10mths after vasectomy


Quick update, still relying on the use of suspesory(jock straps) on a daily basis, if I don’t I get the feeling of heavyness, pull and pain. I ride my road bike 3-4 hrs on Saturday and workout daily (no impact workout) the pain is manageable although it’s constant. I can’t shake the feeling of “ I fucked up by doing this”. I know I have it better than many, but still think about if this situation will worsen or improve with time.
Are there any channels to voice the mess this doctor cause me? I feel like people need to know this doctor was not successful with my vasectomy.

During my vasectomy I got 3 pulls that I almost fainted, and this is the side that’s gives more problems (left resti, left pelvic area) anyone experience this during their vasectomy??



Just be careful with cycling. I had epidydimal blow out in my left testicle after bike ride. So many regrets on top of old regrets.



Wow so far I haven’t notice a negative impact after riding. I feel it more if I am sitting for a while…


Epididymis is very delicate, I haven’t noticed any issues until it ruptured one day.


Have a snip booked, 2hours from now…this forum is giving me thoughts



What’s your life situation right now? Are you married? single? kids? no kids? enough kids?

If you are married and you and your wife are in your 40’s I would say do not do it. Just wait. Menopause will take care of your problem and you can help your wife out by wearing condoms and being careful.

Remember we are outliers here. Most guys are okay.



@mikeo 2 biological 1 step child wife 32


If i could turn back time, I wouldn’t do it. 1 year post vasectomy, and still dealing with some issues from the procedure; condoms don’t seem nearly as bad.
Good luck with your decision.


Am in the same boat as you @Bachakil 9 months post vas and still dealing with issues… better than I was but constantly wondering if I have plateued in my recovery and this is the best am going to be. And if this is the case comes the mind dilemma decision of giVing it more time since or go with a reversal… I keep telling myself wait a yr but keep hoping I don’t have to make that decision as I will be in a state that I can live with…