3.5 months post-reversal, still getting better


Hi guys, just a quick update here…

Had my reversal about 3.5 months back after a year of PVPS starting during the vasectomy procedure. It has been a slow recovery with some ups and downs but the pain continues to decrease still since the reversal. I think the issue I had before with epididymal tenderness and pain coming from there is mostly or totally gone. now I still have pain from the re-connections that mostly feels like a tightness and irritation in my belly a bit below my belly button and on either side in the same area. When it gets aggravated from sitting or too much activity it goes from tightness to more uncomfortable and eventually stabbing pains. If I ice regularly I can keep it on the lower end of the discomfort range. I’ve been icing typically 4 to 5 times a day if I can- before I get up and when I go to bed, at lunch and if I need it/ have the time I do more. Sitting is an issue for me but I have eliminated a lot of sitting from my life and that really helps: I take the train to and from work and stand the whole time, then work at a standing desk for most of the day. That way I can really limit the irritation down below and keep the inflammation low.

My first SA after reversal was around 0.6 million/ mL. the last one was 2 million/ mL after being on Medrol, so improving but not yet normal. I’m currently on another month of medrol and going in for my next SA this week. I’m getting more hopeful that the pain will continue down and eventually go away completely. I am able to do more day by day, but still healing - My balls get random bruising sometimes, I think after I am more active, so from that I take it that something is not completely healed internally. To me it is a positive sign that if I’m still healing the pain can keep going down from here.

I’m thinking of going for a gentle jog today to get my blood pumping. I’m hoping I’m at a point that exercise will be beneficial and not cause problems. Up to this point I have been very cautious about over-doing it, but I think exercise might help to heal faster at this point.


Good luck. Recovery from reversal is a slow process. Glad you’re taking the long-term outlook.


Another quick update… Still getting better after the reversal, now around 3.5 months out. I can say pretty confidently at this point that the reversal is helping. I’m not pain-free yet though, progress is slow but fairly steady. My pain still fluctuates up and down, but overall going down week to week. It seems like the pain is from the re-connections on each side, it feels more internal in my abdomen compared with the scrotal congestion pains I had pre-reversal. I tried going for a jog a couple of weeks back, but that made things more sore so I decided I’m not ready for jogging yet, I don’t think the re-connections are totally healed/ there is still inflammation that needs to go away, so focusing on rest and still icing aggressively as much as I can manage, I do think that is helping.

I got my latest SA numbers back and I’m up to 16 million/mL. Hooray! over the last 3 moths I had 0.6, then 2.0, now 16 million/mL. I have been feeling better as the counts go up so I’m feeling optimistic about the future.


Sounds like you’re on about the same recovery path I had with my 2006 reversal. That’s good news as the results were pain-free after 6 months that lasted for 8-1/2 years.