36 and (re)considering getting a vasectomy...opinions?


So I was totally convinced I didn’t want kids, and my kind of lifestyle could really benefit from being sterile. I had everything booked, found the best doctor (from what I could tell) in my state. Had the consult and everything, I had briefly read about PVPS but I didn’t want to read too much, I asked the doc and he did say it was indeed a risk he said his was less than one percent, but that he did have a guy currently experiencing pain even 6 months on but it’s almost gone.

So while searching for some proper jock strap on Google/Amazon. I stumbled on to this site and started reading, hearing how some of you guys long for the day you could even wear boxers again. I was horrified and my heart really went out to you guys.

I don’t know if I can go through with the vas, I already cancelled it in fact. In my particular situation I think if I ended up with PVPS I would truly be devastated and it would totally disrupt my lifestyle and from what I’m reading here, disrupt every other part of my life. Call me crazy but I wouldn’t want to live. Having an unexpected or unwanted kid still seems far better than PVPS. But others keep telling me how rare it is, and it’s true I know maybe 10 people in my life who have done it just fine. I just don’t know if I can take that risk.

Am I crazy?


John simple answer dont ever ever ever think of doing this to your body or you may pay the price.


Even though I’m having a shit load of issues for over a year now I wouldn’t completely rule against it. Yes it’s a medieval procedure that should be banned and be replaced by something way more modern like Vaselgel but it still can be a “good” solution. Just make sure you are well informed and see if you are willing to take the risk. Your chances of having no issues are still at least 4 out of 5 and if you go for the real bad cases only it should even be 19 out of 20.


Wow I can’t believe you could be so objective after what happened to you to not rule it out. I just cant get what has happened to you guys out of my head. Even now I swear I’m getting phantom pains down there just from reading the site. I might not be a good candidate. Ugh. I was really excited about the potential freedom, but something just telling me I shouldn’t do it. Also a part of me a relieved to not do this in general, though I personally wanted to do it badly, others in my life were not so happy about it. Still feels like a failure though, had planned this for many months and made a special trip here just to get it done, but the internet ruined me (or saved me before I could get ruined).


There are several dirty little secrets with vasectomy that, knowing what I know now, I would never consider it.

  1. 99% of urologists who perform vasectomies have no idea what to do if their patients develop post-vasectomy chronic pain. IMO, if you’re going to perform a procedure, it’s also your responsibility to know the risks and how to fix the damage. Otherwise, you shouldn’t be performing the procedure.

  2. 99% of urologists also understate the risks.

  3. Modern medicine still doesn’t fully comprehend the potential health risks to those being in a vasectomized state. Not only the risks to related organs such as ED or damaged epididimides. I’m talking about heard, vascular, and central nervous system damage. I discussed my situation one time with my dentist, and he simply said “I never understood what happens to all that protein running around your body.”

My father is in hospice in his last days. He had a vasectomy around 40 and began developing many, many health problems in his 50s. Heart attack, abdominal aortic aneurysm, pituitary tumors that compromised his entire endocrine system, normal pressure hydrocephalus (water on the brain), spinal stenosis, and massive arthritis. He will die in the next few days at 75. His life has been pretty miserable for the past 15 years. I contend that the vasectomy contributed to a lot of his health problems. I may have avoided some of these by having mine reversed, not sure, but vasectomy has more risks than “just” chronic pain, of that I’m certain.


That doctor is lying to you. I remember reading stuff here before my vas, but thinking “I’ll trust the doctor, I mean, he can’t lie to his patients.”

Boy was I wrong. I went to Ronald Weiss in Ottawa, who’s done 45,000 vasectomies, and that’s all he does. I figured that I would be safe because he does so many and that’s all he does.

He looked me right in the eye and said it’s a 1 in 10,000 chance of PVPS (.01%) which is pure science fiction.

I went ahead with the vas, and now it’s been 9 months of chronic genital pain. I’m a bit better than I was, but I’m still in pain pretty much all the time, I think about it non-stop, I regret it all the time, I’m bitter, angry, resentful, and I thought about suicide every day for about 6 months.

Sex is now more of a chore and it’s about 20% pain, 80% pleasure, which sucks. Doing anything strenuous is painful, and although I can still do most things, I’m in pain doing my hobbies, job, chores, walking, lifting heavy stuff etc.

Don’t forget too that even a lot of guys who don’t have pain report less intense orgasms - that’s a fact that can’t be denied - your vas deferens is innervated and has contractions during an orgasm - that will go away after a vas and your orgasms will be less pleasurable, although most guys don’t want to admit that.

