2 years post V & need help


Hello everyone, I have been having pain coming up on 2 years post vasectomy. Let me start to by telling you how bad my vasectomy went. Short version dr used 1 cut method. The dr was going to cauterized the first cut & he forgot to turn on the machine. He was alone in the room so asked me to reach over and turn it on for him. After that he lost my right epididymis after it was cut and had to “dig” to get it back. After that my testicles swelled to a huge size and turned purple for aprox 2 weeks.
I’ve had swelling of my right testical and pain ever since about 2x size and my scrotum seems full. I have seen 2 drs and 1 PA since. Tried several antibiotics no help. I’ve had 1 ultrasound by a tech that seemed more interested in bitching and telling me I shouldn’t have gotten a vasectomy. The first dr said my pain was caused by my back and not stretching enough but couldn’t explain the swelling. The PA said they had no idea & no answer on obvious swelling either. The second dr stated I needed to strengthen my abdominal muscles and go to a pain physician still couldn’t explain swelling.
My pain is very severe feels heavy and aches. If you touch my testical on the back it hurts so bad I almost vomit. The pain seems to be on the too & above my testical also. It seems the pain in connected to the hanging or being unsupported. If I walk around without my testicals supported up and forward the swelling and pain gets worse within 30 min. If i get on my back and put my feet up it seems to help. When the pain is bad it goes up & in to my hip. I’ve had to order weird underwear that lift my testicals up and forward in like a pouch. Any kind of swinging hurts enough to get me to sweat and increase my heartbeat. If I try and have sex with my wife and my testical hits at all hard I’m knocked out for over a week.
I actually had back surgery (discectomy) in the slight chance that was adding to my testical pain. It was not my back as my herniated disk was fixed and still my testical hurt exactly the same.
I am loosing it here my R testical hurts so much and has totally killed my sex life. I can’t seem to find anyone that can help or even takes me seriously. I would gladly just have it removed then deal with this for the rest of my life I’m that desperate. I was hoping this community might have some ideas or things I could try. Anything at this point would be appreciated. Thank you


Sorry you’re here but stay strong. Where are you located? We can direct you to a PVPS doctor in your area of the country.


I am located in San Antonio Texas


@Joe2864 Dr Lipschultz is in Texas. He’s considered a PVPS specialist.


Sounds like you’ve gotten the same treatment as many of us…doctors refusing to acknowledge that the problem IS/WAS the vasectomy, and other less-educated medical professionals telling us the unfortunate truth. I spent thousands and wasted countless hours getting unnecessary tests because my vasectomist “knew” my pain couldn’t possibly due to the vasectomy.

Look at some of the experts here. Maybe Dr. P. in FL or Dr. Marks in AZ since you’re mid-way between them.


I did not link the two in my mind until about year 3. I was so sure it was not the problem because I was told it was not the problem. When my epi blew up to the size of a fat sharpie at year 3 it all hit me at once. After my reversal when the incredible burning in my left groin disappeared I also knew how badly my vasectomy hurt me. Providers know but the coping mechanism is to try to make you go away or in my case I was passed off to another partner so mine didn’t have to deal with me directly.


Well I went to a third dr who stated he wanted to try a micro denervation. He gave me an injection in the R testical/nerve to test if it would help. He said the injection would last aprox 4 hours. I was pain free it was amazing I hadn’t noticed how much pain I was having until it was gone. He told me to do things that made me have pain prior to the injection to test if it worked. I was 100% pain free, it was yesterday, now today pains back with a vengeance. Now I need to decide if I risk the operation as I’ve read horror stories on these forums. I’m leaning to risking it since my pain is ruining my life. Thoughts anyone


You can search that subject here and see for yourself what the outcomes have been. No one here is going to advise you either way what to do but there is a lot of feedback from guys that have had the procedure on this board. There are two flavors of that operation out there as well. One provider here does a less invasive procedure and I would assume the rest are doing the full sekeletonization of the cord. What type of pain do you have primarily?


@Joe2864 in theory the denervation makes sense, but after reading outcomes on this website and others, I’m not sure it’s a great choice. However, since the nerve block worked so well for you, I would talk to a pain management doc and see if they can offer you some less invasive options, ie ablations or botox injections. I guess my suggestion is to get a few more opinions before jumping in to something. You want to make sure you understand what they are doing and that it’s the best decision for you. Good luck.


In talking with others on this forum, if I had a positive response (like yours) to a nerve block, I’d give serious consideration to seeing a peripheral nerve surgeon such as Dr. Williams or Dr. Dellon in Baltimore. I haven’t had an in-office nerve block, but have had Pain Mgt. nerve blocks (II, GF) under sedation. Got some relief from the GF block but worry that it was due to the sedation, not the block.

I’ve been contemplating a visit to Baltimore to look at their approach to removing the nerve upper higher at “the trunk of the tree” rather than going after the branches via spermatic cord denervation.

Just presenting options to you. Take a look at the Dellon Institute website.