11 days post-Rt lower back and Hip Pain {now 30 Days}


How is your husband doing now? Are things better? My pain has moved more to the center of my lower back but still have some right hip pain. Heating pad, hot baths, and heat patches seem to help


I went back to urologist today and he thought the radiating pain was strange and unlikely to be caused by vasectomy, however admitted that if something was less than perfect neurologically before the procedure, that it certainly could seem more pronounced after. Hmm.


I talked to my chiro friend and his comments. Without seeing you, I’m fairly confident you have ilioinguinal nerve entrapment, inflammation, or injury. It’s a nerve that comes out of the middle of your lumbar spine, part of it innervates your stomach, and part of it travels along the spermatic cord. Among other things, it also serves as sensory to your upper medial thigh and hip area. I am going to see him tomorrow. I will be 2 weeks post vacetomy tomorrow. Knowing I may have possible nerve issues early is there any recommendations?



I’ve got the same thing. My vas was three years ago. It’s the ilioInguinal nerve. Both the GF and IL can affect the adductors which is the inner thigh burn but the IL does much more than the GF in terms of muscle innervation.

The kicker is the ilioinguinal nerve runs a large portion of your core muscles including the psoas, hip flexors, and transverse abdominis. That’s why your hip hurts. Mine hurts too and I’ve lost a lot of range of motion (can no longer sit Indian style). Your uro is in denial because he’s an idiot and doesn’t remember his anatomy textbook. I truly mean that. Uro’s (not just yours) are the stupidest surgeons in the field. It’s true, a vasectomy wouldn’t cause those pains. However, damage during surgery is more than able to cause it and most won’t man up and admit it. The pelvis and scrotum are a land mine of nerves. If very easy to trip one up and not know it.

Find a PT and let them know you need help with a pelvic floor and hip flexor injury. I would probably wait a few weeks to a month before you try to rehab so it has a fighting chance to recover. Also understand that neurological injuries are some of the hardest to recover from and this is a very difficult location to treat.

My personal injury went on to take out my low back, both hip, and right knee. Some days I can walk and some days I can’t. The body works like a pulley system and when the front of the body is weak, the rest has to compensate and ends up creating other issues.

Rest, ice, stretch, warm epsom baths, PT, and keep your head up.

I am sorry for your loss.


@Ben my husband is faring quite well now. He had low back pain immediately after the surgery through about 3 weeks. He wore jeans that were too tight yesterday which caused an increase in sensitivity and skipped baths for a few days, so back in he goes. Its nothing that is impairing any of his activity, but I am making him start the baths again because I don’t want him to have a setback. And I’m throwing away his size 33’s lol. He sits a lot for work, so the tighter jeans put quite a bit more pressure on him throughout the day. That seems to be a huge factor for his pain.


Day 20 and starting to feel a little better but still have occasional shooting pain. Hip and Lower back pain is much better but still noticeable. I still have a long road to go but at least I’m back to work full time as long as I have no set backs. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor 3 days a week and on about 10 natural supplements for inflammation, nerve repair, probiotics, B12, etc. I still make sure to heat, ice, rest, and hot bath multiple times each day.


April 14 update(30 days post Vas update)- Originally I thought I only had nerve pain on the right side II nerve but the last week or so I have developed pain in both testicles mainly in the lower part of the ball on the side. I assume this is congestive pain and or healing at the vas site. I started taking papaya seed to determine if this helps the congestion a couple days ago. I still have right lower back pain and minimal hip pain but both seem a little better. I see a chiropractor as often as possible and do pelvic stretches. I take turmeric, alpha lipoic acid, Fish oil, B12, probiotics, and ibuprofen. I try to avoid taking the pain meds prescribed by the doctors. I also rest, ice, heat, and hot baths multiple times daily. I use a heating pad to sleep on my lower back. My pain levels are between 1-4 daily but I rarely have a moment with no pain. The site has given me a wealth of knowledge on the subject. I plan to setup a Skype with Dr. P, just waiting on the call back. I am very sensitive to oral medicines since I have a sensitive stomach and know prednisone may be my next step but I have had issues taking this in the past. I am hoping there is another steroid option not taking orally. This entire process is BS and I am already thinking about reversal but know I should try conservative options first. I talked to 8 different people that had a vasectomy before mine and the worst case was one guy had ball pain for the first 2 weeks that went away.


90 Day Update- So I still have a lot of the original pains albeit some have calmed down. I get minor testicle pain but my worst pain is my lower right side back pain in the SI joint which by the end of the day at work is relentless. I need to find a way to calm this pain down. I have been seeing a chiro for the past 2 months and started seeing a PF PT specialist a few weeks ago. Both seem to help. I have had 3 II nerve blocks which have provided some relief 50-75% for a few days but not sure if this is just the steroid settling down the inflammation. My PF PT therapists is saying I still have a lot of really tight muscles in the pelvic floor as well as inflammation. My energy levels are also low since the VAS and I have been dealing with off and on nausea probably from all the medicines. Everyday is a struggle but I keep hoping time will help heal.


@Ben Check to see if you have sperm granuloma, might be pressing on the nerve causing pains.


@SomeGreyBIoke I have small ones on each side but not sure if that’s the issue. I only have minor testicle pain. It would be nice but doubtful.