I’m getting a reversal in about 2 months with Dr. Keith Jarvi in Toronto, and even though he is a PVPS researcher, expert, etc. he doesn’t know what causes it, and flat out told me that we have to ‘roll the dice’ and find out what happens. He’s not sure if a reversal will fix me, but it’s a logical first step in what could be many surgeries.

Even if the reversal does fix me, we have members here who have had reversals, become pain free, and then 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, even 10 years later the pain returns. We also have members here who were fine after the vas, and then 10 years later had pain start - so you are never truly out of the woods with this crap.

Also don’t forget that insurance companies don’t usually cover reversals, so you may go broke trying to get ‘repaired.’

If you end up unable to work and disabled because of this crap, can you afford that? Do you have a disability policy to cover this? Since it’s an elective procedure a lot of guys aren’t eligible for disability FYI.

Now in all likelihood, you’ll be fine, but if you end up on the wrong side of 98% you will be very very sorry. (Source: AUA 1-2% chance of chronic scrotal pain impacting quality of life; CUA states 1-14% chance of chronic scrotal pain, although they don’t list severity, those are still shit odds). This is actually common enough that my own family doc has another male patient with severe pain from a vas for the past 3 or so years. Why didn’t I ask him about vasectomies beforehand? My dad had a coworker who had severe pain for years and years and years, and the docs all told him it was an infection, which it wasn’t. He’s dead now and his pain never went away. This is way more common than you think.

If my vasectomist had told me it was a 1 in 50 chance of severe pain, I would’ve walked away and never looked back.

Just don’t do it. Use condoms or look into papaya seed powder for temporary sterilization, or just pull out, it’s pretty effective and I did it for years without fail - so why did I get the vas again?


I’d say you know of 10 men that you assume, or think are just fine. Even if they told you they are just fine, most would never openly admit to what’s happened to their orgasm, and their sex life. Some men have bad days, some pain after sex, etc, etc, but overall, they are happy, and most importantly, their wife is happy.

Having gone through what’s happened to me, and what I’ve seen/read happen to a multitude, there’s no way in hell I would tell you that you will likely be fine. Sexual side effects are almost a guarantee.

Vasectomy is permanent. Reversal does not take you back to pre vasectomy.

My thoughts are this, if you have read a few posts/threads here to get an idea of what’s happening to many, you get a handful of replys to this thread, and you decide to do this to yourself, you cannot say we never warned you if your number comes up. I’d say the majority of us would’ve gladly paid tens of thousands to hear the truth far as the real risks, and side effects, and informed consent. Just FYI, if you end up screwed up on any level, odds of you winning a lawsuit are next to non existent. You will sign your life away before the procedure, and have no recourse.

There’s already several threads here from guys just like you. When guys, or gals post questions/topics like this one, I can’t help but compare it to someone walking into a cancer ward holding a cigarette, and asking them, what do you think?

Good luck


@RingoStar is right on the money about the other 10 guys who you assume are fine, they might not have pain, or at least a lot of pain, but they certainly won’t admit any changes in their sex life or orgasm - I mean, think about it, it’s embarassing.

I will however respectfully disagree about the Roundup/Glyphosate thing - remember the ‘scientist’ who claimed it was a carcinogen was actually caught witholding evidence that proved the contrary.

Also gotta disagree about vaccines…I mean, when was the last time you saw someone with mumps or smallpox…

But we’re getting a little off topic here lol…


Sure get one. What could go wrong…


Lol! Who could pass on the idea of no condom and birth pill sex the rest of your life? Um on second thought I should have obeyed that age old proverb, “If it sounds to good to be true…”


I would like to say i did a small amount of research before my vas and of 5 mates i asked was told go for it nothing bad can happen. Since my vas i have seen everyone of those guys and put the pressure on them. One has ed. One has issues with orgasm. One had a massive lump cut from scrotum they thought was cancer. One has depression. And the last guy strangely enough had a hematoma to start with but made a full recovery. So 1 out of 5 fully recovered ,hows that for vas odds? By the way every one of those guys feels guilt for lying to me. But hey at the end of the day i did it my fault…


I would have killed them all :’)


@ConsideringVAS I’m going to chime in here. I have 2 beautiful daughters but our last had severe colic and she cried constantly for a year straight. It was horrible, and i knew that, i didn’t just not want another kid, but also knew that i couldn’t have handled another colicky baby. I told my wife i would move out for a year if she got pregnant that’s how frustrated and frankly scared i was of going through that again. Because my wife wouldn’t make up her mind if she was done, my only option was a vasectomy. I was fairly aware their were some risks but didn’t expect what I’ve been through. I’m 16 weeks post vas and currently take 5 medicines to help me cope with the ramifications of the vas. I’m in pain, angry, depressed and scared that this is my life now.

