1 year post vas, sharing my story


Hey fellas -
I’m one year and two weeks post Vas. Similar to many of you, surgery was cake and short term recovery
was easy and nearly painless. I was “back in the saddle” with the Misses about 7 days after surgery and
all went well.
3 months out - noticed a lump on left side at cut vas. This was accompanied by moderate, day to day groin, ball, stomach pain. Went back to weenie Doc and was given the “its an infection, you need antibiotics!” speech. Finished antibiotics and NSAID course and felt temporary relief.
4-6 weeks later, pain was back. weenie Doc said lump is just scar tissue and i should have not opted out of titanium clips. I asked him why the right side was fine, he said, I got lucky. At about 6 months post surgery, I started hitting a local Korean Spa, once a week and would use the facilities for at least 2-4 hours for the purpose of relaxing and unwinding from my work week (hot pool, steam sauna, dry sauna, etc)
Coincidentally, the spa usage helped alleviate a lot of my PVPS. I figured this out after I stopped going completely, for other reasons.
About 3-4 weeks of NO spa usage and the pain came on with a vengeance : after sex/ejac, pain was
a 6-8 for about two hours (leg, abdomen, lower back and of course nutsack). Trouble falling asleep or being woken mid sleep from pain. And of course, a slight, yet increasing psychological aversion to sex. Which as we all know completely goes against our nature!
Set up appt. with Dr Werthman last week and then found this board and cancelled said appt.
Although I feel desperate at times, I cannot put up with anymore quackery/fuckery from weenie Docs.
Just started papaya seed, 2 tsp daily. And will be resuming weekly spa visits. My gut feeling tells me
stay away from surgery unless its a life or death matter from this point forward. With spa (and hopefully papaya seed) and possibly some scrotal stretching as recently read on the forum, I think I can
get the pain down to an acceptable level / frequency. With that said, i think a big part of the battle is acceptance that its highly unlikely we will return to our pre vas self. Fingers crossed and ill keep you guys posted of any long term improvements from alt therapy


This is the tragedy and irony of vasectomy. Every time I read one of these dumb men’s or women’s magazines pimping vasectomy to imptove sex life I want to punch the author in the face. My vasectomy ruined my sex life. It did not make it better.


I am about 16 days into daily papaya seed supplementation (1 tsp twice a day, mixed with water)
I have also put in about 6 hours per week of sauna/jacuzzi/hot bath usage. In at least 1 hour increments.
With in 3 days of this combine regimen I noticed a slight reduction in pain after
ejac and my day to day pain was also reduced slightly.
At 7 days, there was a significant reduction in post ejac pain AND my day to day pain (usually at work) was almost completely undetectable.
Between 8-11 days I had sex with ejac 4 times and every single time pain was either non existent or
minimal and very short lived (5-10 mins vs. 2-3hours)
Between 11-16 days, my libido significantly increased, most likely from psychological changes due to lack of pain.
In the last two weeks, there have been 3 times post sex/ejac with absolutely zero pain/ zero discomfort/maximum pleasure. I mentioned to the GF that it felt as if I never had vas surgery.
1 time in the last two weeks, the pain came on quickly, although weaker than before and I was instantly worried that it would last well into the night, as usual, but it came and went within about 10 mins and I was able to fall asleep comfortably.
While 16 days is certainly not enough time to claim any kind of victory, I must admit, the mental and psychological relief I’ve experienced has been HUGE.
I will keep on this routine as long as it continues to be effective.
Also, important to note, I have not taken any NSAIDS or other drugs since starting papaya seed and hot baths. Nor have I done any scrotal stretching, yet.


Update #2

After approximately 4 weeks of papaya seed and routine spa visits, I experienced a significant reduction in pain and frequency. At that point (around early January), I was curious to know how effective the papaya seed really was and I decided to completely stop taking it. For those interested, I was taking 1 heaping tsp in the morning and 1 heaping tsp in the evening, stirred into a glass of water.
Anyhow - although I was very hesitant to risk reverting to the pain and mental anguish prior to all this, I really wanted to see how dependent my comfort was on papaya seed, if at all?
So as I said, i discontinued its use around the first week of January and lo and behold, I did not revert to PVPS. Not only did it not come back…I legitimately feel 100% better. The lump on my left side has shrunk down to about the size of a pea. Whereas it was as big as large grape or so at its worst. Even the girlfriend remarked how she didn’t notice it at all during “play time”, after I pointed it out. All the pain and discomfort is gone, which was present only on my left side. Never had problems with my right side. In all honesty I feel like I did before I had vas surgery. Which, I was starting to believe, was never going to happen again. I never discontinued hot bath/spa routine and at this point, I really don’t know if the papaya seed got my body to a place where it could properly heal or if it was just coincidence and I was on track to getting better regardless? I also realize that its only been a little over 1 month since I’ve felt 100% and I know that some guys feel this way for years before PVPS rears its ugly head again. If and when that happens I will most likely start papaya again but I am hoping that the majority of the struggle is over. Ill update this summer (2018) with hopefully sustained good news.


Well, this is a super positive papaya seed powder update…

That’s probably on my list of things to do soon.

I was going to just get some blood tests done first to have some baselines.

Can you link to the product you are using - I assume its the one from amazon that I’ve seen, but who knows.


Yeah it’s the one on amazon:

Like I said before, not totally sure if it was coincidence or if it was actually the papaya seed intake. But either way, for $12 it was totally worth a try and the last time i took some was the first week of January. I still feel 100% better, which has resulted in my libido going into over drive. Anyways, good luck, give it a shot


Thanks so much for this…you have given me hope. I too have mild pain only on my left side. I am 3 weeks post vas and am losing my mind. I ordered the powder off of ebay…hope it gets here soon.


UPDATE#4 (18 months post surgery)

I am happy to say ALL complications from VAS surgery(DEC of 2016) are 100% resolved.

As previous posts explain the two things I did were papaya seed and frequent hot baths/soaks.

Discontinued papaya seed approx. 3.5 months ago.

Reduced frequency of spa usage to 1-2 months.

Pain has been non existent. Not even a 1 on pain scale.

Lump/ scar tissue that protruded on the side of my sack has minimized to the size of a small pea

and protrusion is gone. I pretty much have to feel around for it to find it, whereas before, it was a

visible lump. Sex drive is through the roof!

Could be just time that my body needed to heal or could be a combination of papaya / hot baths + time.

Looking back at how bad and discouraging the pain was, I have a lot of empathy for guys who are

still going thru it. Just know that it’s possible to get better and I would definitely advise to give it time

before going thru any other surgery to alleviate pain. Best to all.


@WIREMAN that’s great news, glad you got full relief!