36 and (re)considering getting a vasectomy...opinions?


Hi @vasregret for Dr. Jarvi how did you become his patient? Did you see him through his clinic mens health institute or through mount Sinai hospital? Did your family doc refer you? Also how quickly did you get your appointments? Sorry for the questions am looking for a 2nd opinion on how to rid this pain… am from toronto and found hes the best for pvps. Appreciate any info. Thanks


@NC79 my husband saw Jarvi. He got his doctor to send in a referral through the men’s institute. I believe the forms are online.
They got us in in 3 weeks but that’s brcause I pushed and also because of the pain my hubby was in. My husband’s story is a bit different but does suffer from pvps but you can read my past posts if you want.


Thanks @Worriedwife1 for your response when you say referred through the mens institution did your husband start there 1st for his pain and then get reffered to dr. Jarvi or did his own family doctor refer him? Thanks


Sure! I’m on antidepressants since then. And I have no idea when I’ll be able to let go of them. I’ve been through worst, and now I’m finally seeing that the only option is to move forward. Still in my 30s, there’s plenty to live yet. But I’ll always regret the day I stepped inside that office to look for information about the procedure.


@NC79 I had found this site and some members talking about Dr. Jarvi. We are about 1.5 hrs away and my doctor pretty much didn’t believe what my husband was dealing with so I asked our family GP to refer us to the men’s institute. There was no way I was even wanting to deal with the doctor that did the damage (a general surgeon in our medical building) because he was a jerkoff from the time my hubby went in there about the pain he was experiencing.


That @Worriedwife1 for the info am in the wait and see stage 3 months post vas and still have that dull heavy feeling on left side and latest ultrasound sound showed enlarged epi. But i might as well start now getting in with dr jarvi incase it takes time to see him. My urologist has been good but hes so busy that am waiting months before i can even see him… i hope your husband will get better and can be a success story.


@NC79 yes I’d definitely get the paperwork rolling because it will take a bit before you can get in there. He’s more familiar with things to try and stuff. Good luck.


@Worriedwife1 @vasregret hey guys hope all is well and your doing well pain free!! for yourselves and significant others. I got my refferal in called the men’s health institute and they said i won’t be able to see Jarvi until Oct, she mention they she had over 200 refferals on her desk to get through. I don’t want to know how many of those are pvps related…


Hi MikeO I read were you have been in pain for 10years, well mate 26 years here and I am now getting a reversal,
I am sick of the constant agony over that time. Let a woman have it and it would be fixed straight away, because they make so much noise, and men have to stay silent, the battle I am having now which always has been, is the cost of the reversal, she is saying that WE could have a nice holiday on that money, well that’s not happening I am getting the repairs done and she can stick her ill gotten WANT of a vasectomy were ever. Yep I am bitter and twisted and am thinking of leaving her, I am sick of her selfish attitude.