10 days post-op [Now 6 weeks]. Too early to worry?


Although I do agree the lottery statistic is probably inaccurate it gave me some anxiety relief nonetheless. My right testicle has been pain free all day today it is now only my left testicle that is tender to the touch, mostly on the bottom and back side. I have avoided ibuprofen today just to see my pain level without and it has been annoying at worst and mostly tolerable. I have good hopes at this point that I’m just recovering slowly.


I’ve been on Celebrex (NSAID) for since my surgery 3 weeks ago. Yesterday, I decided to not take it because I only have 6 days left on my prescription and I wanted to see how bad it felt without it. Turns out, it’s no different. If anything, I feel better today. I don’t attribute this to the fact that I stopped taking it, I just don’t think that the NSAID was really doing anything for me.

I didn’t take it today either, and I’m going to stay off of it if I can. The bonus is that I can now drink a beer since you’re not supposed to do that with NSAIDs.


Just wondering how your feeling? I feel like last night was a big improvement. Only had an ache for a little while and the tenderness seems to be better than the day before. Tomorrow will be two weeks for me and I feel like things may be turning around for the better.


I’m trying not to get too excited, but I feel like I’m on the path to recovery. Still some soreness and sensitivity with occasional twinges, but overall I’ve felt better for the past two days. Good enough to even do some work in the garage last night with minimal pain.

I did wake up in the middle of the night last night with some painful twinges, but not terrible… just discomfort.
Today I’m back to work, so we’ll see how that goes.

Good to hear that you’re feeling better as well. I’ll keep posting here with my progress (which I hope continues!)


Good luck. I think general soreness is natural for the first month and that no one should push the panic button 'til after a month post-op unless the pain is so bad you’re in need of ER services.


Feeling probably 50 - 70 percent better as i lay down for bed which is a great step forward. I am very optimistic this morning. I do have some strong aches in my pelvic area/hip flexors but I think I can credit that to walking funny for 2 weeks and regardless I’ll take the aches and pains anywhere but in the scrotum. That is very mentally stressing on me. Looking forward to waking up. God is good and I should have never messed up this temple he gave me.


How are you coming along?


Yesterday was a pretty good day. Just a 1-2 most of the day. Today is a little rougher, maybe a 3-4 all day so far. But I’m at work which involves a lot of sitting down, and I think that aggravates it a bit. Usually when I get home and switch to gym shorts I get instant relief.

Trying my best to keep my spirits up. It can be difficult sometimes when your mind starts going into overdrive.

How are you?


Don’t have the tenderness much really now it just feels like pain in the cord north of the op site. Like tightness or inflammation. I stood up a little fast and it started to get sore. I put in my two weeks for a new job this HAS to get better now.


How are things coming along for you?


Pretty much the same. Yesterday started off great. I almost felt normal for a while. But by bedtime, I was tender and sore again.

I feel like day to day is erratic (Monday was awful) but week to week there is very slow progress. I also suspect that my 1 hour commute is really hurting my progress. It’s a somewhat bumpy ride too. I’ve started icing on the way to and from work and it seems to help.

Today is my 5 week point. I’m worried that I’m leaving the “you’ll recover” window and venturing into “you’ll have this forever” territory. It’s easy to start going down the dark hole in my mind, thinking that I’ll never be able to travel or do the things I love anymore.

I’ve been taking papaya seed powder. I started slow (1/2 tsp per day) to reduce the risk of triggering my heart condition. I’m now taking 1 tsp per day with no side effects. Will ramp up to 2 per day soon.

It’s been a little rough on me and my wife mentally. We’re not blaming each other, but we’re each blaming ourselves… My wife more harshly than me. Anytime I complain or whince from the pain, she thinks it’s a complaint or blame pointed at her and she closes up. She even slept on the couch a few nights ago because she thought I was mad at her (I wasn’t).

Anyway, I’m trying to keep my spirits up, but sometimes it’s like I’m just lying to myself. I’m sad and angry and it sucks.

I’ve been burying myself in books to try to take my mind off of it… Catching up on all the classics that I’ve always wanted to read.

Anyway, sorry for the long rant… I haven’t really been able to talk to anyone about it lately because I don’t want to distress my wife any more than she already is.

How has your recovery been going?


