3 years post vasectomy: urination problems


Hi I’m not sure if I’ve got the right category but I am now 3+ years post vasectomy, at first all seemed normal but just a week after my op I contracted a horrible infection somewhere down there so the docs threw antibiotics at it & thought that was it! Well no that’s where it all went wrong the antibiotics helped me urinate easier, as if it was relaxing the muscle but The symptoms returned & every time they return they get worse , I am constantly on antibiotics as they were treating me for recurrent UTI’s but they all came back negative…
last year rushed into hospital, temperature too high , couldn’t stand, could hardly talk , they couldn’t find what infection I had so treated me for kidney infection , hospitalised for a week with 3 weeks off work to recover, every month I’m aback at the doctors with the same symptoms … pain every now & then up my anus, left restocked sensitive every now & then , pain in my back every now & then but by far the worst is not being able to urinate properly, always feel wet down there like I’m dribbling but never do , constantly feeling the urge to pee but when I go I find it hard to start like the muscle we use to stop midflow is constantly contracted … they are treating me for prostatitus at the moment but I’m near the end of a months supple if antibiotics & I can feel it’s returning but this time a new symptom the end of my penis is stingy … help in at my wits end with it & I don’t think the doctors believe it has anything to do with my vasectomy but this all started a week pre-op


I had majority of the symptoms you described, pain in the anus, constantly wanted to pee just to dribble like 80 year old. Had reversal nearly 2 months ago, and things improved a lot. When I go to the toilet the stream is strong and I empty my bladder completely. I only go maybe 5-8 times a day now, and I drink a lot of water. before was every half an hour. I am hoping that this will be the trend now.

You’re not making things up, don’t let doctors convince you that you are.


Hey there, sorry to have to welcome you to this place.

I’m guessing the end of the quote above is a type-O, and you meant to say a week post op as you did in the beginning of your story.

I too would likely tell you that your problems are ‘likely related’ to the vasectomy, not for surely though. I suppose it could be something else, especially if you had been talking antibiotics for that first week post op. It might be very rare, but some people have some seriously bad reactions to them. We have one member on this site that never had a vasectomy, and all his pain, problems, etc seemed to begin with some kind of pharmaceutical pill (I don’t recall which one), and an incident involving a terrible bowel movement.

All I can tell you is pretty much what I tell many others. Use the search bar on this site to find similar key words, threads, posts, symptoms, etc. It’s certainly a whole lot faster than reading through piles of irrelevant stuff. Theres definitely a lot of what your describing on this site, and some conservative treatments to consider.

Might want to search the term ‘marshmallow tea’ as well.

Keep us posted, and good luck.