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3 months post reversal and some taughts


Thanks @SomeGreyBIoke I hope you are keeping well yourself


I’ve decided to add to my above post.

Last week,the week of Christmas I felt really good probably the best I’ve felt in the last 18 months.I really taught it was a huge step.Pain was very low.

This week has been bad (mainly I feel triggered by rough sex last Saturday)and I’m starting to think that at 6 months I’m clutching at straws,again my reversal surgeon was adamant on the 9-12 month timescale.

But to be frank I don’t know I’m sick of this up and down crap and feeling quite low,part of me thinks I should start to move on and head down an alternative path.

That path obviously is unpredictable but is it time to accept and move on?


I can definitely relate. The ups and downs torture the mind. Granted, it’s better than all-pain-all-the-time, but the setbacks after a good series of days or weeks blow the mind.


Omg, this. When I have had a good run of low-no pain and suddenly am hit again, it is so demoralizing. It’s like this reminder that constantly keeps my anxiety levels high because I never know if/when the pain will swell. I hate this.