36 and (re)considering getting a vasectomy...opinions?


@Loz I totally get it man. I would pay a countless amount of money to travel back in time and talk with my past self and wife. There were other options we could have compromised on like hiring a nanny or me sleeping elsewhere on long work days. I wish i could find some men like you and @Choohooo have that are dealing with but i can’t and that’s very frustrating. That’s one of the many reasons i am glad this forum exists. I’m glad you got your reversal scheduled and i will be sending a lot of love and hope from Kentucky to Australia. @ConsideringVAS I’m glad we were able to make this decision a lot easier for you.


Yeah John Wick Style with a pencil.


I agree with this %100.

I have bad gut issues, am having neurogical problems, endocrine issues, myalgia, low libido etc… I know none of this would be happening without the vasectomy. I was very fit at 41. I am so angry i let myself get guilted into vasectomy. I did it out of fear. I had a bad year and was very insecure in my career and marriage and did it to appease my wife.

Even after witnessing the hell I went through, waking every night with level 8 burning pain with nocturnal erections, standing desks, cutout cushions, anger, crying, not able to sit through a kids play or take long car trips… my wife still thinks vasectomy is safe and who knew right? I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive her for yelling over me when I said “i’m not sure about letting someone cut me down there”. There was never “I respect your opinion, i dont want you to do anything your not comfortable with” etc… it was guilt, anger and shame. That’s wrong.


Pretty sure I know what you mean, lol. On that note, there’s no way I’d risk this on something so meaningful in your lifestyle. The sexual side effects alone are, or can be horrifying.

I know of a guy that did a ton of homework on getting his vasectomy. He choose the best guy he could find, and went out of his way to have it done by him (sound familiar?). He ended up with a bad case of pvps at minimum.

I hope your life continues to be normal. I wouldn’t bet your life on a vasectomy.


I can’t believe the reaction of some of your wives, how do you live with that? It would create resentment forever for me. No compassion. I can’t believe I was this close to going through with this. I’ve passed this thread to a friend who has hopefully seen the light and will not be getting one, he is going to pass it to another friend who is pretty sure he wants to get one. We gotta get the word out, but its hard because the media and other guys (who might not be honest, or even want company in their misery) don’t speak out.

This poor guy:

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You’re absolutely right about people bashing vaccines here, it makes us look like anti science anti medicine lunatics and takes away from the legitimacy of pvps sufferers.

Pvps is settled in science. There are plenty of research papers, (McMahon, sabanegh, jarvi, parakattil) plenty of legitimate sources with the 1 to 2 % figure (American urological association, Canadian urological association, national health service). It can’t really be denied anymore, except for maybe a vasectomist who uses the bogus 1 in 10000 number…but even then that’s ‘admitting’ it exists.

We really need to stay on topic with this otherwise folks will think we’re conspiracy theorist tin foil hat wearers.

I came here before my vas and read some of the anti medicine stuff and threads about more widespread issues. I didn’t believe it. It sounded crazy to me, so I got the vas.

Look at me now. In pvps hell.

Anyways, I’m not blaming anyone here for it, but guys considering a vas need to know the real truth about severe pain, mild pain and the extensive evidence to support it.


Your very lucky @ConsideringVAS you came across this site beforehand. Great job doing your research first. My BIGGEST regret was not doing a basic google search on vasectomy pain. It would have only took five minutes of reading this forum to dissuade me. But every man in my family had one and didn’t suffer in chronic pain so I didn’t even give it a second thought. (Even though ironically all have had prostate/urological issues since). My thought was it’s just a basic to do most men do when they’re done having kids like a milestone. Go to college, get a job, Get married, have a few kids, get a vasectomy. I understand the resistance toward getting off topic but for me if a couple guys on this forum believed big foot exists and george bush blew up the towers That still doesn’t take away from the fact that these men have chronic pain/issues due to a vasectomy and their testimony for me regarding their pain would be enough to avoid like the plague. It would have only took me meeting one man with pvp to never give it a second thought again. I’ve had MANY (beyond count) trips to the doctor this past year and a half since vasectomy. Before that I NEVER went to the doctor my adult life. I went from an active ultra marathon runner to walking with a cane and the energy levels of an 80 yr old man. A few times some young male assistants when asking me why I was there and I told them due to a vasectomy they looked at me wide eyed and told me they were going to get one soon but wouldn’t after meeting me. They seemed very relieved after meeting me as if they dodged a bullet. It would be different if we were a bunch of men talking about how horrible vasectomies are without having had one. Then you could blame it on tin foil, religion, or whatever. Reason I say this is cause I hope no one reading this site ignores it just because of a couple disconnected posts about other controversial procedures in medicine.


