10 days post-op [Now 6 weeks]. Too early to worry?


I’ve made a commitment to myself to stick around here even if I fully recover. I may not be here every day like I am now, but I’ll be checking in at least weekly and looking to help those guys who are a few weeks in and panicking.

I spent many nights crying myself to sleep because I thought that something was terribly wrong and that I’d be stuck with this for life. So few people stick around here to tell their success stories that it’s easy to start thinking that there’s no hope. People need to hear “I was in the same boat as you, but after so many weeks/months I completely healed and have no problems anymore.” Of course, the REAL issue is that people need to hear from their doctor (before the surgery) that it’s pretty common to take weeks or months to heal. I think they withhold that information because they know that most men (myself included) would not go forward with the surgery if they thought there was a decent chance they’d have this terrible pain for that long.

Right now, my pain still has ups and downs, so I’m not out of the woods yet. Day-to-day, it’s all over the place, but week-to-week I feel like it’s slowly getting better. Stories like yours and your husbands really lift my spirits though, so it’s great that you still check in.


I’m at week 4 now and it took till week 3 to settle down. I expected to be much better after a week because that how they make it out to be. I’m at week 4 and I have no pain except in the left testice if I knock it but I have to knock it much more than I did at week 2 and week 3.

A friend of mine took a few month till he fully recovered and my brother in law took months too. Another person I know took 5 weeks. Depends on the person by the looks of it. My theory is the people who have longer pain are the ones that are shitting bricks the most and/or are expecting to be the one who has issues. I don’t think that’s in all cases but it could be many. Just a thought. Hope you guys recover soon and hope my post has given some reassurances at least.


Day 24 and still feeling pain.

Glad I read this thread as I have been convinced that my fate was sealed in having my balls in a vice grip forever.

Day 6,7,8 were great then on Day 9 my right testicle became sore and swollen. Ever since then I have been managing it with ice and ibuprofen.

I have a constant pressure feel behind my right testicle. It goes up when I have any activity.

Going to see my urologist on Wednesday.

Thanks for the thread


Thanks brother for the honesty. Cried myself to sleep last night thinking I made the worst choice of my life.

This thread has pulled me out of my funk a bit and showed me a bit of hope


I’m now just over 3 months out and still get pain here and there but it’s much more manageable now. More like an annoying pulling feeling some times my testicles feel a little tender for a day or 2. I feel like I’m slowly getting better still.


Yeah Day 32 here now. Everyday gets a little better.

Just wish I had known that there is a lot of people out there between the 3-7 day recovery and the 3 month recovery. I have been shit baked since day 10 thinking the rest of my life is ruined.

Still have not worked out or been highly active going to wait a few more weeks. I am in the military and this has been difficult to assess.

I am still icing and ibuprofen 3 times a day to keep things working. My pain has gone from vice grips to that dull ache. Trending in the right direction


That really made my day that the things I posted have helped. I replied on your other thread. I took a couple weeks away from this forum because I needed to clear my mind of the misery I’ve gone through. I really do think it helped a lot.

Things are looking much better now. Not 100% yet, but finally to the point that I think I’ll be able to live my life like normal, and still improving every week.


JB - are you able to be active yet?

For me if I move to much or walk to much it gets inflamed and restricts me. Seems that I am constantly battling vs inflammation. The vice grip pain of week 2-3 have been replaced with that nagging dull ache. I think I am trending in the right direction or I am just getting used to the pain.

Sound similar to you during this time period?


Very similar to my experience. I’d have a couple days where I’d think “finally, I’m healed!” only to be reminded the following day that I still had some time to go.

For activity, I haven’t jogged or bicycled yet. I’ve never been much of a jogger, so I’m not missing much there. But prior to surgery I used to bicycle about 20-40 miles per week. I haven’t tried getting back on the bike yet, even though I feel like I probably could. There’s a residual fear that I’ll inflame it, even though I’ve been feeling pretty good for about 2 weeks now.

