10 Weeks on Looking for comparisons and advice


Hi and thank you to anyone who takes the time to read and reply. I know i wont be suffering nearly as much as most but im looking for advice or reassurance more than anything

Had a no scalpel vasectomy 10 weeks ago. Left side zero issues, right side the doctor didnt give me enough anaesthetic and i felt a sharp pain in my groin but otherwise it went ok

Nothing unusual about my recovery. But now im at week 10 and on the right i get intermittent two types of pain. One is in the groin feels muscular but is essentially like a low level sharp pain i had during the operation. Other the testicle can be a bit achy and tender. Now the strange part ive read all about the different lumps you can get. I get a small one which comes and goes???

Theres no sense to my pain one day it’s uncomfortable i do loads of manual work then the next day nothing im 100%. I even went back to the docs this week he squeezed hard. But for four days this week i was fine then it just started again

Doc says its cysts that will come and eventually go in a couple of months but im worried this on and off effect wont stop. The lump comes and goes

Does this resonate with anyone else? Am i just expecting too much is 10 weeks too soon?

Any advice greatly appreciated


Hey, thanks for sharing your story. I’m sure several people read your post, but your probably not getting any replies because nobody can really say for certain what your anomalies might be without further information. I certainly don’t want to give you any input without more information either.

I’m not sure about cysts resolving themselves in time, but maybe. Lumps that come and go, that could be several things.

I’m thinking an ultrasound may be helpful far as determining what things possibly are, and are not. And obviously, keep working with your urologist. Make sure you get his/her input, etc. Perhaps no ultrasound will be necessary, perhaps these things will resolve on their own sooner than later.

Personally, I’d get the ultrasound if things don’t resolve themselves in a timely manner, and/or if things persist, and your urologist doesn’t seem to have any answers for you.

Don’t forget to post an update someday once you get some more information. Perhaps at that point someone, or perhaps myself can be of more assistance to you if you haven’t got sorted out by then. If you don’t post an update, there will be half a story on here which won’t be helpful to anyone.

Good luck brother.


Thanks for taking the time to respond, i think you right it’s probably just early days. Going to get some papaya extract and leave it until Feb. Today of course no pain hoping that it comes and goes is a good sign
Thanks again


Providing nothing is going completely crazy, I think papaya seed powder may be a good option myself.

Remember what I said before, keep working with your urologist, doc, etc, take their advice into serious consideration as well. What you describe could be indicative of several things.

Good luck.