10 days post-op. Too early to worry?


Although I do agree the lottery statistic is probably inaccurate it gave me some anxiety relief nonetheless. My right testicle has been pain free all day today it is now only my left testicle that is tender to the touch, mostly on the bottom and back side. I have avoided ibuprofen today just to see my pain level without and it has been annoying at worst and mostly tolerable. I have good hopes at this point that I’m just recovering slowly.


I’ve been on Celebrex (NSAID) for since my surgery 3 weeks ago. Yesterday, I decided to not take it because I only have 6 days left on my prescription and I wanted to see how bad it felt without it. Turns out, it’s no different. If anything, I feel better today. I don’t attribute this to the fact that I stopped taking it, I just don’t think that the NSAID was really doing anything for me.

I didn’t take it today either, and I’m going to stay off of it if I can. The bonus is that I can now drink a beer since you’re not supposed to do that with NSAIDs.


Just wondering how your feeling? I feel like last night was a big improvement. Only had an ache for a little while and the tenderness seems to be better than the day before. Tomorrow will be two weeks for me and I feel like things may be turning around for the better.


I’m trying not to get too excited, but I feel like I’m on the path to recovery. Still some soreness and sensitivity with occasional twinges, but overall I’ve felt better for the past two days. Good enough to even do some work in the garage last night with minimal pain.

I did wake up in the middle of the night last night with some painful twinges, but not terrible… just discomfort.
Today I’m back to work, so we’ll see how that goes.

Good to hear that you’re feeling better as well. I’ll keep posting here with my progress (which I hope continues!)


Good luck. I think general soreness is natural for the first month and that no one should push the panic button 'til after a month post-op unless the pain is so bad you’re in need of ER services.


Feeling probably 50 - 70 percent better as i lay down for bed which is a great step forward. I am very optimistic this morning. I do have some strong aches in my pelvic area/hip flexors but I think I can credit that to walking funny for 2 weeks and regardless I’ll take the aches and pains anywhere but in the scrotum. That is very mentally stressing on me. Looking forward to waking up. God is good and I should have never messed up this temple he gave me.


How are you coming along?


Yesterday was a pretty good day. Just a 1-2 most of the day. Today is a little rougher, maybe a 3-4 all day so far. But I’m at work which involves a lot of sitting down, and I think that aggravates it a bit. Usually when I get home and switch to gym shorts I get instant relief.

Trying my best to keep my spirits up. It can be difficult sometimes when your mind starts going into overdrive.

How are you?


Don’t have the tenderness much really now it just feels like pain in the cord north of the op site. Like tightness or inflammation. I stood up a little fast and it started to get sore. I put in my two weeks for a new job this HAS to get better now.