I’ve talked to some friends and they have decided to not get a vasectomy. However, I’m only telling them my story but not actually telling them not to do it. This decision you’re making is incredibly personal to you and your situation. We are providing our stories and you decide if the risk is worth it. The people on this forum make up a rare few that have had serious issues that you most likely will not suffer. Hell, a lot of my mental issues post vas come from not being able to find anyone in my personal life that has had any serious complications and Ive told a thousand people abiut my issues. I work in a large organization and interact with a hundred different people any given day who all know i missed 2 months of work and I’ve been very open about what has happened to me. If you are adamant about not having a kid and wouldn’t take on the life changing responsibility that fatherhood brings then maybe the vas and its risks are worth it. If the fear of life altering pain is greater than the fear of life long fatherhood then maybe its not. Just don’t go into the vas with an easy conviction like i did. It could potentially be the best decision or the worst decision you ever make.


Well said @Kyvas. Personally I’d father the whole continent of Asia in exchange for PVP. Post reversal and still in pain I’m doubly cursed- gotta wear condoms AND in pain lol.


Not saying anyone in your circles has lied to you or left something out of there experience. But some of us have had folks in our lives not admit to the pain, to only admit it to us after we tell them of our issues.

It’s a big big risk. Even if you win and come out okay a lot of us also have decrease in the climaxing department.

Just don’t do it.


My doc told me he’s had two chronic pain patients in 25 years. When I called back weeks later in pain, he wouldn’t talk to me and referred me to his assistant. She politely recommended I see their vas pain specialist as that’s what she “does with all of doctor mueller’s chronic pain patients.” I couldn’t believe it and repeated what he told me in the pre op consult about 2 in 25 years. She laughed and said, “he told you that? Dr. mueller sends about one a week to the pain specialist. He’s got hundreds of patients just like you.”

Here’s another story. I went to Seattle over the weekend with my wife. With my chronic pain we try to get away so I can clear my head and enjoy my wife alone. We were flying back on Southwest and chatted with a guy at the end of our row. Talked about life, families, etc. my wife had to use the restroom and when she leaves the guy leans over and says, “you look like a smart guy and it seems like you have a beautiful family. Whatever you do, don’t get a vasectomy. I’ve been in pain for 15 years, can no longer feel my orgasms, and get up to pee 5 times every night at 49 years old. It was the single worst decision I ever made. Same thing happened to my brother but I wasn’t about to let him talk me out of it.” My jaw dropped. I proceeded to tell him my story and we compared problems. When we landed I got a text reminder for my appointment with a new pain specialist the next morning. I couldn’t help but refer him to this site.

Steve, if you’re reading this, thanks for sitting next to us and speaking up. I wish we would’ve met 3 years ago. Keep spreading the word. It’s the only way to help the problem. @ConsideringVAS


@Kyvas i had a colick baby as well 18 months of crying non stop. But that was nothing to the 9 months pain i been through and my wife don’t give a shit. Sorry man give me another colick baby any day. Also males lie as i said once you put pressure on them the truth comes out. Its a lot more common than you think. I have been doing a small survey and ask every older man i meet did they have a vasectomy. If so any pain or issues including ed, you would be surprised nearly 50 percent have some issue.Also next month i go for reversal, when i had phone consult in Australia here with reversal surgeon i asked have you had any of pvps patients from my vas doctor? His answer was LOTS.


I’m blown away at all these posts. Thanks guys. I don’t know how on earth I could go through this procedure now. I mean I already had my fears and doubts about it and now after what you guys have told me. If I got a vas and ended up with any sort of side effects after I already talked to you guys it would blame and hate myself forever.

You guys are all good family men I commend you on that for me I was considering this just so I could live an even more crazy lifestyle (I’m fairly young, American and make good money online, and have moved to the Philippines). Some of you will understand what that means. There is no way I can afford to live with self made pain and poor orgasms and pain having sex, that’s my life. To the guys whos wives pushed this on you, wow that must be an ever worse feeling.

I really feel like I might have just dodged a serious bullet. I flew all the way back to the US for a few weeks just to do this too.

Thank you all for posting. Please keep your stories coming so that others might find this thread.


Don’t. Just don’t. Pain is not the only inconvenience (although it is the ultimate one). You never know how your body is going to scar. You may develop adhesion or granulomas, keloids. It’s a gamble. Use condoms.


Despite all the information out there, I too decided to trust the doctor. Wish I known about this forum before.