Hey guys, the OP of the vaccine stuff has or will edit and remove it from his post, let’s all scrub our posts here about vaccine stuff so that in the future readers get a nice clean thread of the dangers and none of the other stuff. Once everyone has done this (if you posted anything related to it) please send me a PM, and then I will edit my post to remove the references to it too.

Just a thought, hope everyone can do this, for the cause.


I asked my doc before hand and he basically told me yes it happens but did make it sound extremely rare, and I just ate it up and was really going to go through with it. If I didn’t search for boxers and vasectomy to find a good jock, and come across this site. I would be typing here having already been through it. I was being so careless, I knew about this condition but I was refusing to dig deeper I guess I had a feeling I wouldn’t like what I find. However, I never expected it to be this bad and I’m so thankful I finally decided to look. I guess I just wanted the vas so bad that I was about to do something really stupid. Even a 1% chance is 1% too many for the symptoms you guys are having.


Yep, I had a similar experience. My decision was based on badgering, and finally shaming (“It’s just a little ‘snip snip’ operation.”) In the end, the worst part is that I should have just said, “I’m not doing that to my body, let’s find another way.” I wonder how many marriages have ended from this? Mine is permanently scarred.


Yes, I used to roll my eyes at a lot of the guys that blamed their vasectomy for every weird little thing. I have a slightly different perspective. I don’t believe that the vasectomy directly caused all of my problems however when you are prescribed NSAIDS and antibiotics to control pain and treat infections that don’t exist it takes a toll on your system. The long term use of NSAIDs after my vasectomy and then celebrex following my reversal led to my diverticulitis. Once my gut was messed up everything else went south. The chronic pain keeps causes severe mental and physical stress. It raises your cortisol levels, messes with your sleep cycle and destroys your ability to relax and heal/regenerate like a normal person. You cant have normal healthy rhythms when you are in constant pain.

It’s like the little old lady who swallowed the fly. She then swallows the spider to catch the fly etc etc. It’s like a snowball following the initial insult to the body. The cures we try can cause issues of their own.


Here is a quick little data point with regard to your comment about know 10 guys who are ‘fine’.

Right around the time I got my vas I talked with 3 close friends who were all about 1-2 years into their vas when I had mine. They all told me no worries/issues.

THEN I had mine and had chronic blue balls so I started asking a LOT of questions. 2 out of the 3 of them admitted to me they also had blue balls constantly. BUT both of them said it was slowly going away everyday. One guy it took 6 months to go away completely and the other friend took him 2 years. The 2 year guy was quite poor and REALLY didn’t want any more kids so I don’t know how much he was downplaying the pain since he wouldn’t have had any alternative anyway.

I had blue balls out of the gate that stopped 1.5 months in after I started juicing and getting healthier. BUT 6 months later the blue balls / congestion pain came back and got worse and worse and worse. I researched day and night during that time it got worse for 3 months and then decided on a reversal. Right after the reversal surgery when i was waking up and I started feeling the pain of the surgery I could tell I had about 3-4 new pains but the pressure was GONE!

So only 1 out of 3 guys I knew said he never had any issues at all - not a big data sampling but again IMHO I shouldn’t have known anyone in that small data set with any issues.


@David read my earlier post 4 out 5 all had issues.


This is so messed up.Sad that other guys could lie to each other just so others can join their misery (I presume).


@Loz - yah I saw that after I posted up my bit

@ConsideringVAS - honestly I think it is more of a combination of being / acting macho and embarrassment to talk about their balls hurting. Maybe they also believe what the docs say - this hardly ever happens so what they are feeling is normal?


Of course never even consider it. It is the worst decision I ever made and I will never be normal again…and yeah my dad actually told me that he had mild pain for years after his but he told me this AFTER I got mine for some reason. And what I have dealt with is anything but mild. It has the potential to ruin your life and that is no exaggeration


Still can’t believe I almost did this to myself, I really wish I could have joined club freedom but the risk was too high. I still come back here from time to time to check on you guys. I hope you all are getting closer to being pain free. I’ve been working at savings a few guys from going down this path but people are quite stubborn.


Hey man, thanks for checking in.

