36 and (re)considering getting a vasectomy...opinions?


I think you made the right call. I’m in pain right now typing this. I was out at a social at my pool last night and just kept thinking I was not like the people there who were pain free and still had their lives and identities in tact. I have been in pain for 10 years. My life was GOOD prior to the vasectomy. Your only issue now of course is you have to wear a condom if you want to be sure you don’t accidentally impregnate someone or if your partner decides they don’t want to deal with birth control. I would take that over a lifetime of pain any day.

Bottom line : Your body, your choice. You are informed now as to the worse case scenario (it’s real, it happens and it’s horrible) and I think you made the only logical conclusion any sane person would make.


1 in 10k :’)

I was on a BBQ yesterday with mostly people in their 50s. I asked who got a vasectomy. And from the 7 men present, 4 had one. Of those 4, 3 had severe pain for at least a year and (up to 25 years later) still have minor issues.

No fucking way this could happen if those 1 in 10 000 would be true. Even with 3% chance this would be highly unlikely. It’s like having 4 kids from one mother who buy a lottery ticket every day and 3 out of 4 win the lottery…


I wish I could find some other men that have dealt with this locally. I feel very isolated because I’ve probably talked to hundreds of people about my issue and can’t find anybody that has known someone with PVPS. Any man with an issue post vas has said they were minor and they have all said they would do it again or that it was the best decision they’ve ever made. Outside of a few physicians I’ve dealt with nobody has even heard of it. The isolation and disbelief from this has been incredibly frustrating. I’m lucky though that I had good personal/professional respect prior to this hell because most people seem to believe me and are sympathetic.


I just read this again. Wow! That’s awful.


70 a week, that guy must be rolling in the money. Man, to be butchered like this electively just must make this so much worse. They need to be more clear to guys exactly what might happen, even when you hear the odds you don’t actually realize what they are talking about. It doesn’t mention the true hell you guys are going through and that they could end up going through too. There should be a whole video you have to watch or something. This who issue really gets me pissed, and I hate hearing these naysayers tell me how its no big deal. Surely more men, if they knew the true possible outcomes wouldn’t even take a 1 in 10,000 chance of it happening.


He’s part of a huge group. It’s a large 3-4 story building adjacent to the Denver Broncos stadium with 15-20 urologists. I never really thought much of the armed guard until my follow up appointment. When a urology office has a full time cop at the front door, he’s there for more than just giving directions to the drinking fountain. I can’t help but think how many threats that place must have received before they decided to pay someone full time to stand there. It’s not just a mall cop either. The guy is locked and loaded.



Guy has a cop at the door full time? I would love to hear what they say under oath about why the need for the cop. You mean security guard with a gun? If it’s in the lobby of a shared professional building I can see that but if it’s just a building for one urology group that’s different. Must have a lot of angry customers.

Can you get a copy of their informed consent documentation?


I would love to see that receptionist under oath in a law suit against this guy too. This sounds like a group that needs a mass mailing of the AUA giidelines to me.


Probably a security guard. Funny thing is, I live in the Philippines these days and we have locked and loaded security guards everywhere, even McDonalds and 7/11, LOL.


Well, again… I can’t say I didn’t smile when I learned the doctor who did mine can no longer perform surgery because of a lung cancer that metastasized to his back.


An office mate of mine had his vasectomy a month or so before me. He really encouraged me by saying how quick and uneventful his surgery was. Later on, when I had mine, he told me about the pulling and tugging sensation during the procedure and that he thought he even had an infection a few weeks later. Months had passed after mine, and one day, at the office, when only the both of us were having lunch, out of nowhere he confessed he was still feeling some pain and that one of his balls felt like jiggling up and down from time to time.

Men just don’t talk about these things. And when we do, people discredit us. Doctors (DOCTORS!) tell us everything is fine when it absolutely isn’t. Maybe there’s always that one prick who enjoys other people’s misery. But I think the vast majority if men only encourages other men into it because they are forced to believe everything’s normal and that the thing that happened to them will most surely not happen to others.


Those guys are there because those arches are a symbol of America and target of terrorism.


LOL - no man they are quite literally everywhere even non American related establishments. To deter every day crime, terrorists don’t care, when these guards see a real threat they run haha.


That’s a pistol grip pump action shotgun right? Not a trivial weapon. I can’t imagine that would be a good weapon to be using in a crowded restaurant or city street, lol. Can you say “collateral damage”? I’m guessing they are there for deterrence only.


has anyone wanted to kill themselves after getting a vas due to depression from it? im considering getting one, but honestly that is one of my fears. that I wont be able to satisfy or be satisfied as I had been before…


has anyones relationship been destroyed because of this operation??? what happened? im considering getting one but I have been reading your stories about how doctors lie to your face! just asking for someone to chat with


You won’t get an unbiased opinion here, but I’m going to say that every regular forum member would answer yes to all your questions, maybe not every day, but at least in a few moments of weakness.

As a group here, we all know the impact of vasectomy on our lives first-hand, yet even some of us have doctors denying SOME of the impacts. The honest docs will agree to the link between our vas and subsequent pelvic, groin, and scrotal pain. Few, if any, docs will make the link between some of the degenerative and central nervous system ailments some have experienced.

My father just died last year at 75. He’s had awful health, problems too numerous to list here, since he was 60. I now believe his problems were vasectomy-related. Never had pain, but developed all kinds of cardiovascular, joint, and muscle-soreness/weakness along with hormone-secreting pituitary tumors and water-on-the-brain/cranial pressure. IMO, he’s one of the many undiagnosed victims of vasectomy

To a man, everyone here will suggest you not have a vasectomy. The medical community is performing this elective procedure without fully understanding the effects.


If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything. Why would you gamble with your health?
Don’t allow your wife, or girl friend to get her genitals mutilated either. Tubal ligation and IUD also come with risk for chronic pain as well as other issues. Why don’t you do some research to learn how terrible chronic pain can be. Stay away from the doctors unless you are sick or injured. Now go away @helloalbert123. Go away and be blessed.


First of all, for anyone considering getting a vasectomy, don’t. I agree with Crotalus 97, the chances of a bad outcome are small, but the bad outcome is disastrous. I’m lucky, my pain only lasted three months. But I have low testosterone, have had a minor autoimmune disorder (part of my hair turned white), and now it looks like I have a higher risk of cancer. Great.

But if you insist, at least do this: Talk to other men using the doctor you’ve chosen, NOT his/her reputation among the medical community (mine was supposedly the best in the Detroit area). Second, schedule your procedure as early in the day as possible. Mine was at 2:30 in the afternoon. I walked in the room and there were at least six wastebaskets full of bloody gauze. …and he was in a hurry with me, as he was 20 minutes late getting started with me. I should have walked out…but I was naïve at the time.


Ahmen. People will try to convince you that there is nothing to worry about, that it’s your duty, that the risk is non-existent. Don’t let anyone pressure you to get a vasectomy if you don’t want to get one. You only get one life. Why risk it?