20 days...Still some discomfort


Hello all,

I regretfully had my vasectomy Feb. 13th. I wanted to back out 3 days before but my wife urged me to go. I blame her for this and will continue to do so. I have felt a bit better everyday but did go on a 7 day bout of antibiotics (cipro) which definitely seemed to help. I was feeling about 92% and decided to masturbate twice in a row. I know…stupid but it had been 20 days. It did not feel bad pre or post ejaculation .Later that night I feel a bit of tenderness and soreness again. And today my testicles are still a bit tender. Is this because I am still healing? Will this always be the case after ejaculation? Is it too early to tell?

I am severely depressed over this as everyone, including my doctor said healing should only take a week.As most here feel, I am terrified that this will be something I have to deal with forever and never feel normal again.

Anyone here feel sore for this long and then heal 100%? Any advice is appreciated.


Don’t count yourself out until the 6 month mark. Yes. It can take up to 6 months. Be patient. Take it easy.


On the wife thing…

If she had seen this website and really understood what vasectomy is and still urged you to do it that would be pretty awful.

But most people have absolutely no clue. They think this is just like getting your wisdom teeth out.

If they do hear about the potential for long term pain they blow it off like it’s a “You may get liver disease from taking Tylenol blah blah blah yes I know I live in a dangerous world now give me the Tylenol.”

I blame the urologists. It’s like if a doctor told you that you could theoretically get an infection from your surgery and conveniently neglected to tell you that 1 in 10 people who get the surgery get the infection. And by the way it’s MRSA. Or if somehow they didn’t know that despite the fact that it’s on the wikipedia page.

It is extremely difficult, knowing what we know now, to put ourselves in the mindset of someone who has only ever heard the vasectomy is totally safe. But I’m betting that that is the person you and your wife were prior to your vasectomy.


I’m at 17 days and I still feel discomfort. I agree about the frustration with the doctors conveniently leaving out meaningful statistics to make it sound like it’s so incredibly rare that there are problems. I specifically asked my doctor how often he has people come back to him due to pain post-surgery and he said it only happened to him twice in his career. Then, when I went back a week after surgery due to shooting pains, he said he encounters this about once per month. He’s been doing this since the 90’s, so obviously he’s lying somewhere.

You should go easy on your wife. Your testicles will hopefully heal, but blaming her for your pain and discomfort can cause marriage problems that could last much longer.

My wife encouraged me to get it, but I own up to the fact that it was ultimately MY decision to go under the knife. It’s not fair to blame her for it.