As for myself, I have a reversal scheduled for next week and I was considering cancelling it since I was improving somewhat, but then this past week took a turn for the worse. Now I feel like I’ve got a clothespin on my right nut with stabbing sharp pains going all the way up my cord into my stomach.

Hopefully the reversal helps me, but who the hell knows. My surgeon (Dr. Jarvi - probably one of the top PVPS docs in the world) even said we have to ‘roll the dice’ and see what’s next.

I’m glad you came here and found out the truth. What’s ironic is that a lot of docs now have to admit that PVPS exists, but most will only tell you about the ‘congestive’ pains. My own family doc keeps telling me ‘there’s no way a nerve could be damaged, such a small incision’ he says.

If there’s no way to damage a nerve during a vas, then why did he prescribe me lyrica? And why do I have neuropathic pain (burning, stabbing, pins and needles, numbness, hot, cold)?

I think urology doesn’t like to admit that nerve damage is possible from a vas, because well, nerve damage is fucking scary and doesn’t really get better (even seen a paraplegic get up and walk again?)

As for the birth control side, well, my wife and I used the pull-out method with success for over 5 years and we are both very fertile - We conceived first try. Really. Worked for me, it can work for you lol.

Now get out there and enjoy the world and thank your lucky stars that you don’t have chronic genital pain! Oh yeah and go do some shit that most of us can’t do (ride a bike, go running, long road trip).

You dodged a bullet man.


I hope it goes well man. I think urology can’t let this become a thing because there are too many hotshot docs that are making multi millions specializing in this crazy procedure. I also noticed that there are several guys claiming to be the freaking “first guy to do no needle , no scalpel in the USA”, how can this be?

I think I really did to dodge it, the morning I cancelled, I was getting ready to shave the area and as I was looking at my guys I just felt wrong, like there wasn’t enough room to do the incisions or that any disrupting of these guys could leave me in pain. Then I stumbled on to the site while searching for good boxers for support, after I read this stuff, I just couldn’t go through with it. I can’t believe any one can read this site and still risk it. Chronic pain, for life?? Yikes.


@ConsideringVAS It’s funny you mention the hotshot docs selling the no-scalpel vas, because the guy who butchered me was none other than Ronald Weiss in Ottawa Ontario.

He’s done 45,000 (probably a lot more now) and was the guy who brought no-scalpel vasectomies to Canada.

I figured he must really know his stuff and what could go wrong?

I had heard about PVPS, but figured I would trust the doctor and stop reading stuff online. Boy was I wrong.

Check this out:

His website says: “Most men report feeling a bruised sensation for a few days to a week following surgery. Actual bruising is normal. Sperm granuloma is an expected outcome of vasectomy surgery. A tiny pea-sized lump forms at the cut end of the vas deferens (the tube carrying sperm from the testicle) naturally sealing the canal. This little lump shrinks over time and is usually undetectable by one year after your surgery. Do not touch or examine this as it will cause complications. The risk of epididymitis (tender swelling of the epididymis – the part of the vas that joins to the testicle) is about 6/1000. The risk of hematoma (bleeding) and infection are low (about four in a thousand). Serious complications requiring hospitalization are about 1/1000. There is a rare long-term complication of vasectomy, post-vasectomy pain syndrome, a kind of chronic ache in the testicle. Treatment may require reversal of the vasectomy. It is rare, occurring in 1 in 10,000 vasectomies. The risk of cancer (prostate or otherwise) has been investigated for many years. Most experts agree that vasectomy does not cause cancer or cancer of the prostate or any other disease. There are no guarantees, of course, that we aren’t going to find something at some point in the future, so each man must decide for himself what he is comfortable with.”

Look at that, 1 in 10,000. He actually revised the risks portion. When I went in, all it said was “1 in 10,000 chance of a kind of chronic ache in the testicle for which a reversal is required.” That’s it.

He’s since changed his website slightly to include the PVPS moniker, but those numbers are still fictitious. Gotta love how he adds that point about things may change in the future blah blah blah.

I let my guard down and this 10 minute procedure has cost me dearly. I don’t think my life will ever be the same.

Dr. Weiss essentially runs a vasectomy factory. He does about 70 a week IIRC, so statistically speaking, he is fucking up some guy’s life every two weeks and this shit continues with impunity.

Incredible how doctors can lie and profit off of hurting others.

I’m so glad you came here and we talked you out of it.