2 Months post-reversal checking in


Thanks man. That flomax is crazy stuff, but it helps with the rectal pain/stick up the rear end feeling, but the dry orgasms are fucking disturbing and feel weird. You can feel it going back inside of you, it’s alarming really.


I have pictures of my repairs just like @RingoStar from Dr. Marks. I can post them if necessary, along with any paperwork, etc. I’ve had 2 SAs and while Dr. Marks makes it clear that fertility isn’t the end game for us with PVP, they certainly don’t dismiss it altogether. I would say a 2-3 hr surgery is certainly not quick and dirty.


I’m not sure if @choohooo was referring to ICVR as one of the quick, and dirty reversal surgeons that are out there. I certainly didn’t consider anything quick, and dirty about my experience.


Far as this vas to epi thing goes, it was considered an option when I had my redo as well, but considering where I was at in the timeline vasectomized, it was a very unlikely option. I was only vasectomized for approximately 1.5 years at that point.

I actually made a point that I wanted to be vas to vas again, and vas to epi was not in my best interest.

Everything that has been said regarding Dr P, and Dr Jarvi regarding vas to epi reversals for pain is true. I’m pretty sure I could name a few others that have the same ideology.

I don’t recall anyone having a vas to epi reversal for pain at ICVR and posting about it. I’m not saying it has never happened, but vas to epi, and pain story’s have been an extreme rarity far as what I’ve seen, and heard of.

This not getting an SA after a reversal for pain is silly far as I’m concerned. I can’t think of anything that makes any sense about not following up on your numbers post reversal.


I think it’s nerve pain. I have nerve problems in my left hip, which started after veasectomy. My PVPS is on the left side, go figure.


What I’m saying above doesn’t make sense from a doctor’s point of view, or the patients point of view.

If doctors have the slightest bit of interest trying to understand the mechanics of an individual’s pvps, or pvps in general, why no SA?

It’s an equal assumption with the patient. How many infertile guys (failed reversals) are running around using condoms, thinking, and assuming this, and that because their pvps doc didn’t find an SA to be relevant?


Sorry if my post created some confusion. This was a conversation I had with Marks. I honestly believe he’s the best there is for reversals. I also don’t believe he does this every time. The question came up a couple of years ago because I was taking T injections at the time. I asked if I needed to taper off the T prior to reversal. The response was something to the effect of:

It depends if it’s a reversal for pain or a reversal for fertility. Reversals for pain are different because patency isn’t a big concern. Most of the time we’re just cleaning up the ends and putting them together. In such cases, SA numbers aren’t nearly as important and we don’t care if you stop T or not. In our experience, just reconnecting the ends helps with the pain, we don’t really get why and we don’t care if you become fertile or not. If you’re going for fertility, you’ll need to stop T for obvious reasons. One for SA production and the other to keep things open.

Obviously, I’m paraphrasing. The conversation might have even been with Dawn his scheduler but I’m pretty sure it was Marks. Like I said, I don’t think this is every case he does for pain. It did give me a little insight into how he’s trying to resolve the pain.


that being said @Choohooo, he has acknowledged that they want you to stay “open” because closing up could lead to more congestion pain down the road, and for that reason they want you to ejac regularly, get SA, etc. I think its more like if you are fertile and pain free, thats fine, as long as you are pain free.


Who knows. I could’ve totally
Confused that conversation with a threat on here. My memory is awful.


@vasregret sorry to see you back here Andrew. I was really hoping it would be positive news. It sounds like you’ve got options and i am starting to really believe Jarvi might be the top guy. Sounds like he is able to admit it’s not working and give you solid next step advice. To many men on here seem to get abandoned, but you are in good hands. Keep taking it easy too. Take care of yourself.