10 days post-op [Now 6 weeks]. Too early to worry?


I’ve made a commitment to myself to stick around here even if I fully recover. I may not be here every day like I am now, but I’ll be checking in at least weekly and looking to help those guys who are a few weeks in and panicking.

I spent many nights crying myself to sleep because I thought that something was terribly wrong and that I’d be stuck with this for life. So few people stick around here to tell their success stories that it’s easy to start thinking that there’s no hope. People need to hear “I was in the same boat as you, but after so many weeks/months I completely healed and have no problems anymore.” Of course, the REAL issue is that people need to hear from their doctor (before the surgery) that it’s pretty common to take weeks or months to heal. I think they withhold that information because they know that most men (myself included) would not go forward with the surgery if they thought there was a decent chance they’d have this terrible pain for that long.

Right now, my pain still has ups and downs, so I’m not out of the woods yet. Day-to-day, it’s all over the place, but week-to-week I feel like it’s slowly getting better. Stories like yours and your husbands really lift my spirits though, so it’s great that you still check in.


I’m at week 4 now and it took till week 3 to settle down. I expected to be much better after a week because that how they make it out to be. I’m at week 4 and I have no pain except in the left testice if I knock it but I have to knock it much more than I did at week 2 and week 3.

A friend of mine took a few month till he fully recovered and my brother in law took months too. Another person I know took 5 weeks. Depends on the person by the looks of it. My theory is the people who have longer pain are the ones that are shitting bricks the most and/or are expecting to be the one who has issues. I don’t think that’s in all cases but it could be many. Just a thought. Hope you guys recover soon and hope my post has given some reassurances at least.