10 days post-op [Now 6 weeks]. Too early to worry?


Read up posts on papaya curing congestion @Dan99


When I thought I was going to get 100% better I started hating this place and everyone on it and looked at everyone here as the damned/losers/the other guy etc… But I’m here still. Probably because of the sudden increase in nerve pain I had at around month 11 post reversal.

I think it’s healthy and normal for guys to put distance on if they get out of this hell. It’s a healthy way to respond but you are right. You don’t quite see the whole picture because this tends to be a place guys with bad issue stick around.

Most guys that come here in acute phase post op get better and don’t come back and that’s how it should be. I find helping those guys as gratifying as anything else we do here. It’s amazing how much it helps guys just telling them we understand what they are going through and are pulling for them and they will likely get better etc…

Sounds like your trending up. Thanks for sharing your experience here.


Uro is telling me that it is. It congestion but still post-surgical pain. So not sure if papaya would work.

That being said I have been on it for a week!


Same here. I’m mentally taking small steps. Like yesterday they swelled up a fair bit, and I could feel a very tender spot behind one testicle that made me wince with pain, and now this morning the swelling has gone and I can’t find the tender spot. I did ejaculate the day before yesterday though for the first time post op, so it’s possibly that.

I’m just taking it a day at a time, and going as easy as I can. Hopefully that’ll aid my recovery.


How long u post vas?


12 days. Still having minor urinating issues, feeling like I need to go alot, slight burning sensation, urine feeling like it’s leaking out. No infection though. Had urine checked. Testicles are still feeling achy and sensitive.

But my issues are nothing compared with what I’ve read about here.


For the most part I’m doing pretty good I still get flare ups on occasion that are anything from a dull ache in my pelvic area that lasts a day or a sore left testicle that also only last a day or two. I avoid things I used to love though like dirtbiking and cycling. The doctor seems to think it may be vericoceles so I have an appt. With a specialist for that I need to schedule but it’s not bothering me enough to set anything up at the time. Most days I dont even think about it anymore but I thought I would reply to your message I got in an email.


@worship01 that consent is really interesting. I highly doubt his PVPS numbers are accurate. 1/5000 is so far from the AUAs 1/50 that his numbers are highly suspect. It’s almost statistically impossible for someone to perform that much better than his counterparts especially considering the multiple variables that come with surgery. Anybody, especially doctors, who say they perform 100x better than the average is probably lying.

Funny enough, I talked to a reversal surgeon, that deals with PVPS guys, say that he had performed 2000 vasectomies and never had a patient develop PVPS. He kind of jokingly said he hoped it was because his technique was so good, but realistically he said most men don’t come back to the physician they think caused their issue. I’m guessing that describes the vast majority of us on this forum. How many of us still go to our original doc?

It’s frustrating because no doctor’s infallible, but many have inflated egos and like to pretend they are without fault. Some of the best doctors I’ve ever worked with are the ones that are able to accept that many things are beyond their control. The medical professionals that accept that things do go wrong are often the ones constantly learning and reeducating themselves on new evidence based practices. They make themselves better, which in turn helps them to deal with patients like us where things don’t go right. So much of my own initial anxiety would have been relieved if my initial physician/s would have accepted that something went wrong instead of throwing it back at me. I’ve finally found a couple that have basically said shit happens, but then offer some possible solutions.

Sorry for the long post but that consent hit a nerve.


@Kyvas thanks for the comments, they ring true. In my case about 4 months ago when my symptoms started I did contact by email my original vas doc and let him know my symptoms, and he did follow up. To his credit he spent about 45 minutes on the phone with me one night (since I had since moved out of state), to understand my symptoms, the timeline (since my vas was 2 years ago) and offer some follow up suggestions of things to try. And he is one who has had a vasectomy himself. Of course, his focus going forward is on performing more vasectomies not follow up care, so he deferred to my local urologist, etc. But I think you are right, many docs assume the symptoms resolve if they don’t hear back anything.


Getting better all the time. I crossed the 6-month point a couple of days ago. I still experience some discomfort now and then (I wouldn’t really even call it pain anymore)… it’s only a shadow of what it was the first several months.

I’ve managed to have multiple days in a row where I barely think about it, if at all. About once per week I feel a little discomfort… maybe a 1-2 on the pain scale.

One thing I’ve discovered that goes against all logic and reason is that the discomfort seems to come back only when I DON’T ejaculate at least daily. Most people seem to have the opposite symptom (pain after ejaculating).


Good to hear buddy!!!

I am getting there also. Answered on the other thread but feeling optimistic


I’m 7 days post op and laying in my bed at 11pm on the verge of tears because of the pain and regret I’m feeling for having this procedure. I know it’s early days but I’m extremely anxious about what the future holds for me. I feel a sense of hopelessness and think I’m getting depressed over this whole ordeal.
The fact that there is a forum for this is worrying and makes me angry. Everybody makes it sound like a no fuss procedure and I don’t feel I was really made aware of the real and seemly common risks.

My left nut is feeling like it’s being squeezed and then released, rinse repeat. The testicle itself is extremely tender in spots. Like I can’t even lightly touch it. I’m having trouble walking and get sharp pains in the areas either side of my penis (about an inch to the side). I have to cup my balls when I’m in the shower or otherwise it’s unbearable. Laying down with my legs stretched out is probably the next worst position for me and it’s really messing me up sleep wise.
I phoned the docs office and told the nurse my symptoms. I’m now on a course of antibiotics and a strong anti inflammatory. It’s my first day on it so I’m hoping with all my might that it’s just an infection.
That said reading similar symptoms on here have thrown a damper on my optimism… I’m really struggling with the idea that I’ve done permanent damage to my body


7 days is too early to worry. Most men with pain at 7 days get all better. Give yourself 3 months to heal before you start wondering what is and isn’t permanent.


Yes, we all been there regretting it, but 7 days too early to worry mate, read up threads about conservative treatments, stock up on papaya seeds, natural anti inflammatory pills and hopefully you’ll graduate from this site in a few months