3.5 weeks in and things getting worse


I know you mentioned seeing a chiro but I wanted to give another perspective on this since I’m seeming to have success with it. I approached it more from the integrative health side. Turned out (and my uro acknowledged this) that the vas might have set off what was already a developing but underexposed neural issue. I had the radiating pain down my leg, into my abdomen, etc. Turns out I was also drastically vitamin D deficient. On top of that, it was noticed from chiro eval that I had poor alignment mainly in lower back and pelvis. Hips were tipped etc. In three weeks with chiro adjustments, vit D supplements, and a multi-vitamin, I am experiencing huge gains. My concern for you is that they just put fixes on top of underlying issues. Your body might just not be set up for self-recovery (mine wasn’t). At least knowing if you are in well rounded shape is helpful. My thoughts went dark at times like yours, now there is hope. The integrative Dr told me that guys come in a lot actually with vague pain in the groin and many times it’s subluxation of the spine that goes undiagnosed along with dietary deficiencies. Just a consideration.


@Process76 Thanks for the reply. I will keep it in mind. I tried 2 different Chiro’s. Maybe I just went to the wrong one’s. Currently, I’m trying accupuncture. He says a lot of the same things the chiro’s said, mainly about prior long-standing poor nervous system activity, but he treats it in a different way. Who really knows though. If nothing else, it is relaxing.


I agree. I did acupuncture years ago for treatment of migraines and really liked it


Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve added anything on this post and today seems like a good day to continue it.

I am tentatively scheduled for a reversal in October by a local microsurgical reversal doc that was trained by Dr Lipschultz and who is highly regarded by Marks and a few other top docs I have talked with. He’s worked with me for awhile and I feel like I’ve exhausted all conservative options. I’m actually doing pretty well right now, running about 80-90%. However, I’m taking a few medications daily and I’m not really okay with that at 36 years old. If I need to take Cymbalta long term I will, but would like to get off the daily NSAID and nightly Elavil. My doc quoted me a 50-70% chance that my pain will improve. May not fully go away, an idea with which I have come to terms, but it should improve.

I thought about going with one of the docs often mentioned here, but it seems that outcomes are hit or miss, and a lot of positive outcones have occurred from a variety of reversal surgeons throughout the world.

My wife actually went with me today, and she’s on board. Even mentioned reverting back to using an IUD because we don’t want any more children.

It’s been a long 16 months and I’m hoping this provides me with some closure. Even if it doesn’t work, I’ll now I tried and I have tools to help manage the pain on a daily basis. I’m still terrified about it getting worse but I still think that’s a small chance. However, I do expect things to be quite a bit worse for 2-3 weeks, so I’ll take off work as needed.

Anyway, thanks for the support. Any advice on preparing for the reversal would be appreciated. I am going to focus heavily on my diet and try to get a little healthier over the next 2 months so I’m in pretty good physical shape.

Take care everyone.


Good luck with everything.


Let us know how it goes. I’m considering reversal myself because I’m tired of wondering how I’ll feel from day to day and I know the damage will accumulate with time.


Good luck @Kyvas, I am scheduled for reversal in August, just like you, want to try and get some closure on this nightmare. Praying for everyone who is going through this


On a positive note, I just talked to my insurance company and apparently a reversal is covered. I work for a company that is part of a larger religiously affiliated corporation. Wouldn’t pay for my vasectomy, but will cover the reversal. I have to meet my deductible, but my insurance will save me about $4000 out of pocket. Pleasant surprise in this pile of crap I’m swimming in. Yay, Catholics.


So, I thought I’d post an update. Over the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve had a pretty good trend towards the positive. Most days I barely notice any pain at all and find myself not dwelling on it if I do feel something. I’m by no means pain free, but at a point where it doesn’t really bother me all that much. I recently moved and have found myself lifting boxes/furniture, painting, sanding, cutting down brush, etc. I’ve also gone on a few bike rides, worked a couple 20 hour shifts, and not been limited in any way by PVPS. Generally, life’s been pretty challenging, but I’ve been able to meet that challenge both mentally and physically. I feel pretty darn good most of the time. I’m currently only taking Cymbalta and Elavil. Stopped Mobic about 4 weeks ago.

After having a few long conversations with my wife, and a couple people I’ve confided with over the last 18 months, I’ve decided to postpone the reversal I had scheduled in a few weeks. I am having a hard time justifying the 1-2% risk of making things worse against the 50-70% chance of making it better. Neither in my mind, and in my current state, are great odds considering I’m living life normally now. Also, I’m still in the camp that any surgery should be viewed as a last resort for a multitude of reasons. Full disclosure though, I think surgery for really anything should be a last resort barring an obvious issue where research shows strong positive benefits. I’ve seen way to many complications from “simple” procedures. I really wish I had put this much research into the original vasectomy, but I was so focused on not having to listen to another crying baby that I was blinded by the positive sides of having a vasectomy.

This wasn’t an easy decision, but currently I’m at peace with it. I want to stress that these viewpoints are my own, and that I don’t think anyone making a different decision is any more wrong or right than I. PVPS is such a beast, and has controlled so much of my life, and I hope that all of us find relief one way or the other regardless of how we get there. Good luck everyone.