floor or a sports hernia have been mentioned to me. I got to find some relief before I go nuts. Just miserable.


I understand believe me. The gaba really kept me from losing. Although I think I healed some so that helped at 6 months. Time might help some for you too


So, I took 50mg of Benadryl of all things last night before bed.

The result upon waking was probably the least pain I’ve felt since before the vasectomy. I almost couldn’t believe it. 0 testicular pain. The thigh/groin stuff was still there, though.

After talking to the urologist yesterday, I’m pretty convinced that at least half of my pain is anxiety and clenching/guarding/fixating. I don’t have trouble sleeping at all. With four young kids, you learn to fall asleep, or you die. But I do wake up in the morning in a fetal-type position with my thighs and groin all clenched up like I’m protecting my balls. I thought the Benadryl could get me into a deeper sleep, and I also read that it can help with nerve pain.

Anyway, It helped, and I’m probably going to add that to the round-the-clock ibuprofen.


At least you found a urologist who cares and who seems to be deploying the right playbook. That puts him in the top 1% of urologists and you in a good position. Best wishes. It’s a long, painful journey, but at least it sounds you’re in good hands which is half or more of the battle.


Well the ultrasound didn’t show anything. I didn’t truly think it would, but I was at least a little hopeful that there’d be an abnormal finding of some sort–something fixable.

I’m back to the waiting game. I’m committed to waiting out the full one year before heading down the reversal route.

I’m probably gonna try to stay off of here for awhile and see if I can just get used to this and move on.


Howd they doctor know it was cut? is your pain still a 10+?