I’m able to do yard work all morning without any problems and I can lift and carry stuff with no problem. I do lots of work around the house and in the yard without it bothering me. Yesterday, I walked briskly for about a mile and didn’t have any trouble.

The best I can describe it is that it’s a shadow of the pain it used to be, and it’s only around sometimes.

UPDATE: Just after posting this, I decided to try the bicycle. First, I rode around the block just to make sure everything’s ok. Didn’t have any problems. Then, I did a 2.5 mile ride with no discomfort. I felt like I could have kept going, but didn’t want to push it. I’ll keep upping my distance little by little. 2.5 miles on a bicycle is virtually nothing, but it’s a HUGE victory for me! Being able to ride the bike has been my end-goal since day 1 of dealing with this pain.


Despite this 2-year setback, I’ve been bicycling quite a bit (weather permitting). I ride a mountain bike on gravel/limestone trails and a hybrid on paved trails. I outfitted both with a noseless Moon Saddle. I highly recommend these for guys like us as there’s no direct contact with the scrotum or perineum. It takes a while to adapt to the way you ride as your weight gets distributed a bit more to your legs and arms, but after a couple rides, I never looked back.


@jerm138 @JB32 - how you fellers doing? I am entering into week 6 and my pain is diminished but my right nut/epi keeps swelling which limits me from doing anything. I think I am making progress, or just getting used to the discomfort! Not having constant vice grip pain is awesome so I think I am out of the woods but anytime I walk to far or increase activity my right nut swells and forces me to stop. Again no sharp pain. Thoughts?


Sounds similar to my experience at week 6. Very slow, but steady progress. I’m at 4 months now and although I’m not 100% “normal” yet, I’m very, very close to it. The only time I’m bothered is if I sit in an uncomfortable position for a while, which isn’t that unexpected for anyone, really.

I can finally walk normally, sleep on my side again, ride a bicycle again, and do some light jogging (I was never much of a jogger anyway, but bicycling is important to me.)

One thing that I think really helped was that I became very strict about not touching the sore side unless necessary for adjustment. I was almost obsessively examining myself for clues as to what is going on. I think this probably hampered the healing process. Since I’ve stopped doing that, the day-to-day ups and downs aren’t as severe.


Be careful with cycling @jerm138, as you might cause epidydimis blowout. This is what happened to me after bike rides. My left testicle was totally destroyed.


I’ve only rode once and it was a short ride (2.5 miles). That was a bit over a week ago. I’ll try again this week.

I’d like to know more about the circumstances of your blowout so I know what to look out for. Were you fully recovered before you started riding? Were you experiencing pain while you rode? What do you mean by “totally destroyed”?

Sorry for so many questions… I just want to arm myself with as much info as possible.



Walked him after a few pints last night. Probably 3k. Was not a good idea.

Saw my urologist on Thursday and he said everything felt fine and it could be another month of feeling twinges from the surgery. He also told me to start increasing workouts.

There is no way! I still can not even run.

He mentioned that since I have had discomfort from Day 1 he was not concerned with PVPS as he believed it is still from the surgery.

I see him in a month.

Confusing sometimes.


I’m about a year and 3 months out, and I still have left side soreness with a very hard epididymis. One of my big fears is that I’m so fragile now that any contact with my scrotum could cause major damage. I think about my vas many times throughout the day because even on a good day I can still feel everything that presses against me.


3 months now and still deal with inflammation when I increase activity


This thread is very encouraging. One thing I’ve learned (I’m 11 days post op) is that this thing is no cake walk. My op was good, no real pain, some tugging feelings and minor discomfort, the occasional ache and pain here and there, but having some minor urinating issues. But, I’m pretty positive as it seems it can take many months to heal completely and get to 100%, or even anywhere close to it. But as I say, I’m optimistic. I think I’ve been lucky. Enjoy reading the stuff about you improving mate, gives me heart.


yeah can be a roller coaster ride. Last week thought I had it beat and went on a hike and the next morning woke up with swelling.

I keep a journal which reminds me that I am continually on the up swing…if not I would be totally discouraged


@jerm138 @jb32 - how you guys doing now?