It’s similar with me and my wife, and it’s one of the nasty idiosyncrasies of this situation. Usually I would be able to complain about some injury or problem and get a little support and sympathy. Not with this.

But when I clam up, I feel like she has forgotten all my trouble, which makes me feel jealous and a little resentful, because it feels unfair that everything would go back to normal for her, but not for me. When I’m distracted because of pain, or in a depressed mood, I feel like she won’t remember to factor in the stress of chronic pain, and will think less of me.


Most of the pain I’m having feels like the cord is tight or like it was pulled on really hard, every now and then I get a sharp, shooting type pain on the left side. Like you I wake up feeling great and by late afternoon I’m feeling it again. I feel like I may be making some slow progress I’m nervously counting down my last five days before starting my new job.


Just a quick update:

I’m now approaching 6 weeks. If I’m making progress, it’s so slow that it’s barely perceptible. I’m still experiencing considerable soreness at various times throughout the day, all on the left side. The pain is mostly on the back side of the testicle, leading me to think that it’s back pressure in the epi. It’s just extremely sensitive.

I still can’t walk normal, and I cannot wear supportive underwear either because the contact/smashed feeling is worse than the feeling of an occasional bounce off of the legs.

Every now and then, I’ll have a day where the pain is almost gone, but by 3 or 4 pm, it’s right back.

I’m trying to convince myself that there’s still hope, but it’s really starting to feel like I’ve ruined my life.

How many people have this much pain at the 6 week point and end up fully recovering?


The reddit vasectomy site seems to have a lot of guys that end up making some progress and healing even as late as 6 months out. Its nowhere near as informative as this forum but it is does represent some other different experiences. Also i would recommend you read headache in the pelvis. I started reading it yesterday and have found it to have some really helpful advice about our approach to pain etc


I have been reading this with interest. Had mine done only 9 days ago and was doing well until day 5. Suddenly started to get groin, lower back and leg pain. Definitely getting sciatic pain with nerves down both sides on the go. Surgeon said site is healing well but have epididymitis or certainly an extra bit on one side. Have been put in bed rest, anti inflammatories and tramadol but still in pain. Seems to vary from one day to the next, not too bad yesterday but really uncomfortable again today. I am really worried that this is going to turn in to chronic pain. Others I have known have healed so quickly…


Yes it is. I am confident you will continue to improve as you are still not that far out. The thing to keep in mind is that some of us were fine right after surgery and then got worse, the opposite of your experience. I am not trying to scare you, in fact the contrary. You are trending in the right direction. After my reversal my recovery was more like a bad vasectomy where pain is immediate. Time is your friend.


@jerm138 you seriously sound like where my husband was at 3-4 weeks. Couldn’t walk right and pain on the back side of the testicle. The doc treated him for epididymitis (no clue if I spelled that right) with cipro but that really didn’t seem to help at all. Also, he absolutely could not wear regular briefs or it would make the pain much worse. It has gotten much better as you know, and maybe it is just taking a bit longer for you. Did you try the hot soaking baths at all? My husband still does them and spends atleast 20 minutes soaking and refilling the water to keep it hot.


Glad to hear he’s doing better.

The past couple of days have actually been quite good for me. Yesterday, I tried wearing briefs again and it wasn’t that bad… they actually felt somewhat helpful. I was able to work in the garage most of the day, building shelves and whatnot. Today, I did yard work for a few hours and the pain is pretty minimal… About 1-2 most of the day with spells where I completely forget about it.

I’m REALLY hoping that I continue in this direction. The ups and downs are difficult to deal with.

I haven’t been doing the hot baths, even though I know I should. We have guests staying with us this week, so once they’re gone, I’ll resume.

Please keep us posted on his condition. Success stories are better than drugs around here when it comes to helping our mental state.


@jerm138 I’m glad to hear you were able to get up and around and do something normal. The worst is when my husband was having to lay around. It drove him crazy. He’s been slacking on the baths but still feeling better. I did make him get in the other night because they were starting to be sensitive again (he did something to irritate them) and he’s pretty much back to normal. He said he still has to be a bit careful but otherwise he doesn’t have any pain. He saw me on here the other day and asked why I still came on. I told him I feel awful for the men going through this, especially the ones early on that had no idea the pain would last past the first week or so. More men need to be made aware of it.